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  1. Ok Smooth, firstly you must acknowledge the claim. Secondly get your CPR 31.14 in ASAP registered or special delivery you must request the deed of assignment, Cabot tried this MBNA sold debts offshore to Ireland some sort of tax thing. They will be very reluctant to give you the deed but this is vital. How can Varde collect under a UK court when the debt is covered by Irish law?? They will not supply the documents in 7 days you then must file an application to force them to disclose the documents, this isn't small claims they must disclose. If they fail to disclose go for a strike out.
  2. I don't think MBNA are involved any more. I recently recovered my PPI from MBNA it wasn't applied to any outstanding balance. Car is bang on send a CPR31.14 give them the required 7 days to supply. They should have attached the written agreement anyway as this was not issued through Northampton so CPR 16 para 7.3 does apply. In my opinion the POC is very badly written. As they have mentioned a credit card this must have a agreement so you want that plus the T&C. As the debt is now due statutory notices must also have been issued (DN, TN & notices of arrears )you want those. A
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