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  1. Action has been taken with regards to the bailiff, its with the county court the first part where the Judge makes some sort of directions on what to do with the bailiff all paper work for that had to be in by the 29th of September, not heard the out come as of yet on what is happening there.. Also the police have now sent my case with regards to the assault to the CPS to see whether it will go to court or not.. fingers crossed it will go to court. The police seem to now want to help and have admitted that they were in the wrong in not arresting the bailiff there and then when the assault
  2. :D as you can see by the smilies, I have some excellent news, sorry but I cant stop beaming:grin: well I shall tell you this, today I had a meeting with NPAS to appeal the PCN that had caused all this mess with the bailiff etc.well who should be there but the head of the parking services, by the way he doesnt usually attend these things as he pointed out but wanted to see this one through, well I think he wished he hadnt of attended .. I spoke for less than 30 seconds then the solicitor who was also the adjudicator took over and boy did he spout on about this act and that act which to
  3. Finally some good news with regards to my complaint towards the police. I was visited today from the professional standards department, Chelmsford. He was a lovely lovely man, ex CID, an old school copper who was very thorough. Because of the steps he is now taking I cant at this moment let you know what is going to happen until it has been done which he says would be roughly in a months time, but Im satisfied on the route I have taken. He has however insisted that the officer concerned learn about bailiff law and has passed on my concerns to the Chief Constable with regards to bailiffs, not
  4. another update just quick !!! Well after the inspector telling me that it would be up to six months before anyone would be in contact with regards to my police complaint, I am in fact seeing some one from the professional standards department from Chelmsford later on today.. will let you know later how I get on
  5. UPDATE WITH POLICE INSPECTOR Well that was a nice little chat, was pretty friendly and relaxed to start with. Well what can I say I think he left with an awfully big flea in his ear as I wasnt prepared to have my complaint towards the officer in question dealt with via an internal procedure, basically a slap on the wrist by his superior officer. I opted to have the complaint go to police head quarters in Chelmsford with their professional standards department, he said he was very disappointed that I have taken that route and really tried to thwart my decision, but Im sticking by my guns t
  6. thanks for this guys I will be downloading lots of info, I wil be having my own witness here as well and I will be taking notes
  7. The police Inspector is coming on Wednesday I am going to talk to him what a bailiff can and cannot do, any suggestion on what I could fire at him with regards o bailiffs forcing their way in I read some where that as soon as a bailiff does something illegal he then loses any rights a bailiff has and has to be treated as the normal Joe public where the police are concerned. Can any one confirm this.
  8. *********UPDATE******** This morning I had a call from an Inspector at my Local police station, who is now going to fully investigate my complaint with regards to the police conduct, and is going to personally visit me. I told him a few things with regards to what bailiffs can and cannot do and he didnt know. I shall be showing him a few things with regards to bailiff law. He is also finding out whether MR W**** has been interviewed or not and he said he will make sure he will be. I think it pays to complain to the right people and get as many to complain on your behalf, he says he has had m
  9. erm Cammyboo correct me if I am wrong.. when you first started paying for the first debt did you ever have a bailiff in your house to do a walking possesion order, because if you didnt then all you should of paid out on in the first debt at the very most should have been £842.50, if no levy was made and if they visited you twice... you say you have paid them £1500.00. my calculation, and some one correct me here if I am wrong is that it looks like you have paid far beyond what you should have done so the money/debt that they had forgotten should therefore be paid out of the over payment tha
  10. Looks like drakes solicitors are going to be very busy at the end of this month, thats when I will be facing them as well but in Ipswich.. Good Luck
  11. *** UPDATE*** Its finally gone to court for a Judges directions, with regards to the bailiff who assaulted me, should hear the outcome at the end of September, not only my statement is being heard but those of two other witnesses as well, plus doctors and hospital reports. Not sure if im attending as of yet but I want to. Also with regards to the police complaint that I made, thats all in the pine line. Next is the council ombudsman.. watch this space
  12. at the moment the mind is very willing but my health has taken a bit of a battering as of late. im staying positive though and will fight this to the very end, what this man did no one should have to go through, ever!!!!! I have a great solicitor now who is working hard on this case on my behalf and am very lucky to have them on my side and have done some brilliant work for me so far. thank you all for your concerns
  13. *** update**** sorry its been a while but lots have been happening here, my solicitor has done some fantastic work on my behalf and Mr W***** has been summons before the judge at the end of september, a complaint to the PCC and been entered and they are now acting on my compliant to the police I have an interview with them in the next few weeks with regards to the conduct of the police, we are holding out on complaining with regards to the council until we get the results from the outcome of the police and bailiff.. its looking good so far
  14. Out of the hundreds and i really mean hundreds of people where I have either read their story or spoken to only one story was about a 'good' bailiff who was doing his job correctly. You give figures of 4 million people get visited by a bailiff, how many of those are criminal fines its mainly those who refuse to pay and abuse the system. people here come here not to avoid paying but are asking for help how to pay, these people are destitute, because of one reason or another, they dont need added charges placed on a debt that they cannot already pay, charges that mostly are illegal given out by
  15. I am sorry that no one has responded to your post, I know how scary this may be for you, sometimes it takes time for some one to get back to you, but in my opinion you seem to be doing the right thing so far.. Just dont let them in until you have got this sorted.. if you dont get a satisfied response from the council complain to the council ombudsman or even your local councilor.
  16. Id find out whether this thug was certified PM herbie and she will let you know this then I would write and complain to the county court that issued him with his certificate (Form 4) plus the council and most certainly the police. this is disgusting behavior but im not suprised
  17. do you know when the tickets were issued for the road traffic offeneces, I think you need to call the bailiff and ask them when the tickets were issued as you have the sold the car in question
  18. Ask them for a breakdown of the charges. Do you know if they have visited you .. they can only charge for two visits first one for 24.00 the second for 18.50. if they havnt visited you then they cannot charge you for the visit.. who issued the parking ticket
  19. they cannot charge for a levy fee if not goods were levied upon, they cannot charge you an enforcement fee either. all they can charge you for if for two visits, if they have visited which they have to prove. Newlyn love overcharging for fees. I suggest you make all payments to the council in future.
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