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  1. I see, well I can see a lot of bailiff signing on if this is how they are going to conduct themselves. You are just proving a point about how bailiffs acted. Shame on you. I hope the likes of Marston and other bailiff companies are reading this thread.
  2. What makes you assume that I am anti bailiff? I really cannot see what you will gain by posting in here, you are rather rude, when I have been nothing but polite. You have actually been quite contradictory in your postings
  3. I find it quite ironic to see a bailiff here pleading poverty.
  4. How will they enforce even harder? They can only follow what the regulations dictate.
  5. If many bailiffs didnt thwart the law in the first place there would be less complaints, but many did and the debtor was being made to pay more than what they should of been, they bullied and lied to debtors. Im not speaking with regards to the wont payers but the vulnerable that were hounded and bullied and often assaulted through thuggish unwarranted behaviour. Im not putting you in that group. The system changed to help those in more need. Unfortunately there are those who will still suffer on both sides and are not going to be happy about it. This will stop the abuse, I hope. I know
  6. Talk sense welcome to the real world and I mean no disrespect when I say that. We are all suffering. Perhaps you need to pass some of the blame to your fellow bailiffs who abused the system in the first place.
  7. aahh yes Capita, the company that has more fingers in pies then pies themselves. I often think this company is worse than bailiff companies.
  8. It would seem a sensible solution though to have their own bailiffs. It would certainly be more beneficial to them.
  9. My suggestion would be to close all the private bailiff companies and just have in house bailiffs working for the courts and councils, pay them a set wage and allow commision for each job. At least you would have a wage at the end of the week.
  10. Yes very relieved, I was dreading such a huge bill when it was finally done, if it was ever going to be done. The bill has been reduced to a very fair figure which can now be paid without worry. Thanks for changing the title
  11. Just giving an update here and its good news The ceo's office have kept in touch with what they have been doing and have worked incredibly quick. A bill has now been generated and am pleased to say its all now been finalised. I have been given £100.00 compensation, which will be coming off my bill and have been given the chance to pay the bill over an 18 month period, which will get paid sooner of course. but the offer was there. Just want to thank you guys for your support in this and of course the information given, its fully appreciated.
  12. I see you have had no response with your request of how to post up an image, I will make the site team aware and they will explain.
  13. Yes they did, I received the email this morning, Im awaiting for it in writing as a complaint has gone in about this.
  14. ***UPDATE**** Ive had a phone call from the CEO office this afternoon. They have taken all that has been written and are very sorry that a huge mistake has been made. My account is now being personally handled by the CEO department and they are talking about compensation because this has been entirely their fault. They have requested that I placed the Ombudsman on hold so that they can rectify matters to my satisfaction, which I said I will do. They have told me that they are going to generate a bill and that they will give me a longer time frame to pay it off if needed.
  15. Hopefully this will be the last update! Just had a call from Parking Partnership, they have decided to cancel the PCN. Thanks to all that have commented.
  16. I give up, if i dont have a stroke or heart attack over this I will be very surprised. It looks like no one reads emails at the TEC. I have just had to send, for the 3rd time today copies of the TE7 & TE9. I have double triple and checked these forms more times over the past three days than I have taken breaths. There is nothing wrong with the forms, they are identical to the other forms that have been accepted. All I am getting back now is, 'here are the forms you requested' I DIDNT REQUEST ANY FORMS!!!! Is there anyone I can get some attention from with regards to th
  17. Details were sent the other day BF, I have just been informed by Marstons that the council have now requested the warrant be sent back to them.
  18. Oh the TEC have made the mistake this time. I have to say that Marstons are not the ones at fault this time, have to say that have been more than helpful. Credit where credit is due.
  19. We dont have the PCN, they were never seen, hence why we had no idea until the bailiffs were sent.
  20. This is becoming a complete nightmare. I was told this morning by PS that IT WAS registered in September last year. So phoned the TEC and they have basically said that I have made a mistake on the PCN number.. I havnt, so have been told to email them and tell them that I have not made a mistake. Ive checked. So now I have to wait until after 4 to see if they are going to look into this. More incompetence .. cany anyone get it right just for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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