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  1. Hi dx100 and martin2006, I have a case number and a warrant number shown on the Notice Of Visit By Bailiff, would either of these be what we are looking for? Like I say, I know nothing, becase he just throws them out. And though I agree it would be quicker for me to sign up with Noddle, to be honest, and this may seem a bit cruel, I think its time he realised he cannot just ignore things cos he doesnt like them or cant be bothered, and though I will help where I can, I was, and still am, looking to arm mysef with some knowledge, this way I can advise him, but I don't think doing it for him will actually help his attitude, because he will learn nothing, and just think he can carry on being a bit of d!ck and next time the poo hits the fan that I will sort it out for him, and I wont. He needs to learn that there a consequences and these consequences are a direct result of his own choices and attitudes and therefore he has to bear all of the responsibility for those choices and consequences... If he refuses to do so and thinks he can just carry on regardless, and I end up having to deal with the bailiff on the doorstep over the next few weeks, I will simply tell him, he has one more chance to get it sorted, and afer that I will let the bailiff in to take away his tv, xbox, computer, whatever he likes... I want to help him to help himself and offer guidance where I can but I also feel he needs a bit of a reality check... Anyway thanks everyone so far, I feel a lot more able to deal with the bailiff now and will try to convince SS to get on with things... best wishes to all... mrbrooks
  2. Hi everyone, thank you so much for the input, and having a read through all of it, I can confirm... Debt is to the tune of £621.26, at this moment I have no idea who the original debt is from/to. I have briefly discussed with SS about him signing up for a Noddle account so we can see his credit history and maybe this will help, also I will enocurage him to contact Cabot, at some point next week to re-send any documentation regarding the debt (is there anything we should specifically ask for?) and hopefully this will shed some more light on what and where this has come from. He says he thinks it was from a credit card, but as he started a regime of ignoring letters he did not like the look of I am pretty sure they went into the trash, so currently have no records of anything... I have spoken to him about paying the debt, and any other little secret debts he has been hiding!, and he agreed that once we get some more info and know where this debt came from, we will formulate a plan, he can maybe give me the funds when he gets paid I will pay them for him to make sure they get paid and he cant decide hes going to ignore it that month... With regards to the Bailiff, its good to know he has no power to gain entry without an invite, and I can tell you all, after relaying some of this stuff to the missus she is somewhat calmer and less stressed about the whole thing. as soon as I know more I will drop by and report back... Best wishes mrbrooks
  3. Hi plodderton, I have told SS to sign up at Noddle and then we can take a look to see if this will reveal anything...trouble is he has pretty much thrown out all the correspondence from pretty much everyone...so it could prove a bit tricky...but will certainly look into it. mrbrooks
  4. Thanks dx100 and BA, I look forward to your post...yeah I had a nice time watching the girls beach volleyball the other day...I will stop worrying, I have spoken to step son and he has agreed he needs to sort this out... mrbrooks
  5. I have told him (step son) to sign up at Noddle and we can take a look. Letters, looks like hes just dumped most of them in the bin...unopened, I told him it was irresponsible and he needs to deal with this once we know what we are dealing with. So I am confused, is this bailiff an employe of the court or is he an employee of a company? Is just a debt collector? Whats all this stuff about calling cards? Does he actually have any power? Are you saying he cannot enter our house without explicit permission? He as no permission from the court to enter the house? Is he allowed on my property (not that I am inclined to ask him to leave unless he gets shirty)? Not sure what you mean with 'as guessed then they are the nice lot.' Thanks again everyone...
  6. Hi everyone, I have just spoken to step son, and gotten the documents that the bailiff handed to me yesterday. First off, one of the letters, the HM Courts Tribunals Service CallingCard, is absolutely abysmal quality, it is hardly legible, I have increased the contrast to 100+ and reduced the brightness by 20% and run it through photoshop just to get readable-ish, without this it is almost impossible to read and y ou can see some the text is still illegible and some of it is missing, aka items like, warrant number, date, case number etc... So this first letter, the Calling Card, though rubbish quality, looks pretty official, but of course maybe thats the point, and I accept I do not know what I am dealing with here, which of course is why I am asking for more knowledgable folks to run their eye over it and hopefully provide some insights. So thoughts on this letter please, is this official? Is this just something they have copied to make their positon appear more official and legible? and what is one to do about it? The second letter, Notice Of Visit, again looks fairly official, and with regard to the highlight in yellow, I have asked my step son to start opening letters to find this notice, I am sure it was sent but we have yet to locate it. So again, thoughts on this, do this give us any more insight to whats going on here? My questions from earlier I feel need re-asking in light of these documents, should we (me and the missus) be worried about this chap being able to enter our home? Remove any of our stuff? What would be the next step in dealing with this matter? Thanks all and I look forward to your thoughts and insights. Best wishes mrbrooks HMCourts_Tribunals_Service_CallingCard_20160819.pdf Notice_Of_Visit_By_The_Bailiff_20160819_Redacted.pdf
