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  1. Just to tie this thread up and to thank everyone. Machine repaired, quite as a mouse (1200rpm one). Thanks again Mr P
  2. Hi everyone, I just received a letter from Dryden F reference the above. They have requested as I have continued to make payments without missing one blah blah blah that they would like to review the payment plan. How does this sit legally? I'm really annoyed that they are even asking. There is no term stating payment can be varied or even reviewed. On a brighter note however it may be worth me asking to reduce the payments. They cannot enforce an increase as that term is not present after all. So it may be a win, stay the same type situation. Any advice would be appreciated
  3. Hi BF, well that was a result I just had a phone call from Indesit they have agreed as a gesture of goodwill to fix the machine for free. They also said they would look into how the sales call was conducted as they are recorded. I will update when the machine is fixed. Do they look at these forums? Thanks Mr-P
  4. Hi BF, okay removed further fluff from the letter. Removed invitation for comments . The letter now basically asks for a repair, replacement or partial refund as discussed all within 14 days or claim will be issued. Am I correct in thinking I must ask for a repair or replacement as that's in the SOGA? Thanks again Mr-P
  5. Thanks very much BankFodder, concise, elegant and to the point brilliant. The only change would be it was the manufacturer who quoted the large sums (Indesit Service). You are bang on to be honest why give them 28 days I will email the letter to to the manufacturer and DSG and send it by post to DSG also. Tweaked the letter to include "Letter before action" and Pre-action conduct paragraph. Many thanks again I will update as required. Mr-P
  6. Okay email/letter ready for sending please see below Dear Sirs, On the 11th November 2012 I purchased an Indesit Washing Machine IWE 91281 ECO from one of your Currys Stores. Recently I have noticed excessive noise generated from the machine during a wash cycle and extreme noise during spinning. This has been diagnosed as the main drum bearings failing. I would just like to give you some background on the problem. On the 17th March 2015 I contacted Indesit Service by telephone. I informed a gentlemen on your service desk of the problem he stated after taking some information that
  7. Hi BF, thank you very much for your information. Just a few question should I email DSG and Indersit "[email protected] o.uk" "[email protected]" rather than write? Lay out clearly the facts and the solution give them 14 days to organise a repair/replacement Then send a letter before action to DSG giving them 14 days DSG Retail Ltd, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7TG Then issue a claim against DSG probably using MCOL (£25) For the cost of the machine probably -25%. Just a really rough draft here 1. The Defendant was at all material t
  8. Thanks All, just Googled Currys looks like "[email protected]" would be a start for contacting Currys. I agree 100% its a waste of time contacting the branch I will just get the big fob off. As you say if I get Indersit involved from the start and Currys CEO I stand half a chance of getting an amicable solution. Both parties are responsible really for marketing and designing a appliance that is basically scrap after failure of a simple bearing. When I phone Indersit they confirmed that you cannot replace the bearing you have to replace the drum. They also stated that I would
  9. Hi everyone, we purchased an Indersit Washing Machine (IWE 91281 ECO) from Currys in 11/2012 the machine is now only 26 Months old and its starting to make quite a racket. If you turn the drum by hand you can hear a constant rumble the bearings are basically shot. The machine cost approximately £270 and we opted for the 9kg machine to cut down on loads. I was quite prepared to change the bearings myself until I realised its a sealed drum you have to replace the whole drum. I just called Indersit directly and I'm completely disgusted by their sales staff I was very pleasant and not
  10. Thanks for your help everyone, as promised they sent me a letter confirming the new payment details and that no action will be taken on the account providing payments continue. thanks all Mr P
  11. The order actually gives an account number and sort code. I have to assume it was the old attached solicitors one. The balance I have been given is correct so that's good. I have requested a letter stating that they wish to vary the account details in the order to the new account info and on me ceasing payment into the existing account that no action will be taken. If I have it in writing that no action will be taken will that suffice or should I push for an updated Tomlin order? Thanks for the help Mr P
  12. Morning everyone, I have a Tomlin order relating to a debt. I'm happy to pay it back the case was complex and we would have probably lost at the time and it may have gone fast track which is never good on dodgy ground. The solicitor who set it up has now gone into administration, so the Claimant has issued a new solicitor to look after it. The problem is they now require payment to be sent to a different account. The account details are clearly laid out in the orders schedule so how do I stand? Do I require the new solicitors to issue a new schedule with updated payment account details?
  13. Hi guys, a CPR31.4 request can either be sent to the Claimant or their representative. If it has been longer than 7days after their receipt write to them again asking when your request will be fulfilled also request an extension under CPR15.5. If they refuse that's fine time for an application. If time is getting tight for your defence you must issue one. State that you are unable to plead on certain points as the Claimant has not complied with your request given an extension etc and that you have filed an application to see the documents. The Claimants representative wants you to do no
  14. Hi Mr M, I take it HL are listed as the party to send documents and payments to? I would phone them up and ask why they are listed on the claim form as party to send documents and payments to if they are unable to do so? Also ask don't you have the document listed in you POC then? Don't get drawn into a conversation about payment you haven't called about that. Record the call tell them you are and then write to them. Copy the court in if you feel the need as they may be behaving unreasonably If they are refusing to supply them that's fine tell them that you will make an app
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone, I have passed it on. Cheers Mr P
  16. Great Thanks Daniella. Obviously business cannot be good if they are racking through accounts going back 10 years. Thanks MR P
  17. Thanks all, I thought it was Thanks all. Would it be worth reporting the solicitor to the SRA if they continue to chase the alleged debt after informing them its now statute barred? Thanks again Mr P
  18. Hi, A friend of mine who is self employed has just received a bill a solicitor is claiming for work they did 10 years ago. My friend has absolutely no knowledge of this and as far as they are aware have never received a bill. How do they stand will this be statute barred now? Thanks Mr P
  19. Hi Cap, okay firstly have you acknowledged the claim online yet ? Secondly you need to get a CPR 31.14 request off to them send it registered or special delivery if you can? That line on the POC "Any payment should be directed to the claimants solicitors on 01527 586517." is odd never seen that before. Documents to ask for. True Copy of agreement True Copy of T&C True Copy of NOA (this could be fun MBNA to Varde to Aktiv proof of delivery too) True copy of DN True copy of termination notice copies of statements from inception to determine amount claimed.
  20. Hi everyone, I wonder if someone can help my friend with an employment issue. Before Christmas my friend was driving a company vehicle, while stationary a large vehicle shunted his company van from behind. My friend needed no hospital treatment but his back was injured, on driving the vehicle back to work he was told that he had to drive said vehicle to a local garage. After this he went home and visited his local GP he has signed him off as there is damage to his back. He has worked for the company for less than a year. He job is physical and requires him to lift quite heavy loads
  21. Hi all, I managed to get the dealer to cough up the cash. I wrote to them stating that the vehicle was not fit for purpose under the sale of goods act. So result only took me 4 months. Spend £13k at an approved dealer to have them quibble about £69. Guess where I won't be buying my next vehicle from? Mr-P
  22. Hi V5, just a quick thought does your invoice state the clutch is for your car? Does it mention your reg? If not I would get a screenshot of their site showing that it links to the part you received, just in-case things get messy. Mr-P
  23. I concur with rebel11, then contact Car Parts and tell them to arrange collection of their clutch, you could also add storage will be £10 a day. Mr-P
  24. Hi af, not sure if this has been mentioned but check you don't have a direct debit set up with pay-pal. If you do cancel it. Mr-P
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