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  1. If your council refuses to help, which they often do, and the bailiff comes round dont let him in for a start, he is NOT ALLOWED to force his way past you. have a witness with you go outside to talk to him if you have to,closing your door behind you. Hand him a copy of the letter you sent, and ask him for a receipt, if he refuses you have a witness to this. Tell him its a copy of the letter that you sent with an offer of payment and you will look forward to hearing from his company with regards to this offer. Doing this you are showing that you are willing to pay. If he starts with threats of
  2. they certainly are, I cant say anything yet but its been passed to higher hands, but will inform everyone as and when Im allowed to make it public
  3. I tried to post but it said I used profanities:eek:.. I didnt, I didnt mention any names etc just a few words at what happened
  4. Are there not bailiffs out there who do act within the law angry at those who are not, surely these rogue bailiff /bailiff companies and such like, giving these dare i say good guys a bad name
  5. sorry it is so long, copies of this complaint have gone to my local council, the chief inspector at my station and my local MP ...
  6. Ms ***** ****** ******* ************* Clacton on Sea Essex ****** 30th May 2007 Telephone; EDIT =number removed COMPLAINT: Re; Ref; ********* (parking fine) On the 29th of May 2007, at approximately 5.30pm an employer of ‘Drakes Group’ came to my home, I believe this to be Mr *****. Upon answering my door Mr ***** asked me if I was ***** ******. I told him I was, he proceeded to show me his badge and tell me why he was there, stating that he was there to recover monies for an outstanding fine that was issued by a court. I am on the understanding that it is w
  7. lets see how a bailiff who has served warrants now has one served on him i truely believe in Karma enjoy your chardonnay, i may have one myself
  8. hehe thank you, i hope that this gives others the courage to fight and make the police aware that these thugs cannot push people around.
  9. **** UPDATE**** I have just been seen by an officer from my local police station, she has taken a statement and there is now a warrant in process for the arrest for the bailiff concerned he is being charged with ABH and for forcing his way into my home. if he had broken my fingers instead of just bruising them it would have been GBH. The police have said that he had no right to enter my home even if he was certified or not. once again people thank you so much for giving me this information and the support to see me through this, I have sent several letters to my local council the bail
  10. surely it dosnt take tha long to get it registered though his ran out in january. two other bailiff by the same name have never had a certificate
  11. does any one know if I am allowed to submit the letters of complaint in here that I am writing, with all private details omitted of course IE names, addresses etc
  12. thank you for this, i will print this of if i may and send it with other details to all people concerned.
  13. oh my Council are so helpful.. NOT !!!!! I have passed this information to them and the lady who is dealing with it did not believe me at first until I gave her details where I had got this information from. She was suprised that I had this information at hand, the case, so she says has now been passed to their head of investigations. i have now put in a formal complaint to the chief inspector at my local police station with regards to the two officers that attended. watch his space.
  14. ****** UPDATE***** Just found out that this bailiff did not have a certificate, it had ran out in January of this year and he has not renewed it, any advice on how I can proceed with this would be most gratefully appriciated
  15. thank you so much, the people here that have given advice to me on this matter really dont know how much they have helped me.. i am so very grateful to you all ita actually a comfort to know that i am not going through this alone
  16. I managed to get his name from the police who attened, I did call Drakes and they had no knowledge of him even visiting this address, I am in the process o writing a very lengthy letter to Drakes pointing out parts of thier code of practice that is on their website. I am going to call the DCA in the morning and will ask how I can go about putting forward an official complaint. many thanks for your time and patience with me and your very helpful advice
  17. Im not too good at explaining things im sorry, ok the warrant was served first at a previous address, one that i lived at over two years ago, my car was registered at that address up untill november last year the parking ticket was issued in september 06' and apparantly I went to court in February 07' i had no knowledge of that as all correspondance went to my old address. the council who issued the fine knew where i lived as i tried to appeal against there decision, now this is even sillier, the parking was for showing an invalid parking ticket on the wrong day, even though I had a valid pa
  18. I dont quite understand what you are saying, the police who attended told me his name and they said they saw the warrant
  19. I was not shown any paperwork and he did not leave any either, I have called Drakes and they have no knowledge that I was even at this address, so I am now unsure how this baliff got this address and why he did not inform Drakes that I was at this address when their code of practice states that he has to inform Drakes before attending an address that is not on the warrant
  20. thank you for this information, he did not show me who he was working for or even his name when he called, I am slowly piecing things together to get a case file against him and his company. I am a determined woman and wont rest until I have seen justice done, its the only thing keeping me sane at the moment
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