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  1. Can someone help me and tell me what area of the law covers telephone harrassment with regard to an alleged debt? I wish to investigate the possibility of suing Vanguis and/or their associated companies for the telephone harrassment both my father and I have been subjected to over a long period of time. All advice and suggestions warmly welcomed.
  2. They are still phoning me despite me having sent a Cease and Desist letter by recorded delivery 10 days ago. I have had several calls. Should I take out a private prosecution, sue them through the civil courts or what?
  3. Here's an update. On Monday I sent off a Cease and Desist letter by recorded delivery, instructing them and their agents not to call me again.. On Wednesday I received an attempted call from MacKenzie Hall and this morning one of them actually telephoned me using a number I am not familiar with. Evidently these people have no intention of complying with my requests and have now left themselves open to prosecution.
  4. I have one in draft form to send to them this week. I loathe and despise Vanguis more than I can say after what they have done to me and to my family. I also have nothing but contempt for the Ombudsman service, which is biased in favour of these ****, and it is also racist in the way it handles these cases.
  5. Thanks MikeyMack. I have asked them verbally to desist from calling me several times now, and complained in writing to the Ombudsman about their calls. I have also reported them to the police for the calls, and yet the bcalls continue. They now use a **** outfit called MacKenzie Hall to call me and this outfit calls me several times each week. I'm not interested in sending them any letters asking them to desist from calling me. I now want to sue them... but I do not know how to go about this.
  6. I used to have a credit card with Vanguis, and for two and a half years have had all kinds of problems with them. In 2011 my income dried up as a result of government cuts which removed my workstream. I was unable to pay Vanguis as a result; prior to this I had paid my balance in full or near enough every month. I started to receive telephone calls from them up to 10 times each day, and each time they called they demanded money on the spot. The sums varied and every time they called I had to explain my circumstances afresh. Their staff were in general abusive a
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