  7. Hi dx, hope you are well, first, let me apologise for that awful formatting, i have no idea whats happened to it, I wrote it all out inw MS Word and pasted it in!!! I have no idea who it is (Bailiff Co), he got home late, and went out early, all I know is i heard his mom tearing a piece of something out of his butt... I will try to find out a bit later, I think the story goes like this, started working, found he had money, found he loved spending money, realised he did not earn enough to cover his love of spending, got a credit card, some payday loans, then realised once he spent all their money, he would have none left for himself if paid them back, so figured his best option was to ignore them and carry on spending the money he owed them for his own pleasure.. .I had a conversation with him some time ago about where it will end and he truly and honestly believed that nothing would happen, this has been 3 years or so now, he pays a bit then ignores them for ages.. .and I am sure there are more… so I do beleive it is the result of a CCJ but again cannot be certain, unless of course he is hiding something else... Definately did not say high court, and I thought he said court bailiff, but I also thought the paper said court bailiff, I will try to get some more info later, but was so desperate to try to get some sense of it so I could tell the other half that we can be sure that our stuff is safe and our house is safe... Thanks again... mrbrooks
  8. Hi all, I have a question or two related to court issued Bailiffs... Yesterday I was sat here (at home) doing some work (I work from home) and I hear a knock at the door ...A chap says he is a bailiff and ask for my step son (who is 26yrs old btw). He was not in at the time, so I told the chap this, and he asked me if step son lived here, I said yes. He then handed me a letter and said please give him this and he would call another time. I have not really looked at in detail as he has taken the letter with him to work, but on one of the paper it definitely says something about the court and bailiffs. my missus is in a right panic and freak moment because she is convinced the bailiff can take my stuff, her stuff, break in if there is no one here, force entry into the premises etc etc... Now as far as I can gather, this is for debt owed to Cabot (Though I can’t be sure cos haven’t had a chance to talk to him properly has he was at work at 6AM this morn) but I believe it said something about credit or credit cards, who the original credit card is I do not know. About 5-6 weeks ago, we had Lowells calling 3-4 times a week a nd I got to the point I thought, that they thought, I was my step son because when they called he is never here, he works 12 hours shifts 5 days starts early and home after office hours… I told him to call them and do not know if this is related, but a couple weeks back, the calls stopped. He ignores letters that come through the door, and despite me telling him he needs to sort it out, read the letters, call folk back, he has clearly no done so, one of these issues he has created for himself has finally arrived to collect their dues. So, my questions, and all please understand, I am encouraging him to sort this out, not run away from or pretend it’s not happening or looking for a quick get out of free card. I am looking to ease my other halfs tension about the whole situation. So, first, with regard to entry to the premises, I understand if the court has given him (the bailiff) right of way, and accept to some degree this is not negotiable as it were, my issue is this, my step son does not own these premises, his name is nowhere on the properties official documents in other words, for the purpose of simplicity, he resides here as would someone renting a room (though of course without a contract). So how does this affect the bailiff with right of entry and how does this affect us as the residence owners? I understand my step sons name is on the paperwork but like I say I am worried that if there is no one here, or he is not here, they will decide they are coming in anyway though I want to encourage him to deal with it, at the same time I see no reason why me and the missus should be subject to allowing them in without proper consen t and only at a time it is convenient for us as the property owners (for example if he won’t deal with it I will absolutely let them him to take his TV and Xbox, but only if he is here or I decided it reasonable to do so if either myself of missus is here)… The other issue I have and that my other half is really getting upset about, is whether the bailiff can just take stuff willy nilly as it were. I had originally said to her , that I don’t think this is how it works, but then she pipes up, well what if asks up to prove this stuff is ours? Which of course is a pertinent question, and of course some stuff is easily provable other stuff not so, for example, I do not know where the receipt for my 5-year-old laptop is, or the HUDL2 I bought for her Christmas pressy 3 years back, or whenever it was… So my second question, can the bailiff just take stuff from this address? How are we to make sure there is a clear demarcation between our stuff and my step sons stuff? And how do we make sure he takes only the stuff he is entitled to take? Thanks in advance and I look forward to some valuable input from the CAG members and crew…
  9. I have posted off the SAR but am now wondering if I should have put 2 postal orders in there, as one of the accounts is a joint account! Anyway we shall see... @Wow! Sounds like you're more that ready to do battle with them… I guess some of them might just turn tail if they think they have a fight on their hands… TB Yeah it was handbags at dawn type thing, I do wonder though, if I am going to get enough to make a challenge of any description, things seem to have changed somewhat since 2013 ish and I see on other forums that the methods that had a chance of working then may not work now, and I am expecting Santander to provide nothing more than 6 years worth of data, which is not going to be enough because my mortgage for example finished in about 2001/2 or thereabouts (cant remember the exact date). But we shall see... I will inform the community when I get a response and have something to ask/post/update... mrbrooks
