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  1. I will try and get it tomorrow.
  2. she really doesnt want to get to the court stage, she is going through some serious personal issues at the moment which I cannot repeat, hence why Im helping her with this so to take some of the strain from her. Oh I totally agree, but she really wants this stopped in its tracks as soon as possible. I just want to do this as quickly and with as little mess as I can and at no costs to my friend.
  3. There was no breach of contract though?? There was a consultation first, which she signed to say that she had had, but has now denied that she had a consultation and also signed a disclaimer to state that she had no ongoing injuries or illnesses that would be impeded by this treatment. Wouldnt it be in my friends best interest to send these copies to the solicitor before it even got to court? Wouldnt it be on the onus of the claimant to prove that the massage caused the torn ligament? as Ive said its nigh on impossible, the type of massage is actually used to help these types of
  4. The client has never approached her has only gone straight to these no win no fee solicitors. My friend had no idea that anything was up until she got this solicitors letter.
  5. Need a bit of advice here for a friend who cannot afford a solicitor. Quick run down. Friends is a masseuse, working in many different areas including hot stone massage. She is very professional and has done many years in training for what she covers. A client has decided to sue her using one of these no win no fee companies and has lied stating that my friend didnt get her to sign a disclaimer etc, well I know for a fact she had signed and she has the paperwork to prove it. Now this client has stated that she had a torn ligament from this hot stone massage, now if anyo
  6. Typical BS by a bailiff. They try and put the fear of god in you in the hope that you will pay up. Ive had the same issues with them, no notice ... nothing! If he has threatened with a locksmith then you have grounds for a complaint. If he calls again tell him a complaint is going in against him because of his conduct.
  7. Have you tried a DRO = Debt relief order. Im sure you would qualify. Council tax debt can be included in this. This would certainly help your plight. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/debt-solutions/debt-relief-orders/debt-relief-orders-explained/debt-relief-orders-what-you-need-to-know/
  8. Ohhh Ive had this in writing that all their bailiff are fully trained, albeit my particular lady has been sent back to be retrained. Somehow I dont believe them. I had actually thought that bailiffs had finally come to terms with being good but they seem to be creeping back to their old ways.
  9. Sounds like he doesnt have much info here, he should have. This seems to be the norm for Marstons at the moment. Information very basic and not very forthcoming.
  10. Oh how right you are, we know this how?? because we see it on a regular basis. Data protection only comes into force when it suits them.
  11. OP said the car was in her name but her partner drove it, so they would be going after the reg keeper.
  12. Typical Marston bullying tactics, I thought they had dealt with these bullying bailiffs. Obviously not. I didnt think they could threaten with a locksmith with regards to this type of fine? What happened to letters warning people that bailiffs are being involved. Im hearing more and more that this is happening, is this to rap up more charges so to line their pockets? Might also be worth contacting DVLA, then again they are just as bad with their notifications.
  13. Dont really want to go the court route and throw money at this as im trying to get money back. However Ive been in touch with the DVLA with regards to my sons case and they are not having any of it. Going to stage two complaints with that one as well, They have also told me to make an application to the court with regards to the fine. He was fined £200 plus £130 costs, which I find this very steep indeed. I was on the understanding that this was a £100 fine with £80 costs. Its like they have doubled it. They have admitted that they received a letter stating that the car was no longer with m
  14. Another update, still nothing. However I have some good news for the 3rd complaint that was put in. A payment for £235 was returned. However the bailiff in question reported that she didnt attend on the day in question and yet again there was no recordings made even though she was requested by the person to turn it on and she said that it had been turned on. Still no further forward with the SAR that was sent well over 40 days ago, in fact we are now reaching the 3rd month since it was requested. still nothing on the stage 2 complaint procedure. I have sent in everything they have requ
  15. Im getting these calls 2 to 3 times a day now. You block one number and another one replaces it with the same area code then 814 then the last 3 numbers are different. Even when you answer they put the phone down. Surely this company is breaking some communication law?
  16. **UPDATE*** No update really, Marstons seem to be really dragging their feet here on replying and sending information that has been requested through a SAR. Stage 2 has gone off and a reminder has had to be sent as its been well over the 10 day mark. Another compliant has gone in with regards to another person. I thought Marstons was meant to of been getting better?
  17. I dont know whether to laugh about this or be very cross. I am helping a friend with his debt with Fredrickson, personally I dont think it should have been passed to them in the first place as its a disputed debt with BT and they have refused to discuss it further with my friend and so then passed it over to these monkies. I have written to them enclosing a letter of authorisation so that I can deal with this for him. However because I used his initial in the address and not his full name, albeit where he had signed his name it is in full and quite clear 3 lines down, they are re
  18. If I provide the link it will show who the bailiff is. Yesterday I put up some info in a spotted page for clacton, just generally asking people if they have had any issues with regards to this bailiff, i mentioned no names. I was overwhelmed by the amount of messages I received from people who have placed in a complaint about her and who wants to complain. Most of them were for the same thing as I have complained about. No 7 day notice Threats with a lock smith Clamping cars that did not belong to a debtor and not releasing them even when proof has been shown.
  19. You have too many stored messages and yes Im on them. Too many lives ruined by these companies not doing their jobs properly.
  20. wont name them in here as i will get told off lol, but empty your inbox and I can send the links to you privately.
  21. Its all out there for the public to read as it was quite a big story here in Essex last year. Im now wondering is thats the reason she was certificated up in Liverpool and not in the Essex area.
  22. A little Update. Well we have gone through stage one of both complaints now and have started on stage two on both. Monies have been returned to the lady whose car was clamped unlawfully. There was footage but we believe that it has been tampered with as the bailiff was there for 2 hours and only 69 mins were recovered, I have requested the footage. There was some technical issues with it to start with and certain things havnt been dealt with because of this. Marstons have partly upheld the complaint and the bailiff is going to be called in by her manager and dealt with.
  23. Nothing has been recieved since 2015. Once I have recieved a response from Marstons at what court dealt with it and the case number etc then I can deal with that side of matters and see what address was on there. As the bailiff had no paperwork at all and only showed partial information on her broken tablet which was very difficult to see, I can only act on what she has said.
  24. Please read very carefully with regards to what I am about to write. Words from the bailiff herself, that is all I can work on. Fine was for no insurance on the car from the dvla. I've never said the letters were sent to my address, please can you point out where I have said this please. I've also not said the correspondence was sent to the wrong address, please again can you point out to me where that has been said. The first my son knew something was amiss was that a letter from parking eye was sent to my son at his address that The car was parked over a time limit over 200 miles away.
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