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  1. this is all new and scary to me, who is trying to bring in this law, and why
  2. That is such a scary thought, seeing what happened to me this week. what happens when there has been a mistake, as in my case. in my opinion these thugs will be given licence to bully women, old/frail people including the disabled who dont have a chance to defend themselves and if they try will be arrested for assault, or worse still assaulted them selves the law wont bring back punishments like whipping and the likes for people who deserve to be punished in that way because its an infringement on their human rights, but they will allow these bullies to force there way into your home and ac
  3. yes it was drakes, and i am hoping to take that cause of action to sue as and when I find out how and who I can approach about it, I have spoken to a number of solicitors but each one didnt really want to get involved
  4. Yes I managed to get that from the police, and the lady downstairs is very willing to give a statement, sadly this happened around her two very young children who happened to be my grandchildren
  5. Thank you all so very much for your imput. It took some doing but I finally managed to get what firm of bailiffs my local council use and what a suprise, they are very well known for doing this sort of thing, all I have done for most part of my morning is read up about them they were even feaured in a TV programme where some one went undercover and saw how they worked. the firm even said that they would investigate their employers who break their code of practice, which I have quoted in my letter of complaint to them, but I doubt whether things will change. Powelll; In answer to your ques
  6. I first want to apologise for not introducing myself in the welcome part of the forum before asking you good people for some advice, although I have been a member here for a while I have never posted, sad to say I am in a bit of a sorry state at the moment. I will tell you as much as I can on the events that happened.. if however I have written something I should not have done then please can some one delete the appropriate sentence etc it is long winded i am afraid but please bare with me. thank you On the 29th of may 07' at approximately 5.30pm a bailiff who said he was acting on beha
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