  10. Aye, I will send the SAR signed for, I know it’s a PO Box, but then I figure it means someone just has to 'pop out' to sign for it , so I don’t mind an extra day, I figure I will give them 40 + 3 days from the day I sent it. then will come back for more advice, and thoughts. I reckon on day 43 I will just send a formal complaint to the ICO (I will write it just in case so I can fire it off on the morning of day 43, ha-ha) and of course send a failed SAR letter to Santander on the same day. I had long draw out conflab with CapOne about 3 years back, which ended something like the Friday before court on Monday, I went through a ton of dirty tricks, harassment, outright lies, to both myself and the FOS legal team from CapOne, and a few other things too, like suddenly not being able to spell names properly they had been spelling for 20 years, and a raft of other dirty little manoeuvres, none of them worked I might add, because I complained about every single little thing they did wrong, so yeah I learned a few things, it was hard work though, and I had to keep at it at every step. In the end I did win, when they finally realised, that I was willing to go to court and fight this fight, with my own counter claim, in a case that they themselves had set in motion, we had refused to pay them any more payments (after a long drawn out argument over a minimum payment whilst the dispute was going on) on the basis that they had the outstanding balance incorrect, so was disputing this, and then I figured out that the owed us way more than we owed them, so proposed they discharge the debt and forward remainder of what they owed. They of course refused and decided after about 6 months or so we had done enough defaults to get us to court. By now they had been saying for over 12 months that I had it wrong and that I was just avoiding the inevitable, so I said ok, well as you have booked us all off for a day out at court, let’s see what the court thinks about your behaviour and all these things I have tried to discuss with you, add to that the FOS advised them to pay us an award on 3 different occasions, and on another occasion, we got the original award, plus an additional ‘bonus’ because CapOne had automatically used the award, to pay off some of the outstanding debt, which I challenged, it was like them paying themselves, which I did not agree to and pointed out that the debt was in dispute so I demanded a cheque, all these awards where due to their behaviour in which the FOS found in our favour and I honestly believe, they were just holding out hoping we would give up and they could get us to court, without a fight, get the debt stamped, hold us up at the FOS and then make a much smaller gesture, having sold the debt, made a claim on their loss insurance and just let the debt recovery folks have the trouble of figuring out how to get the money, because I think they knew, they were more than likely to make a loss any other way. It did not work, none of it. They could not hand the debt off, which is what really cocked up their plan I reckon, because I refused to deal with any third party while the debt was in dispute and challenged every letter that arrived from someone other than CapOne regarding the so called debt, so the 2-3 times they tried it got sent back to CapOne. Well, it was them who folded and finally offered a settlement of about £10,000, I had asked for £12,000+ a few pennies, so took it. They then offered another £800 when I refused to cancel the counter-claim as in my eyes they were distinctly different things, and the counter claim was me dealing with the way they had behaved in this case. The final bonus was when they agreed that since the debt was in dispute and that in ‘principle’ the FOS would have upheld my case (it was on FastTrack due to the impending court case and the fact that I fully believed the outstanding debt would be discharged by the fact CapOne had owed us far more than we owed them and this was the main argument in my defence statement) and that the debt amount was also incorrect, because they had attempted to add interest and charges to the account whilst in dispute then found out they had added charges because it had been passed to Bryan Carters etc, and they refused to provide any statements (another FOS award we got) so that we could see the current outstanding balance and confirm which charges were (if any) valid, they removed all of these additional charges and the debt went from near £6,000 to £4,800, in the end, we got a cheque for £5,800 or somewhere in the region of. The CAG site team and various members had a hand in this from step one and I would not have been able to do it without this site and its members. So I am ready for a rough and drawn out argument, if I can get the info I need to arm myself with and am more than willing to stand my ground if I feel I have a strong enough case.
  11. Hey ThedaBara, thanks for the post, I wonder this as well, from all that I have read, Santander seem to be a particularly evasive group of folks, but it seems this is fairly normal across the board now. With the mortgage thing, when I was paying the PPI/Mortgage protection, the mortgage ended, paid up early, but they charged me mortgage protection thing for almost 12 months after, claiming I had never informed them the mortgage had ended…When I pointed out, 1 it was plain to see it had ended and the system must have known this, and 2 it was real funny how all the other stuff related to the mortgage had finished and everyone else involved had known about this due to the letters I sent out. Trouble for me is that I have very little of my own documentation available and I do wonder how much of a disadvantage this is going to be, especially if they play awkward clods as I expect them to do. They offered me a month’s payment back or something equally ridiculous, citing that it was basically my own fault. In the interim lots of things have happened and I should have dealt with it a long time ago but alas just did not get around to bothering. So I figure I would tackle it now and let’s just where we land, if nothing else it will annoy the pants off them. I have done the SAR, a rather detailed one, not sure what will come back, but it is ready to go, will get the Post Office tomorrow to get the PO and post it off, cos I am off to bed now, haha…another day prolly wont harm my case. Best wishes and thanks to the folks who have posted thus far, very much appreciate the input and the support from the CAG community.
