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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. ok will do, thanks will let u know how i get on xx
  2. Thank you for that I don't have any account numbers or anything!! Can I still request all my information?? This is the problem I'm having, I havn't got anything because its all being sorted through Wescot. Thank you again for your advice.
  3. Im pretty sure i was.....how do i find out?? Im confused on how i find out about my loans from HSBC, should they be able to give me all the information of the loans i've had from them??
  4. Wondering if anyone can help or advise me about claiming PPI back?? I took out loans in 2002/2003 not sure how many as its now with the credit agency Wescot, Could anyone advise me on how i go about or even if i can claim PPI on these??
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