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  1. Just to clarfy things. As pointed out my son thought the bailiff showed or said £80.00 You couldnt see on her screen as it was bright sun light and her screen was cracked. Plus there was a lot of commotion. My son is no longer the registered keeper of the car and hasnt been since the latter end of 2015. It was for no insurance on the car and it was from the dvla. It is being looked into. There seems to be some confusion as to when this did go to court. Im awaiting this conformation.
  2. Hostility?? you are mistaken, Ive shown no such thing. you obviously perceived it as such. That is purely your insecurities that you must harbour by being on here. Now as I have said you are done here, you have provided little or no information that has been helpful, in fact you have had a very negative impact to what is a totally devastating situation to all persons involved. You have a good day
  3. You really do need to read what has been written, you get a notice from the DVLA when a car has no insurance, please do look it up. It was nothing to with TAX, they have never had a reminder to Tax or sorn the car. My son was told by the bailiff that it was an £80 fine, she showed it on her tablet on the day she arrived. He said he thinks thats what she said, before that there was no knowledge. I dont need to be encouraged or to be told when a complaint should or should not be sent. There are reasons that I cannot put in here everything as to why a complaint with regards to this cert
  4. I certainly wouldnt want your help but thanks I will keep every one informed who is interested. I think you are done here now alreadyexists
  5. The site seems to be constantly down, however, I have spelt her name correctly. she even told me on Sunday how to do it and did it in front of her. However the site was down, again. But I did manage to get on there yesterday and it came up no search found.
  6. First off, read everything that has been written. He DID go through the correct process, he sent back ALL that was needed, dotted the I's and crossed the T's, he has bought and sold enough cars to know what he is doing. This is the first time that this has ever happened. Unfortunately the postal service is crap but joe public can do nothing about that. Car was registered at his address. Paper work was sent to his address. Ive been in the same situation so has another member of my family. It happens. This was over 2 years ago, a lot has happened in those two years. Mother showed
  7. She was asked if it was recording and she said yes, she became a bailiff last year. im sure it would of come through by now. The bailiff lives in Essex and always has.
  8. Intercepting some mail, oh dear, have you actually read this whole thread or did you just pick out the odd bits and pieces. are you calling my son a liar by any chance, he is a 33 year old man not a child.
  9. Thats his first port of call in the morning. Both complaints have now gone in with regards to the bailiffs conduct. Ive dug a little in to the background of this bailiff and it doesn't look good at all. The amount of lies she has told is outrageous, I just hope she had her camera recording. I have requested a copy of it. first off the car was sold and the paperwork was sent off to DVLA, The first my son heard of that there was an issue with the vehicle still in his name was when a parking eye statement came through for a place over 200 miles away, we immediately contacted
  10. Ive done an online search and it hasnt been taxed or insured since may 2015, which is about the time my son sold it, however and this is confusing, its been MOT'd right up until May this year.
  11. There has been nothing from any courts, they dont even know what court had dealt with it. it only mentions a HMCTS Sussex. With no response form Marstons, its just gone by without another though. Other serious issues have taken priority Im afraid. not a good excuse, however its not been a good year for any of the family. Things just tend to be forgotten until something like this happens. Surely Marstons would of notified them that this was the case? Have had nothing from the DVLA, not even a reminder of tax etc so I doubt he is registered as the keeper now.
  12. This is what I dont understand, Ive had the same issues with DVLA, but luckily I had proof of posting so could show that I had sent off my part of the form. They amended the details but after I had to appeal it twice. They do lose documents and what can you do? mistakes happen but these people think you have a crystal ball and know they didnt get the documentation or the fact that you have no control over the post or even their own internal post system. The insurance was changed and proof was sent in. Its my son who is disabled, they are also on benefits. They are a
  13. no it was a cashed deal, the car was sold for scrap value. There was a receipt, but it was so long ago now its been either binned or lost. The garage went bust a short while after so we cannot even get a duplicate.
  14. Right a little update. I have been up all night with this going over paperwork. Although no court documents have been received, a letter from Marstons was received on the 1st of march. An Email was sent to Marstons on or around about the 7th and then again on the 20th as had no response from them. I have proof of both of these being sent. The bailiff in question is NOT on the bailiff register, albeit she told me she was certificated in Liverpool. No notice has ever been sent and she admitted that nothing had been sent from Marstons since February. My daughter i
  15. No number on reciept just her name. She refuses to tell me or any one anything. I will have to contact Marstons direct.
  16. I will get onto them first thing to request for all paperwork pertaining this matter. I've already got a letter of authorisation to deal with this from my son.
  17. This is what she did to my friend. She clamped her car before even knocking on the door, my friend had to pay for someone else's debt before she would unclamp the car, she was even shown proof that the car was hers and not her daughter's who didn't even live there.
  18. We asked her if she had the right address and she was adamant the address was correct. She was not very forth coming in giving anything. Not even a payment plan even though shevwas told that the family are classed as vulnerable.
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