  12. I may need to contact CCCS/SC, as I no longer have a full account number for the credit card (i have a an xxxx1234 number so only the last 4 digits show and do not know the reference number used by Pra (I am sure we porbably got a letter) when the debt was moved from Santander to Pra.. .and I assume I need some form of number to reference... Thanks again... Actually just been digging about and the credit card in question appears to be an old Egg card, the only reaon I know that, is because prior to (according to my Noddle report) Sep/Oct 2015 the card debt is showing as belonging to Barclays, and I never had a card with Barclays, and know that Barclays bought out some Egg stuff. ..So the thick plottens..... Will send a CCA Request as soon as poss. ..I might just wing it and hope they dont ask for the account.card num and just take it that we are who we say we are... This does bring another issue (though wont discuss it on this thread as it is for another thread), I had an Egg loan too!!! Paid up prior to DMP...
  13. Hi dx100uk, thanks for the post, I have the SAR ready to go, just need to print n post tomorra. ..however...yeah theres always an however... Who do I get the PO made out to? I have been looking and the only thing I found was Santader Plc Uk. but I am not sure this is correct or not.. .I will look a bit more but maybe someone has the answer... Another Q, should the single SAR include my CC and Mortgage stuff (as I hope) as well as the current accounts? And re CCA, I assume I just pop one of to Pra (I will find the template on here a bit later) and dont need to inform Step Change at this stage? Thanks again mrbrooks
  14. Hi everyone, I just wanted to post up this thread/post for some advice/support/thoughts on how to handle Santander. Who, from what I have read in various places are generally pretty awkward, evasive and fairly resistant to playing fairly. So, I have a SAR template, ready, filled out with my details, got my tenner plus a few quid for the PO and postage ready and I had a couple of thoughts, that I wanted to get some guidance from more skilled and experienced crusaders than myself. So my confusion, or more like unknowingness; I had a current account when the bank was Abbey National, and the account was only Santander in the last few of my banking years with them. In addition to this, I had a joint account with my missus, again which was Abbey National, which we both put funds into for various household things like bills and other similar stuff, like mortgage payments etc. Then, we also had our mortgage with Abbey, which I believe had PPI, and sometimes around 2004/5 I tried to make a claim but they refused to acknowledge it even existed because I had lost all of the paper work. I also had a credit card with them, again, originally in the days of Abbey National and again, I am sure PPI was on the card. Finally, a couple of years we entered a DMP with Step Change (Actually it was CCCS and changed to SC about a month later) and the overdrafts and outstanding balances on the current accounts and credit card were taken into the DMP and we pay an agreed amount through Step Change to Santander plus a couple of other debts we owed, the mortgage was paid off, so nothing to worry about there, apart from the possible PPI thing. Finally, and probably most worrying, I have very little information on record for any of this period as it was all paper based and I lost a lot of stuff due to flooding and storm damage, so it is ‘Gone with the Wind’ and water, and I have read a number of times that Santander are very good at being rather evasive, and telling people they don’t hold records that far back, and there is nothing they can do, so this is a little disconcerting to me. However, I have also read (here and other places) that in fact all banks use the Archiving System and have records dating back from 50-90 years in some cases and they could access the information fairly easily if they had the will to do so and thus are just seen by many folks to be obstructive and evasive. So, my questions, confusing thoughts are: Re current accounts, are we required to send in a SAR for both of these accounts separately? One from each of us? Or do I just send in one SAR from and signed by the both of us and this will cover both accounts I/we had with AN/Santander? After all I am asking for information about/connected to the persons specifically as opposed to a particular account? So I initially assumed a joint SAR would cover the request but then just figured I better check with some folks in the know. Again with regards to the mortgage account, do I need to address this separately or should they provide any information connected to ourselves/mortgage with the one joint SAR/Individual SARs? Same with the CC, do I need to SAR a different section/branch of Santander to obtain any information relating to the CC or should it just be included in the joint/individual SARs? Is there anything I need to be aware of being in DMP and looking at these dealings with a mind to trying to get something back? I am looking to initially see if there are any spurious charges, PPI and similar insurances on the current, credit card and mortgage accounts and anything else I think looks unfair. Can they start messing with the DMP arrangement or anything like is what I mean, after all I figure, if they think I am making life awkward for them, they could return the favour and pull their agreement to allow the debt to run through the DPM. I believe the CC debt is now owned by Pra Group Uk, though still goes through the DMP via Step Change. I would be most grateful for any thoughts and advice on which way folks would feel the best way to start my daliance and dance with beast that is Santander. Thanks in advance to all and I very much look forward to some insights. mrbrooks
  15. Hi dx thanks for that, will get the SAR and other documents printed out and sent out this afternoon... mrbrooks
  16. Hi dx, thanks for reply. - Agreed - Agreed I am gonna cash it... - Agreed I have done the SAR, and since I have not banked with Smile for more than a year now I have included proof of my ID using my Business CC statements for June 2015 and my phone and internet bill for June 2015... My only concern is that I would (As advised in the past) send the SAR as Signed For Delivery ... However I can only seem to find PO Box numbers for Co-operative, which poses a problem with Signed delivery... The address currently on the letter is: Subject Access Request Team, PO Box 200, Skelmersdale WN8 6GH Once I figure out if its OK to send without Signed For or get another non POBox address then I will fire it off as soon as... Another note, it says on the website for smile, send a cheque, say nothing about a Postal Order, I assume its OK still to send a PO? Thanks again... mrbrooks
