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  1. I have come across a bailiff company that can read the future. Amazing dont you think, I will explain. My boyfriend was a little behind with his business CT due to personal and business problems. the bill which has now been paid was for £420.00 including court cost. £100.00 to the bailiff £320.00 straight to the council A letter was posted through his door for the sum of £690.82. from the bailiff company, Collect services on the 18.7.06. This was the first visit, and first contact from the bailiff. So in theory the first cost should have been £24.00 not £270.00. - total-£444.00. not £6
  2. ***UPDATE**** I have been to see a solicitor today who is willing to take on my case, and was seriously impressed with the knowledge that I have obtained, all thanks to you guys here, unfortunately I will be unable to put anything in here with regards to my case for a while because bailiffs do read what is written in here and some one from Drakes may pass on information with regards to what I'm writing in here, if you get what I mean, but its all good at the moment I will keep you posted on progress though.
  3. exactly my point i will be making.. why bring it up now why didnt the bailiff when he came round tell me that he had already tried to contact me at this address.... its all bulls***
  4. thats a good point, apparently so Drakes have informed me that mr **** delivered a letter at 8.30 in the evening. Their proof is that he has GPS records to say he was in the area, well my argument to that is that he works this area so of course he would be in my area, no proof to say he delivered a letter here. which he didnt
  5. I shall mention it to the council ombudsman and my mp who is going to look into this maybe he can get some answers
  6. he was certified when he came to me on the 29th of may but was not certified between january and the end of march, but drakes have told my local council that he was issued with his certificate in january . I cant believe that Drakes have actually lied to the council. I shall be adding this to the form 4 statement. Just shows that MR ***** was working for the council UNCERTIFIED naughty boy
  7. sounds to me your car has been cloned.. and yes bailiffs pretend to have visited so they get more money even when they dont... ive just been told by a bailiff company that they have proof that they hand delivered a letter.. no letter has ever been hand delivered here, or I would of acted on it.. ask them for proof that they have been.. bet they cant produce any evidence.
  8. ****UPDATE***** Received a letter from drakes this morning and boy am I not surprised at what they have written. They are now telling me that a letter was hand delivered to my address 7 days before the incident, well I can assure them that I did not receive any such letter, but they say they have the proof to back this up, which I would like to see, and will ask them for this proof. I wont be surprised if i dont get it though. Mr ***** is still denying that any assault took place, but lucky I have this proof in way of hospital records and photographs of my injuries. Drakes still claim tha
  9. maybe all the people who have complained to bailiff/bailiff companies should send a copy of their complaints to Ms Baird, Maybe she will see the 'real' picture of what is happening
  10. I get the feeling that the councils are just as bad as the bailiffs, either that or they just arnt trained fully to deal with the public, and if thats the case then councils should start getting the training as this is going to get worse
  11. this is interesting I found not sure if any one has seen this yet but some may find it an interesting read. Just shows what people are up against if they take on the bailiffs
  12. UPDATE *** I am fuming now!! Just recieved a letter from the council and they are refusing to comment further on the complaint against Drakes Group. Not even a reason why they are not commenting or what they are doing about it. My questions have gone unanswered etc. so Im now filing a complaint with the council ombudsman. Seems to me they are just going to sit back and hope it will just go away.
  13. That also dosnt surprise me, they charged my boyfriend over £600 for a £300 debt last year
  14. surely there should be a time limit for bailiffs to cough up the money when they have received it from the debtor, my boyfriend paid the bailiff a hundred pounds in June last year and the council still havnt received it, thats over a year ago,
  15. I would phone the council and explain the situation followed by a letter
  16. I found this a little disturbing and quite confusing; I am in dispute with a bailiff company over its charges. If I pay the original outstanding debt directly to the council do I still have to pay the bailiff charges to the bailiff company? their answer was; Yes. If bailiff fees have been legitimately incurred they can be pursued by the bailiff in just the same way as the original debt and additional charges will accrue for any further bailiff actions that are needed to be taken to recover those outstanding charges. Once the matter has been placed into the hands of the bailiff any pay
  17. some times we have to bite our tongues to get where we need to go .. you know how the old saying goes. 'the pen is mightier than the sword'
  18. I would write to the head of the council tax department out lining what you have said here and ask for a full explanation to why this has happened and that you are not responsible for the charges that have occurred
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