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  1. If your car is registered as a disabled vehicle they cannot clamp it or take it away. I suggest you phone the council and have a word with them.
  2. you go girl!!!! lets see how intimidated they feel when you tower over them
  3. 6ft:eek:.. I wont hold the being blond against you being im blond myself.. but 6ft:eek:
  4. if it was me i wouldnt be standing in the eyes of the law I would be standing on the bailiff waving a victory sign.. if he is dumb enough to use a ladder to try and break in then he should bare the consequences.. going back to bailiffs using a cat flap wouldnt it be funny if they poked their head through and came face to face with a snarling dog:D
  5. do you think Herbie will have records of the people she has looked into, maybe thats a start, we dont really have to have the people themselves wanting to help just going by the posts in here, by the way .. good luck for tomorrow will be thinking of you
  6. we can but try and recontact them by posting in their thread. Im willing to give it a bash
  7. Maybe we should make a list of all the bailiff companies who have had complaints made against them, the reason for the complaint ie excessive charges or threatening behavior etc get the names of the bailiffs with out naming them in here of course and then send the list off to V Baird and get her to act on it, as she said herself she wants to get rid of the 'cowboys' in the industry
  8. there should not be 'bad bailiffs' period! they are meant to be professional people, fully trained, and working for courts etc, these people are meant to be trained, half of them dont even know what the regulations are or what standards they are meant to adhere to. I dont think its the minority that are the problem its the majority, and I think this site backs that fact.
  9. if you send them a cheque make sure its sent by recorded delivery as they often say that they havnt received it. Most bailiff companies dont except cheques either .. Id go with the standing order or just go pay it straight to the creditor and by pass the bailiffs
  10. So you agree that bulling people into paying a debt is the right way to go, charging extortionate fees that people quite simply cant afford to pay, clamping cars that people need to use for work or clamping disabled cars that some people need to carry on with their everyday lives, threatening people with bankruptcy for a £75 debt, threats of prison to people that really cant afford to pay the debts. Half the time the councils dont get their money until the bailiff has taken his chunk, yeah way to go you:roll:
  11. how much is each ticket you have to pay and just the ticket not the charges that the bailiff has put on
  12. ***update*** Just to let you know that my MP has written and is going to look into this matter, and think its appalling at how the council, bailiffs and police have treated me. I am still awaiting to hear from the courts, police, the council and Drakes, seems to me as if they are dragging their feet, its been almost 6 weeks now since this happened and still nothing positive to tell you all, but Im not giving up.
  13. some one correct me if I am wrong but I think a creditor cannot make you bankrupt for any debt under £750
  14. you can set up a standing order, that way you can tell your bank what day to pay it and how much and this can be changed on a monthly basis, especially if you have phone/internet banking and all banks have that now especially the big banks..
  15. The debt has now been paid off, written to the bailiffs on behalf on my boyfriend asking for a break down, watch this space Im waiting for fireworks now
  16. Do you think that there are any good bailiffs, that dont over charge that dont threaten that actually play fair and go by the book. Most of them think that if you have a debt you are a bad person and should be treated like one. Ive found that most councils act this way too. OK I can appreciate that there are people out there that stick two fingers up to their debt and hope that they can get away with it and often deserve to be dragged through the courts etc, but mostly it is people who cannot afford these charges, who gives these bully boy thugs the right to threaten innocent people, rob them
  17. maybe we should all march on downing street, could you imagine it all the people that bailiffs have p**sed off marching on downing street... the street would be full
  18. Ive found that a lot of them have the same name any way, I often wonder if they are related in some way or another:rolleyes:
  19. Personally I would inform the bailiff what you have done and tell them that in future you will be paying the £100 per month straight to the council until the debt is paid off, he might just hand the debt back to the council, he can only charge you for two visits if Im correct so the most he can put on top of what you owe will be no more than £45 or there abouts. Just dont let him in, at the end of the day you are showing willing and you cant get blood out of a stone, dont listen to his threats etc, and keep to your agreements
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