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  1. No he hasnt moved in 3 years, he sold the car 2 years ago he sent in the correct paper work. The garage had closed down just after. He got the notice from dvla and it was appealed twice then nothing. We don't even know what court it was heard at or even when.
  2. 1. No paperr work 2. No idea what court it was as no paperwork. 3 no notice. 4. Everything to do with the car was sent. I sent it I helped appeal twice, then nothing. Nothing from the court...... No paperwork Nothing from Marstons only a little note she had on her tablet. Threatening to take children's items, clamping the wrong car. Discussing the matter with her mother. No reason for complaint? I havnt started yet.
  3. Wow! Did you actually read anything I wrote? For YOUR information I deal with ALL my son's correspondence . I prefer comments from people who are helpful not condescending or patronising.
  4. Hi brassy, no it wasn't in the car and she said it was too late she had seen the car without a disabled badge. Surely calling on a Sunday can't help those who can check on what is happening. This was totally out of the blue. She even admitted that there was no other correspondence from marstons since February. Such a rude and obnoxious woman.
  5. Hi guys long time no see, hope the old gang is doing well. Have a huge problem here but please bare with me My son had huge issues with dvla for a car he sold to a garage. All paper work was sent off by him but the garage failed to do their part. He got a letter from dvla saying the car was not insured. he wrote off to them with all the details stating the car was no longer in his pocession and it had been sold to this garage. Dvla wouldnt except that so they appealed, again they refused to accept it and again he appealed. Then nothing. It had gone to cour
  6. Thank you for this. I didnt think they could. He seemed like such a bully and wasnt sure of my rights here. These people love to be intimidating.
  7. Hi guys, long time no see. I've a bit of an issue and don't know where I stand on this and hope someone can give a little insight on what i should do. A few weeks ago my partner moved out. He was my full time carer and claimed carers allowence. I notified housing and DWP as you should albeit about 10 days after he moved out. Which I hold my hands up to, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind at the time. ( I had just found out my landlord, who was also my friend had suddenly passed away) So also have the worry about my housing situation. Another issue I may need help with.
  8. I parked in a council car park a couple of weeks ago and got a ticket, at first I couldnt understand why as I thought I had parked in a disabled bay which I am allowed to do. Someone was already in that space and they left and I reversed straight into the bay. However it turned out to be a restricted area, but looked like a disabled bay as it was situated on the end of the row of disabled bay parking spaces. I parked over where it said 'keep clear' so had no knowledge until I got the PCN that it was restricted. There were no other signs. I understand I was in the wrong, however if I
  9. One has been prepared but I need to look over it first.
  10. You would think so, seeing its such a large company thats worth a lot of money, however its probably how they got rich in the first place. I honestly believe that they rely on people forgetting to cancel, however, that being said it dosnt look like cancelling the subs hasnt helped in this case anyway. I do know from what I have read that there has been some issues with their US based site with refunds etc and losing customers files, perhaps its a worldwide problem they have that needs sorting. I have just heard from my daughter, she says she tried calling them again and they threatened h
  11. They have charged her for a year world wide package, it seems automatic when you sign up for a free trial. Ive managed to find the email of the ceo so she is going to write to him and see what he has to say. Ive also looked around the net and have seen this sort of thing happening quite a lot with ancestry. Whats even worse is that they didnt even send an email to say that monies were being taken from her bank, not a receipt or a reminder etc. Its diabolical that these companies can even be allowed to get away with this sort of thing. Im just wondering if watch dog would be interested in th
  12. The bank have stated that because they are refunding her they wont do a chargeback, if they had refused to refund her then they would have taken the money back from ancestry.
  13. My daughter had signed up for a free 14 day trial with this company, before the trial was up she had cancelled the full subs. However They took out over £150 14 days after she had signed up. They took the money knowing that she had cancelled. She has called them and they have said that they will refund the money but it can take up to 10 days to appear in her bank. Having just come back from holiday and having only 74p in the bank you can imagine her horror at the prospects of not being able to feed her two children. She has spoken to her bank and they have told her that the money
  14. Go to your bank and request a chargeback, I fell for the same 'free trial' I got them not for dieting but for digestive issues as was told that they would help with detoxing, never received the pills but were charged over £180 for the pleasure of just signing up for this 'free trial'. 12 days later money went out of my bank even though I had cancelled the subs. So i did a bit of research on them and took all the info to my bank and refused to leave until they got my money back. My bank was pretty good and got the money refunded plus they stopped any more money going out which this com
  15. Did you get in touch with the CEO office. I found that once I got through to them they bent over backwards to help.
  16. The night is young, the crazies havnt come in yet. Joking aside, I have found it quite interesting.
  17. Its a shame that all bailiffs were like you, you seem a decent enough chap. Well I can only wish you good luck and hope you get something sorted. Everyone deserves a wage for the work they do, as long as its done correctly mind
  18. Goodness I wish I was an art dealer Im an artist, I sell my own art Im as poor as the next guy or girl in this matter. Im pretty knowledgeable in this area, having plenty of experience with bailiffs etc. Im not a debtor by the way
  19. You seem to be blaming the debtor here for not paying the full amount that is required so that you have your share. If you are not getting paid, then like I said complain to the company you work for. Get a petition going, get other bailiffs to stand with you so you do get the pay that is owed, call a meeting etc. But do you really think that coming on here complaining is going to help you:?:
  20. A director or owner of what? You are assuming again, I am actually neither unless you class my art I sell as being an owner of a company.
  21. If your company isnt paying you then complain to them, dont take it out on the debtor
  22. Ive missed no points, you have come on here angry at the fact that your income has been effected by the new regs and that you feel it is extremely unfair that you will have to change your life style, im reading between the lines here, you assumed that we are all anti bailiff on here when in fact we all want a fair system. You are basically saying that the bailiffs who were thuggish will now become more thuggish and the ones who wernt will become thugs just to get what they are owed. The fees were unfair in the past as I have explained, granted there were fair bailiffs in the industry,
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