  17. DX thanks for the response... do you reckon they are holding back? Or You just reckon its worth finding out what they know before cashing any cheques? Like I said in previous post, I had no idea about this, the cheque just turned Friday and I thought about it over the weekend, called Smile/Co-Op Monday and here I am.. .I find a bit odd that there was no questionnaires, no contact no nothing about the situation prior to its arrival, but then maybe that's how things are done these days??? Now if i write to them to tell them I am at this time not going to accept their offer of this 'out of blue' cheque, do you recommend any template for such a response? I have the SAR template, but I am addressing to things here now, 1 I am not accepting this cheque as a settlement at this time and am considering my options. 2 I am presenting a SAR. Now in relation to item 1, The cheque, Do I send it back? Keep it? Tear it up? Cash it? Copy it and file it? .. . Also, am I putting myself in an awkward spot by not accepting it? Can they refuse to play ball if I discover in fact that they have been fair and I have already refused their offer? Where does not accepting the cheque at this point leave me, other than without pizza and beer? In relation to item 2, I have a SAR template so this is ok, I will fill that out and send it off ASAP... Thanks again mrbrooks ***EDIT*** I am having a bit of a struggle finding an address to SAR them that is not a PO Box, if we send to PO Box don't we have issues with Signed For Mail???
  18. Hi everyone, I was just wanting to get some thoughts/advice on something re a smile account. I had a smile more account back in 2010-2014 (early 2014 when I moved to another bank). The other day, I received a letter...see attached... I have called the Co-op PPI Claims folks to address a number of concerns... I have made no complaint, nor request for a review. I DID have an account and though the number of the account on the letter is the one I used to have, and the name and address are correct, and I did have an OD, I was not 64/65 on the date shown. I am in fact only 45 and would have been 40/41 in 2010/11 at the time of the sated shown, again not 64/65. I do not at any stage recall having or requesting OPI on my account as the OD was 250-500 and I paid up the OD in 2013/14 and never used it again, followed by the closure of my account in 2014. I do not recall cancelling OPI, having never recalled having it in the first place. With all of this in mind, is this cheque still valid/genuine? The answers were... It was done automatically as part of their 'reviews' Though I no longer have an account the review covered all accounts active at this time. They accept neither was I 64/65 at the time nor am I 68/69 now. They agree from my listed DOB that I am the age I claim. This is a mistake on their part and should never have been in the letter, more apologies. He was rather quiet on this, but did say on some accounts it was ‘standard’ whatever this means? To apply it. I was a little bothered by the fact it has taken them since 2010/11 to address this issue if this is in fact the case. Ooh really, then how does on go about cancelling something they have no knowledge of? After discussing the matter with the case handler (yeah I thought it sounded like something off CSI) he confirms that the age things is incorrect, a misprint, and that the cheque is definitely for me, I definitely had OPI on that period of time (he tells me it was sold to me (and this I didn’t quite understand) AFTER the bank stopped selling PPI on their products??? WTF???...Anyway he ends with, so MR XXXXX you can cash the cheque as is your choice, I can confirm it is valid and genuine and we will send out another letter with the correct wording in due course. I am sitting here thinking, well that’s nice for me, a £40 bonus I had not been expecting, a couple of beers and wines and pizzas for me and the missus and a bit of fish for the cats, lovely and change left over for lottery ticket… But then, my brain says hold on here a minute buddy, is this right, how do you know they only owe you £40, you don’t know anything about this, they could have just plucked this number out the air hoping you won’t ask any questions, they never asked you anything, they just sent a cheque, why would they do this…you get the idea… Which leads me here… I am wondering still, should I look into this more? What are the chances they owe me more? I don’t believe they would owe me less of course, but I assume if I cash this cheque, this is as good me saying, yeah I agree with you, £40 is all you owe me and I won’t ask for more. When is the 8% interest supposed to take from? Sound like a paltry amount to me for 4 years of them sitting on my £30…and to be fair, the figure may well be correct, but I just figure I should maybe ask a few folks in the know before jumping in and ordering a meat feast and a 6 pack of Carling... So really what I am asking you all is this, is this worth pursuing, saying, hey Co-Op I don’t want this £40 right now, but I want more info? How do I figure out how much they should owe me? IS the number they have given me £40 is quid correct based on the £30 OPI they say I paid? Thoughts and advice on this would be most appreciated… Thanks all… mrbrooks
