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  1. I just filled in the normal form on the lloyds tsb website. They wrote to me offering the split between us both, my ex as she was covered on the ppi she `is entitled to around 40% of the total. Is it posible to get 100% of it if 2 names are on it ?
  2. Sort of, that was more a dilemma of do i try and bank both cheques, i did, only one cleared. I got my % of the settlement. But like i said i know she wont claim for her part for something she personally never paid for. Naturally I be grudge the bank keeping this money. If i could prove she never put money into the account the ppi came out of (via bank statements) could i win this money back ?
  3. I have recently got back my split of a ppi claim that was from a joint mortgage that ran for approx 8 years. My ex partner hasn't claimed yet and dont think she ever will, as the ppi was paid by myself every single month for our 8 years together, which obviously she knows. It was paid monthly out of a joint account to which she never contributed , which via bank statements could be proved. My frustration is she would be eligible for a couple of grand if she claimed because she was covered on the ppi, which was all paid by myself every month. This is very annoying as obviously i
  4. Its a claim from a previous mortgage which was sold to us withe the belief that "we cant have the mortgage if we dont have the ppi" by the lender.
  5. Hi All, New to here, hoping for some honest opinions, guidance and advice. I recently challenged my ppi amount being offered to me, it was unfair as i had my house in my name for the last 2 and half years after my ex had gone and they were trying to offer a 50 / 50 split which was unfair on my part. So i challenged it , said i wasnt happy, they said ok you need to go to ombudsman. Meanwhile they sent me a cheque for my half (50%) which i had turned down. I spoke with them a couple more times and said i was going to Ombudsman, very soon without actually even getting that far a b
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