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  1. right I'll do that, at the moment my pc hasn't been working properly so i'm just using my mum's laptop. tomorrow it should be fixed and i'll post them up even though its christmas day lol. I'd also like to wish CAG a very Merry Christmas
  2. My auntie has looked through the figures as she has worked in finance but she can't work out how they have done it. I think it was done before the interest was added but as its on the finance agreement then I am paying interest on it. But the problem was that the £500 was put on the agreement but they hadn't took the money from me. I waited a week and thought I was doing something wrong, and went back and paid it to them. I am trying to get that back now because I believe most people would have just said I've already paid it as its on the agreement and saved them
  3. Hi CAG, I've had my car about 8 months and currently having problems with this garage and its HP agreement. I was sold a "Lifetime Guarantee" for £655 after being told it was included when buying the car, but instead it has been added to the hp agreement on top of the car price aswell as interest. The guarantee's T&C's include having to have my car serviced by their dealership at the cost of £250 for the guarantee to remain valid. However I received an answer on the internet that guarantee's tied to servicing at a particular garage aren't legal anymore so could a
  4. My friend did say it wasn't exactly the Customer Services fault, it was more the depot's because they never rang him when they were suppose to..I believe the customer service employee's did resolve the issue with him but he's just aggrivated that noone called when they said they would and that an order that was placed 3 days in advance was then canceled because they didn't have the item in stock.
  5. Ah ok, my appologies, I thought Curry's had only merged with PCWorld.
  6. Hi Rebel, I appreciate that comment and I believe my friend will be writing a letter of complaint but this is to Curry's..or have they and dixons merged?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm posting on behalf of a friend with an issue that he has with Curry's. My friend bought a washing machine and dryer with full payment and was told that they would pick up his old washing machine and dryer and fit in the new ones. Only to find that even though they had took both machines, they only brought the new washing machine and said the dryer has been delayed and a Curry's employee will ring him later to deliver the dryer. Long story short, my friend waited for hours and after 3 people were meant to call him up, noone bothered. He then went down with his wife to the shop a
  8. I don't think there is long left in this investigation but I've had other members of my family who've worked in the finance business look at my signatures but they do claim that although they do look fairly different chances are it is my signature just initialed as I use to do my signature slightly different each time. After reading countless stories regarding finance I don't feel I'm in the same position as others on this forum who I really do feel sorry for. I'm happy the car is running fine but it was down to me contacting Vauxhall themselves getting a check done by them to then have to c
  9. There is something else I have also noticed recently on my agreement. Whilst reading through the agreement I was looking through my copy with all my signatures. I hadn't noticed at first but there only seems to be 3 out of 6 signatures that resemble mine, but I'm not sure how to prove this. I know even though I was anxious about the new car that I still would never rush my signature and the first 3 look more-a-less identical but the last 3 seem to be more of a squiggle with my name Printed at the side..not written by me though. My sister was with me at the time but obviously I doubt she wo
  10. this guarantee and at the moment I'm planning on getting a loan and just paying the final settlement fee and then hopefully if I do claim some sort of refund that will be nice as well. After looking at the total amount payable it looks like I owe £11,000 over the 5 year term, but I am positive they have added the deposit of my previous car instead of deducting, and I even paid a £500 deposit, but I'm unsure if that gets deducted too. My final settlement works out at £5930, but I'm not sure how they work out this figure. Does anyone know?
  11. Yeah I'm not sure about the televised vauxhall guarantee but this was a peugeot garage and their lifetime guarantee's are just meant to cover parts and labour.
  12. Thats a good answer but no the car was £6500 and with interest+guarantee it was £7100 - £1300 for my part exchange and £500 deposit, it worked out around £6050 - £6100
  13. Yes its just the guarantee that I would like to sort, the car I don't mind paying for even though I was only intending to pay £4000 I'm ending up paying about £6500 but with this "guarantee" its added an extra £1000. The guarantee is going to be void if I don't have my car serviced by that garage but after reading many reviews about the service quality I'm not paying £240 where I can get one by vauxhall themselves cheaper.
  14. I'm unsure about the vauxhall guarantee, this is Stoneacre's own Lifetime Guarantee which is meant to cover parts and labour, should anything go wrong with the car. I've heard salesman telling other customers that the guarantee is included in their price of the car but on the credit agreement it states £655 plus £386 interest = £1,041
  15. I purchased a vauxhall corsa from Stoneacre in Wigan, April this year. Test drive went really well, and because I was part exchanging my 1.4 for the 1.2 I figured it would be better insurance wise andbetter saving on fuel. I signed a hire-purchase agreement to get finance on the car and pay it off monthly. Unfortunately the issue I've got is the "Lifetime Guarantee" that they offer. It sounded really good as they said parts and labour are included aswell as covering the parts of the car..but they said it was included when I bought the car. Not the case, I had my car in that garage with an engi
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