  19. Hi Vauban, thanks for the input, I will try to clarify a couple of points, but first I want to throw in my own thoughts on something you mention re the price (and please understand, this is not aimed at you, but something I feel needs to be said). Firstly, in my mind it is irrelevant whether they paid £9.50 or £950 (actually I will clarify the full price in a moment), in part this is because the price paid is not an isolated price, there are in fact other costs involved such as fuel, time, paying for gas and electric, bedding etc. In my opinion, and I'm sure many folks would agree, paying less for accommodation obviously brings less luxury, less 'classy' décor and fittings and generally provides the basics in relation to things like the quality of the beds, quality of the seats, type of cooker, form of heating (i.e. you can hire a caravan with central heating if you so wish) and generally all round you get the 'basics' shall we say and this is fine, people understand this, my parents understand this. However to my mind what it does not mean is that your obliged to put up with someone else's grease stained cooking areas, someone else's crap on your toilet, a crap covered seating area, someone else's toe nails, and a generally very poor accommodation, in other words you are entitled to feel that you deserve at the least, for your basic price, a clean accommodation, and not one that you have to clean yourself before you start your break. In addition to this, paying less for this basic accommodation, should not mean that you should expect to be ignored and fobbed off and that you should not expect people to take you seriously. Now in regards to the £9.50, yes this is a problem, because in fact it doesn't cost £9.50, it actually says From £9.50 and is in fact a marketing ploy used by many companies to try to suck you in. I did try to tell my mom this at the time, and though I agree it does provide folks an opportunity to get away relatively cheaply, if you choose the right accommodation at the right time of year, it still does not mean you should be forced into upgrading just so you don't end up in an unclean and uncared for accommodation. So the price she paid, well this was a little tough to figure out at first because you pay The Sun some cash and then you pay Haven more cash. So here we go, she gets and invoice from The Sun, outlining the costs, £113.55, some of which will be invoiced by Haven directly it appears. So she has at that stage paid £49.75 to The Sun, which works out at £12.43 per person for the accommodation. On this invoice you can see there is also a charge laid out for £31.80 as a service charge, and £32.00 for entertainment passes, as I say both to be invoiced by Haven directly. You can see the document here...[ATTACH=CONFIG]53625[/ATTACH] So then of course she receives and invoice from Haven, which comes to £77.80, which includes the bed linen pack, entertainment and facilities pass and also the utilities charge. So this brings the total to £127.55, for a 4PM book in on a Monday to a 10AM book out on a Friday, so not looking so cheap, and I agree she did not have to take the bed linen nor the entertainment, but to be fair she is supposed to be on a short break. You can see the Haven document here. [ATTACH=CONFIG]53626[/ATTACH]...So all together, based on four guests, this is £31.87 for the accommodation/utilities/entertainment, per guest. So, in answer to the question regarding what she/we are looking for, some form of recompense, a discount at the least and in truth I believe a full refund and formal apology would be more suitable, this is taking into account not only the state of the accommodation but the fact that despite multiple attempts to bring the situation to the attention of the management, they failed to address the issues effectively by ignoring them and by what appears at this stage to have simply fobbed off my parents. All in all the issue is that the whole thing was an utter let down, they returned wishing they had never gone, wondering why not one single person from the management managed to see them, and even though she gave a letter to the reception on her departure, they have still not contacted her. This to me screams of complacency and a general lack of interest and care into the customers interest or welfare. It also highlights something mentioned at the start of this post, that they (at the park) clearly believe that those guests not paying for upgrades do not deserve a clean accommodation nor any time from the management to explain why this policy of laxness and un-interest is in place. Thanks again... mrbrooks
  20. Hi all, I have an issue re a Haven holiday caravan park which my parents have just returned from, and I am in need in of some direction and advice. I apologise for the length of the post but I figure best get it all in all to give folks a chance to get the bigger picture. OK a bit of background first... Holiday was booked through The Sun £9.50 Autumn Deals, through her Sun+ membership. She arrived at the park shortly before 4 pm which is the book in time shown on her confirmation, and waited around 40 minutes to get to the book in desk as there was obviously a few folks waiting to get booked in. She gets to her accommodation and instantly notices a pungent smell, something similar to 'damp and urine and wet dogs' (these were as she described it to me). Along with this she describes a general uncleanliness of the caravan, such as lots of dust pretty much everywhere, and she said literally everywhere. Along with other things such as holes in the curtains and also they were not hung properly so they closed but with difficulty and they looked like they were rotting and once closed you could see through some of the holes, not really from a distance I suppose but you could see through them nonetheless. In addition to this, she mentions the cupboard doors had a greasy and sticky film on them, as did the door handles to the cupboards. Also the splash plate and the wall of the caravan behind the cooker top was covered in splashed grease, I would assume from cooking. Upon further inspection she checked the fire, as she wanted to get a bit warmer, and realised the fire was not working, there was a spill of something on the fire and the shield was dislocated and not properly fitted, which obviously raises safety issues. And on we go, she decides she will trail back to the office but before she goes will make a cuppa, at which point she discovers the hot water heater was non-functional, the pilot light was not on and therefore was not able to get any hot water. In addition to this the fridge was making a very shrill noise and was very loud. At this point she called the reception, which by her estimate was about 10 minutes after they arrived at the accommodation, who said they would send a maintenance person to come to look at the issues with the heater and the fridge. When the maintenance person arrives, he fixed the heater, ie turned on the pilot light and tested that hot water was being produced, and he turned down the fridge setting down as he said that the setting was too high, he informed her that the reason it was so high is that the cleaners test the fridges by turning them up to maximum, which obviously causes them to overwork (in his opinion) and they had forgotten to turn