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  1. I in need of a little advice. After 20 years of marriage my wife and I have decided that or marriage is all but over. We don't own our home it is a council property and we have 2 kids and I owe about £15000 in my name ie: Credit Cards, Store Cards and my wife owes around £3000 Also my wife works, But ashamed to say I don't due to Mental Health Issues (so I'm a househusband) We are still going to live together for a few more years as we have a lot happening at the moment our children are aged 12 and 3 and have their own set of problems which we both want to be around for to hel
  2. Thank you. Will get onto that asap
  3. Thank you all, very sound advice just waitting to see if they try to contact us again and then put some of the advice into action.
  4. Hi, My wife has a capital one mastercard and uses paperless billing but about 2 months ago she noticed she was paying PPI on the account and did not Know about it as she would just look at the amount owed and pay it with out checking here statement (naughty). So she phoned up to cancel the PPI only to find out she has been paying it for about 5 years and she never asked for it but because its on the statements they say nothing she can do even though she never signed anything for it or asked for it it was just something cap 1 put onto the account (due to a possible phone call they made
  5. Hello, My wife has just had a call from a company called MKRR (I notice they are talk about on this site) asking her about a debt she had with peter craig/littlewoods in 1997. She tried to explain that she was made bankrupt in 1999 but they still thinks she owes money to them (this debt was included in the bankruptcy) yet she has never heard from anyone about this debt in the last 10 years until today and a phone call out of the blue. Any ideas what she/we should do. She phoned the official receiver and they said that sometimes after 10 or so years that firms just try to recove
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