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  1. its for the Cahoot one (its not a flexi one)
  2. Time to play http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?464172-Hoist-Claim-received&p=4897861#post4897861
  3. Name of the Claimant ? Hoist Portfolio Date of issue 26 /4/ 16. Date of issue 26/4/16 +19 AOC by 14/5/15 DONE Date Defence to be submitted 29/5/15 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? This Claim is for the sum of £ 4***.00 in respect of monies owing pursuant to The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (CCA) under account no. The debt was legally assigned by OC to the Claimant and notice has been served. The Defendant has failed to make contractual payments under the terms of the agreement. A default notice has been served upon the Defendant pursuant
  4. 2005 (not online CCA) £5000 last payment 2010 May Big PPI too they were supposed to refund to account but never did. To top it all they defaulted and terminated within the 14 days (5 days short) I have an actual termination letter. Collect the set Thanks
  5. indeed thanks for your help I will let it run
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'm a little concerned as the account is now very very close to SB. If they issued on the back of knowing they hadn't complied would this be classed as a vexatious litigation? If they issue a claim does the SB clock stop? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Dx, yes you are right lots of "if we"s I also realised this was the same letter I received last year too. Still no CCA though. Thanks
  8. Well I received the standard threat from Mr Cohen. Saying if I don't respond in 10 days they will commence legal proceedings. Do you think its worth reminding them of their clients duties under the Consumer Credit Act to actually bother to supply a CCA? Thanks
  9. Many years ago I had serious financial difficulties. One of my loans was defaulted and terminated within the default period (nice). the account was sold over a year ago to a certain Crusoe brain trust I requested a copy of the CCA. This was a year ago after several letters saying they were trying to get a copy from the OC (good luck with that). Finally a letter arrived last week saying a copy of the original or a reconstructed CCA was enclosed which it wasn't nothing was enclosed not a sausage. It looks to me to be an automated letter. I know for a
  10. I just received a phone call from Toyota I explained the problem. I believe the main points are as follows 1. The vehicle was not fit for purpose and not of sufficient quality especially in reference to durability. 2. Charles Clark Toyota misdiagnosed the fault and over-quoted for the work to be done resulting in a free warranty repair turning into £1200. Toyota GB have said they will re contact Charles Clark and get them to phone me. They say as the repair was done by a none Toyota garage there is little they can do. It certainly looking like a small claims court
  11. I finally got a response from the garage they basically said that the bite point was high indicating it was the clutch and that they would have do do further investigation work. This is incorrect my Dad was told it was definitely the clutch and it would be £1100 they never mentioned any investigation work. They also said that they quoted him £800 this was for the none Toyota clutch they initially told him it was £1100. They said that he should have bought the vehicle back after the fault was diagnosed with the flywheel this would have been impossible the vehicle was in bits probably
  12. Thanks Conniff, It would definitely be worth sending Mr Toyoda a letter. I have previously owned Honda's and the level of quality was exemplary. I really didn't expect this complete lack of support from such a high profile Japanese company. Especially one that has been trying to repair its image in the media. Obviously the UK arm has some serious issues. As you say I would hope that contacting the head of Toyota would certainly give the UK franchise a good kicking. Thanks again
  13. To keep this thread up to date. I emailed Toyota GB directly they are unable to send me the CEO's email address I have since found out that Matt Harrison is no longer the CEO of Toyota GB. I did however receive a response from Charles Clark Wolverhampton and I received an email address of their General Sales Manager. He actually phoned me on the way home and I briefly outlined the issues I also sent him my letter outlining the problems in detail. Well that was a week ago I have received no reply to my email and no reply to my follow up yesterday. I'm going to email them again t
  14. Hi everyone, the letters are now ready to send to the Manager of the dealer and the CEO. Out of interest I contacted another Toyota dealer requesting a price for a clutch replacement they quoted £700 nearly £400 less than Charles Clark. Needless to say this is another complaint that will be going in the letter. They really did try to take advantage of my Dad in this matter. I will update as I find out anything. Thanks
  15. Hi Conniff, that's absolutely correct. I would have hoped that an official Toyota dealer would know the difference between a clutch failure and the dual mass flywheel failing. Considering that the clutch was replaced 10k previously its not a great leap of logic to assume it was the flywheel. I just contacted Charles Clark Toyota apparently the clutch and flywheel were replaced on the vehicle in July 2012. This certainly indicates that the system has historic problems. Thanks
  16. Hi everyone, my dad recently had a problem with his Toyota Urban Cruiser 4WD Diesel. The vehicle is four years old has been serviced all its life (He bought it from new) at a Toyota garage. The vehicle has only done just over 20K He has recently had problems getting the vehicle into gear so he took it to our local Wolverhampton Toyota Dealer Charles Clark Toyota. They diagnosed the problem to be the clutch. They quoted £1000 to replace the clutch (Original) or approx £800 for a none Toyota one I find this rather odd a Toyota dealer offering none Toyota parts. The clutch on the vehicle
  17. Hi Jack, I would definitely try. You have to be prepared to follow up with your letter however as generally Currys don't give in until they get a court claim. At the end of the day the machine should last longer than 2 1/2 years. Start your own thread in the forum you will get lots of help. Mr P
  18. Thanks Andy, I will leave it as it is. Mr P
  19. Hi Everyone, just reread the letter this is it verbatim :- "...We note from our records that you have maintained payments for some time. It is a requirement that we review your arrangement regularly to ensure that this repayment arrangement remains affordable for you. Please contact us to discuss your current financial position so that we can make a fair and reasonable assessment of your ability to pay the existing instalment amount..." It also mentioned offers at a reduce amount for settling the account etc. And they expect me to contact them within 7 days. What require
  20. Exactly file under ignore I think. They probably don't have a clue about the account to be honest the original solicitor went bump. So they may think its an informal repayment plan which it is not by a long chalk. Thanks all Mr P
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