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  1. As some of you are aware I am in a dispute with bailiffs and my council over a parking fine that was sent to another address etc, RE, Bailiff assaulted me. in the bailiff section {sorry didnt link it} The parking fine was issued because there was no Visiting permit displayed for the sunday, it was early in the morning and hadnt had the chance to change it from the day before, I hadnt got my residents permit as I had just moved in the day before. I called the council who deal with the permits etc and fines and told them the situation,They told me to write and explain the situation so I did. T
  2. Looks like it from looking at their website, you can watch recent events on there
  3. does any one know of any solicitors that will take my case on, I have called numerous solicitor firms and none will touch with a ten foot barge poll, Ive come to the conclusion that these solicitors may well be using the same bailiffs companys as the councils because as soon as I say councils and bailiff they just turn me down and automatically think im a debtor.
  4. its a shame I couldnt get mine story on there espcially after the letter I recieved from Drakes admitting that he forced his way in to sieze goods that he hadnt got a walking possession order first for. he breached 11 things regarding their codes of practice,
  5. explain this shooting in the foot lol , they are talking about it on cambridge radio are they not but I cant get the station here
  6. have a read here this may help you can download this form N245 this may stop the bailiff doing anything, but its worth filling out and sending off, it may be too late to do this but its worth giving any thing a shot. Ive been told that if the car isnt worth the price of the debt then they often wont take it, especially if its not road worthy
  7. dont let them in dont be intimidated either, in fact you dont even have to answer the door speak to them through the letter box if need be.... dont sign anything. tell them you are seeking legal advice and go get some sort of advice from the CAB, good luck, they cannot force their way in just make sure all your windows and doors are locked, just dont tell them that you are not going to pay tell them that you are willing to pay provided its a reasonable amount, if you are unemployed sick/disabled old or frail, pregnant. make sure you let them know you will be classed as vunerable and they have
  8. The CAB are the best people to see and are very helpful, Im sure some one will be along shortly and give you some great advice, I certianly wish you luck
  9. Im in the middle of responding to Drakes about my matter and have used both, these site are very helpful.
  10. Its certainly getting to look that way where my case is concerned, Drakes seem to be a law unto their own and Im sure they write it as they go along, they certainly do not follow their 'code of conduct' and have breached it several times. Not to mention staying within the guidelines of the National Standards for Enforcement Agents or The distress for Rent Rules 1988
  11. what happened after you appealed this fine, and who did you appeal it with
  12. Bailiff assaulted me Im just trying to get some more info on this as I couldnt find it any where whether you had to be informed that bailiff where going to call especially if the bailiffs knew you had moved, Im sure I read it some where that the bailiff has to inform the creditor of any changes to the warrant, ie changes of address, that they had found out, in my case the council knew where I was but gave the courts and bailiffs the wrong address.. I was left completely in the dark, as you will see if you have read my previous thread
  13. Because you have signed a walking possession they can I'm afraid break in and take what they have noted down. Can you not phone the council involved and ask them to deal with it, stating that you are being threatened by the bailiff in question. Give the CAB a ring they can often help you sort it out. If you are unemployed tell them as you are classed as vulnerable. tell him/them that its stated in 'The National Standards for Enforcements Agents' under vunerable situations. did he leave the list of what he wants to take with you, I hope some of this helps
  14. so what you are saying is that they can just turn up without any knowledge to the debtor, not check that a mistake may have been made not show that there is a warrant, force there way in to sieze goods etc, dont show any paper work, have no walking possession order signed by the debtor, and just seize what they feel fit
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