this one down, and strangely enough the fridge was the only thing that had actually been cleaned, along with parts of the bathroom, such as the sink, shower and toilet along with the bathroom area in general, the only blot in the bathroom being a rather mucky toilet brush, and I mean this literally. Once the maintenance fella had gone, she decided to clean up a bit, because by now they wanted a cuppa and needed a sit down. So using washing up liquid from her own provisions that she had taken and hot water, she decides to clean up the kitchen area a bit, thus discovering cutlery is full of grease and grime and generally mucky so she washes the whole set of cutlery and the container it’s all sitting in. (Yes I know a bit foolish but we have realise, she is in her 60s, my dad’s is in his 60s they've been on the road by now 6-7 hours and were just most likely just hoping they could sit down and have a rest). So they decide after a cuppa to bring the luggage in, whilst she made the bed, and she says the bedroom was ok but to be fair it was dark by now and getting cold and they were getting a bit tired and did not want to go back to the living area due the smell and also the discovery toenail clippings on the sofa and the floor. They get up the next day, and clean up the clippings and noticed some very severe stains!!! In her words they looked like the 'brown stuff' stains along with general stains caused by dropped/spilled liquids, and she says these stains were 'everywhere' on the upholstery, and the carpet had some stains on it also. So with all of this, she decides to make a complaint, she arrived and the office was very busy, so they get to one of the reception desk girls, and she explains who she is and where she is accommodated, and that she would like to make an official complaint. So she tells her ‘it is the grubbiest and smelliest caravan she has ever been in’, and she wants it on record so would like to make a complaint. The reception desk girl says all she can do is apologise and mom says well I want it documented and want to make a complaint and again the girl (we have her name) tells her that all she can do is apologise and offers no form of resolution, no advice, no mention that she will tell anyone or do anything and no form and basically (according to both my parents) she then stands there looking at them, so they leave. Naively she thought she would get a response fairly rapidly, and expected someone would contact them that day, but of course looking back we now know that this obviously never happened. So as the day goes along my mom decides she would buy herself some cleaning stuff to clean up some of the mess and try to get rid of the smell, such as Febreeze and astonish kitchen and shower cleaner and also some disinfectant. So she arrives back at the accommodation and goes about cleaning it herself, which I know was silly, but that's what she did and I had no knowledge of the ongoing saga at this point, and of course would have told her she should leave it well alone. Then she uses some of the spare covers from the bedroom to cover the seating area, i.e. the settee, and opens up all the windows and sprays around the place with the air freshener she had bought that morning. By now this was about 5.30 and she was still thinking that there was a good chance someone from the site would make a visit to her accommodation based on the conversation she had with the receptionist that morning, and again of course we know this never happened. So now on the Wednesday, she decides the best thing to do was get up and stay out all day to avoid the stench of the caravan, and of course at this point she had still not seen anyone from the site team. She arrives back at the accommodation around 5.30 pm, so my mom goes into the bedroom and comes out of the bedroom and trips over a loose rug that seems to be all curled up at the edges. So she gets up and realises she had twisted her right ankle and decides to sit on the settee and give it 15 minutes rest and her ankle begins to swell. So she calls the ‘Out Of Hours Services’ at about 6.30 about 45 minutes of her falling over. So the first aider arrives in good time, and advises the use of ice packs, and decides to wait a short while to see if the ice packs work. She tells the first aider, how unhappy she is and why and he tells her she should make a complaints and she replies with the episode that she has in fact already made a complaint about a couple of appliances and made a complaint in person to the reception desk the previous day. He tells her that when he sees the manager (site manager I believe he was talking about) he will tell her what my mom had said and that she had made a complaint or at least tried to make a complaint in person, he informs her that he believes the site manager is on shift the next morning and also he is on shift too at the same time. She asked him if she should make another attempt to complain, he informed her that she did not need to because he would do it. At this point he was called about another accident to had to leave, and had not at this point completed his accident report form or whatever form they are required to complete and told her he would come back to complete the form and check her ankle. He returns about 30 minutes later, with a security officer, which I believe was not in relation to anything concerning my mom, just the guy was training for first aid and was helping out for experience, and puts a new ice pack on my mom’s ankle. The original first aider is now filling out his form, asking my mom questions about what had happened etc. So she explains it to him as I have mentioned above. When she gets to the mention of the rug, he responds with the fact it should not have been there, and then tells her he should not be telling her this, and tells her that he will take the rug away, then carries on with the accident report. He then asks her to read the report, and sign the report, so she reads and signed, and then said can I have a copy of the report please, to which he responds, ‘he was not allowed to provide her with a copy, because, it had his personal details on it’ and refused to give her a copy and gave her no advice on how to about obtaining a copy. (At this point I had become aware of her situation because she called me rather upset and I told her that I thought this was bit suspect and that I was sure he was supposed to provide her a copy of the form, in case she needed to be seen by a doctor or paramedic practitioner for example, they would benefit from know what treatment had already been applied/attempted). So he informs her that ‘the only way she could obtain a copy of said accident report is through solicitor, if for example you were suing us.’ The first aider was generally polite, and did his job pretty well, and tells her she needs to rest but if it’s not better by the morning, she should consider visiting the local A&E and leaves her some more ice packs to use through the night. He tells her that he is going to now take the rug away, partly I suppose because it should not be there, but in his defence also, I suppose, that it avoids any future accidents. Of course we cannot be sure which reason was the strongest in his mind. With that that first aider and his assistant leave. By now it is of course late in the evening and she had a cuppa, took some paracetamol and went to sleep. So the next morning, she thinks the first aider would (as he promised) to tell the site manager and expects some contact from her. So she decides that since her pain is affecting her mobility she decides it is best to stay in and around the site for the most part and she stay in the caravan with the windows open. At about 3 PM and after talking to myself she decides to send my dad to reception, to make a formal complaint and to find out why no one had visited in light of the conversation with the first aider. So at the reception, he approached a reception attendant who he cannot name as she had no name tag (I had been telling them to get some names). He informs her that he wanted to make a formal complaint about the state of the caravan and he wanted see the site manager. The reception attendant informs him that the site manager is not on shift that day as he had been led to believe, as it is her day off. She tells my dad she will grab a complaint form and takes him into a private office and goes through it with him, obtaining general details, i.e., name, address, caravan number, etc…and then asks what the complaint. He tells her, it’s smelly, not up to standards etc., all the stuff I have written above. She then asks what ‘level or grade’ of caravan she has rented, and he replies that the level/grade is irrelevant as all guests can expect a clean accommodation as normal to which she agreed. He tells her the whole saga, including the fact my mom had cleaned up and had also tried to sweep the carpet and a huge amount of dust came up etc., which he told her was unacceptable. So he asked her if there was a supervisor for checking cleaners work after the cleaning has been done and he said, that she says yes, and he said ‘well clearly she has not done her job has she’. He also now informs about the lack of cutlery, the fact they had a six berth caravan but in fact there was not enough crockery nor cutlery to feed more than 3 people and that all of it was dirty. So she tells him she will pass the form and his comments to the site manager. She tells him the site manager is on the next day, he informs her they are due to leave the next morning, 10 AM. She then tells him they are done but does not offer or give him a copy of the complaint nor advise him on the next steps so he gets no copy of the complaint form despite him signing it and asking about it, she tells him the site manager will sort it out. So 10 AM arrives and of course no visit, so they go to the site office to hand in the keys, and the site staff ask if they had seen the site manager and it appears were surprised they had not seen her and that she had not visited. So my mom says to the reception attendant, I have written a letter and she handed it over to the girl, and informed her she had taken photos of all the faults and would be making an official complaint. With this they leave. Firstly the holiday was booked through the sun holiday offer so am not sure who I should be contacting first, I figure that both The Sun and Haven need to be contacted but haven make a state on their website that you have to contact them within 7 days of leaving the accommodation, which I think is rather cheeky, especially as she and other must do, went on elsewhere after they left the park. In addition to this, she had already tried on more than one occasion to make a complaint, which we now of course know, was never taken up nor actioned by anyone. They also say that if you are still unhappy after you make your first complaint that you can leave on the first day of your holiday, which poses 2 problems, firstly, the first day, was on the night she went into the accommodation (though we can check this policy I expect to confirm if they class this as the first day or not). Secondly, if you complain on the first day, with less than 2 hours to go before the site office staff go home for the night, and you have gotten no resolution at this point, due to the fact no one has made contact, are they suggesting you just leave there and then? How are you expected to deal with the matter if you simply leave? So I am looking for some guidance and advice here as to what I should saying, which points I should be highlighting and what kind of recompense I should be making claim to etc etc…She had photographs of most of her complaints, but has no record of any of the forms nor conversations they had with various staff. Thanks in advance mrbrooks
  21. Actually I have another Q... The mortgage was in joint names, I assume I send a letter in both our names, signed by the both of us? Or do we need to send requests individually? Also I had a separate account with Abbey/Santander at the time, will I need to make separate requests for this account or will a single request suffice for both the joint account, the mortgage stuff and my own personal account? Thanks mrbrooks
  22. Hi theoldrouge, thanks for the reply, I am going to get a SAR off asap... thanks again mrbrooks
  23. I'm guessing that the credit card has been closed? If so, the payment would have been automatically rejected/returned because the credit card is closed. The debt accumulated on the card still exists but you can't make payments towards it in the same way as if the account was still open. I agree with this, sounds most likely the account is closed/frozen but the debt is still outstanding of course...So it remains 'open' for the purpose of showing the debt but not for processing any transactions directly...This is why you can see still it in places like Noddle as open or in default or whatever it says...
  24. