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  1. Hi all, I have been having a running battle with BOS for 2.5years now. Firstly I claimed and won my case for mis-sold PPI and they forwarded me a cheque for £2800.00. Not bad for a few letters. I also asked BOS for a copy of my signed credit card agreement. They have not and say they cannot find or supply this to me. I have written numerous letters and emails and eventually they basically told me to stop hassling them. What a result as they hassled me for years. They them sent my file to Albion Collections, who are actually a division of BOS. I stopped my monthly payments and have asked them to challenge me in court. They them forwarded my file to their solicitors Blair Oliver & Scott. I got some letter threatening court but this stopped when I challenged their validity as a legal practice. Blair Oliver Scott abbreviates to BOS (surprise surprise) and Companies House has them listed as being form (1991, I think) but dormant. Funnily enough, I have received no more correspondence from Blair Oliver Scott. My credit file has been damaged but my next move is to challenge this damage. BOS have acted as reckless, unresponsible lenders. They increased my credit balance that actually attracted me into spending more than I could afford. It was like dangling the carrot in front of the horse. I have calculated the full amount I have spent on my card since the account was opened (over £68K) and have calculated that I have repaid more than £70K. I dont feel bad that I am not paying they extoriate interest and charges that have accrued over the years. Can anyone tell me how to challenge the adverse credit reports on my credit file. I want to help as many people as possible who are in a similar position to myself so if we join together we will do better than going it alone.
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