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  1. Can a bailiff just turn up on your door step without first letting you know that they are coming, for instance, if a warrant is addressed at another address and then they find out that you have moved, do they have to then go back and change their details and send out another letter to the right address or can they just turn up unannounced and demand payment,.
  2. I think in most cases the word 'polite' is not in their vocabulary, and I said most not all, and going by the attitude of BLACK CAT,... well I rest my case really
  3. sorry for the delay but had PC problems, anyway ***UPDATE*** well as for the papers wanting the story, i have now been informed that because of certain circumstances they are not allowed to print the story as the Bailiff who assaulted me is being charged with ABH and is 'wanted'. I find this strange, what I have found out i that the officer who came to my house the day this happened had a full front page in my local paper because he did something brave, I suppose him doing that over rights what happened here on the day when he clearly didnt do what he was supposed to do, ive heard nothing
  4. I would like to make another point here, you can also email on Herbies site, emails are free is im not mistaken, and if you are looking at her site then you can obviously use email as well.
  5. No not at all, I hope that there are some 'good bailiffs' out there, and if there are then speak up against those who are giving you a bad name.
  6. I wasnt threatened or intimidated I was assaulted, I didnt threaten or intimidate or even speak unjustly to this bailiff, and he found it highly amusing that I had injuries that he explained to the police as being caused by me not letting him in. I didnt have to let him in, he showed no paper work, infact I wasnt even in debt and never have been in debt. My local council had made a mistake !!!!!!! This thug was certified so he should of been well aware of the procedure, but no, he decided to pick on a defenseless woman, who not only is registered disabled but was very ill at the time. this ma
  7. update *** found out yesterday that the bailiff WAS certified back in March this year. Courts really need to get their paper work updated, forms have been sent off to the court with regards to this complaint, and will be informing my local council that this bailiff was uncertified during Jan all of feb and most of march.. will be interesting to see if he carried out any warrants during this time. will keep you posted
  8. Woodywhite, may I suggest that you take a look at the posts in here and see how bailiffs have acted with regards to how they carry out their duties, you wonder why people call bailiffs thugs well its pretty obvious, they use scare tactics to enter peoples homes and seem to prey on the vulnerable and most act out side their given authority. If you are one of the 'good guys' then why not speak out against the bullies, because at the end of the day they are the ones who are giving you a bad name. Not the people of this site. People only complain when an injustice has been done, Ive not read anyth
  9. just to clear up any confusion links to the prints for sale have now been removed from my website:D
  10. firstly let me clear up matters with regards to my website. Prints on my site only went up for sale after I had put a link to my site, and i will gladly take down the link to that particular website if it causes a problem having it there, I actually infact forgot that I had even put it in here as I signed up many months ago. it seems to be a habit now when I sign up for sites to automatically place my website as I have had it for many years, and selling my pictures is not trying to sell advice. I could be wrong though People have a choice whether to call these numbers that herbie has on he
  11. I would just like to put my two pence worth in, Herbie has helped me no end and for free. and her site has helped me out no end. I cannot see how charging for a document for £6.00 is profitable, this is far cheaper in comparison to many other sites with down loadable documents etc, who charge £10 plus. You must remember here that websites cost money to build and to run I should know I run two and rely on donations to keep them going, plus the cost of the phone calls returned with regards to certain matters related to Herbies website. I know that Herbie helps many many people on here free of c
  12. I think it all depends on the value of your car, they cannot take it if it is on HP, there are guide lines that bailiffs have to adhere to but most some never do, Im sure some one on here will know this on here and will come back wih a better answer for you
  13. nice to see that some police know the law.. bailiffs cant take goods on hp. i would write to the council out lining everything you have mentioned here and put it a complaint to drakes out lining their codes of practice. you can get that on their website. pm me if you want their website addy as i dont know if i can put it in the forum
  14. They should be tightening laws with the bailiffs not giving them more powers. Herbie email sent by the way
  15. Definately will be filling the Pt 4 and will be sending it to the courts in question with the whole background on this situation. The court in question have been made aware of this matter, just waiting to hear back
  16. Quick update**** just received a letter from Drakes saying they will investigate, but it looks like a general letter, also received a letter from my local police force just confirming that someone at a higher level than a PC has taken over the investigation. Im being interviewed this friday with my local paper. Just found out that the bailiff has a certificate pending so he was not certified at the time of the incident, just waiting to hear when he applied.
  17. Why are these thugs allowed to behave like this. do they think they are above the law. they think nothing of it, about picking on women. I feel physically sick when I read posts like this. Good luck I really hope you get it sorted. People on this forum are brilliant they have helped me no end
  18. First thing I would call the agency and tell them that they have got the wrong address, and that no one by that name resides at your property, and could they please amend their records to that fact. That should be the end of it but if not make sure you get the name of the person you speak to just incase of any repercussions, mistakes happen, too often in my opinion. good luck
  19. Good luck with this .. Im going through something similar myself. and be good to see how yours will turn out, by the way get well soon
  20. Thank you so much for this information, fortunate for my daughter that she was not allowed because of her age at the time (i think) that she wasnt on the mortgage, she just paid towards it, this was her main worry that she had to still pay for her ex partners debts and the mortgage. I will pass this information to her. she will be very please. once again thank you
  21. My daughter has just left her partner, even though both are now in a relationship my daughters ex partner wants her to pay maintenance because she was the one who left the relationship, even though my daughters ex partner is very much older than her and her ex partner earns at least 3 times more than my daughter. she also wants to sue my daughter for adultery even though the ex partner has admitted to seeing some one else. My daughters ex partner was in a lot of debt before they got married, does she have to pay for this debt or is she responsible for the debt that was incurred before they
  22. if they do refuse then I suggest to get some legal backing or give your local CAB a call
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