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  1. OK thanks, - will give it a go and let you know how I get on!
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay. Capital One, 1 default from OC is 24/01/2013. Halifax, 1 default from OC is 08/03/2013, debt sent to the DCA Cabot and a further default registered by Cabot on 08/03/2013. So the same. Both are satisfied and the account has long been closed. If I would have known at the time, I'd have tried to barter with them, requesting they remove the default if I paid it off in a lump sum or something. I guess there's not alot I can do apart from request good will and if that d
  3. Hi - thanks for the reply. One of them is the original creditor, the other one is with the original creditor and a follow-on one from a collection agency which it was sold on to. So 2 debts, but 3 defaults!
  4. Hi, OK - thanks for the replies. I'll see if they'll do a gesture of good will and remove them. Just frustrating to wait 3 years! Has anybody had any luck simply offering them an "adjusted settlement fee" to remove the default? I.E. offering them money on account?
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help/support on getting a couple of defaults challenged on my credit file. In short, 3 years ago I lost my job, got behind with a few bills and didn't realise at the time - but got stuck with a couple default notices. The debts have long been paid off in full and now 3 years on my income is good, my job is stable and I want to move up the property ladder. However, my credit report is stopping me from getting a mortgage, which is obviously frustrating. I wrote to Capital One essentially telling them I was surprised at
  6. OK, thanks for your response. Is anyone following the GLC? Could this be months or years?
  7. Hi, thanks for the speedy response. So basically don't bother with the ombudsman and proceed to request the transactions in the usual manner then: -send prelim letter -send lba -take them to small claims Also, is there any new template letters which have been updated since the supreme court judgement?
  8. Hi, What a wonderful new year present from Manchester City Council. Let me set the scene: My wfie and myself bought a house a few years ago and now live together in the borough of Wigan. We pay our mortgage, council tax extra - on the nail. This new year, we receive a random letter from Manchester City Council. It's referencing a property which my wife used to live at in Manchester (in 2005). It's asking for £522.44 in apparent unpaid council tax for 01.04.2005 to 26.08.2005 and court costs! This is the first we have known about this! All I can guess is they've finally got round
  9. Hi, Back in 2006 I successfully reclaimed a few thousand pounds in bank charges over several accounts from my student days. Although I probably haven't racked up anything like this since, I think I'd like to try and reclaim the odd few hundred which may have been taken between 2006 and now. I understand that at the backend of 2009 the banks won a supreme court case... Having a look at this page - http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/bank-charges , it would appear that it's still possible to reclaim bank charges through the usual letter / court route, however the argument for refu
  10. Thanks for your help! Going through the charges now... A&L have charged me for: "Exceeding Overdraft" - £35 "Account Review Fee (returned DD)" - £25 "Exceeding Overdaft for 12 days at 5.00" - £60 Can I claim for all of these? Also, how likely would you say it is for them to roll over or are they likely to apply for a stay.
  11. Hi All, I got the Halifax to refund bank charges in full, plus interest a few years ago. I came to these forums and everyone was very helpful. Nothing interesting has happened since, untill, the A&L issued my parter and I with a default notice for being £13 overdrawn for 3 days! I later checked and they never added the default to my credit file. Sharp operators! Anyway, this has prompted me to re-address the whole issue and I've decided to make some claims again. They haven't had much from me since my last claim, but every penny is worth having. I'm going to start with
  12. Thanks Bank Fodder, will do exactly that! I feel seriously cheesed when the banks screw people over. Being a couple of days overdrawn - by £27 - is not cause for a default notice. However, it's amazing how calm I begin to feel when I come here and see thousands of other people getting the same grief and helping each other out. I'll reply to this thread in due course with an update.
  13. Hi all, I'm not new to these forums. I took the Halifax to court a few years ago and claimed back approximately 2k in bank charges from when I was a student. That's been it though, I've never had a problem with anything else untill now.... We have a joint account, which we pay our salaries in and pay the mortgage from. It's usually quite healthy. On 4th Feb, we went over our agreed overdraft because of a direct debit. Nothing unusual - I thought we'd probably get charged and we did. They wrote to us on the 4th and confirmed. On the 6th Feb, they wrote reminding us about this aga
  14. Hello, Had great success is taking the Halifax to court last year, so I dug up some old accounts and tried the same with my other old banks. The HFC Bank and I had a hire purchase agreement (through Dixons) for a laptop. I've since paid this off, but during the period they frequently charged me "admin fees" and additional interest for late payments. I've totalled all this up and sent them a Request for Repayment. They've said: "HFC Bank have carefully considered the OFT's publication but does not accept the principle that its findings apply to your type of account
  15. Got abit of a slap wrist from bankfodder as my calculations were sloppy and my court claim didn't include an account number! If only they'd give you more room to write it. Settled with Halifax! May have been a bit short due to a discrepancy with the estimated interest, but pretty good!
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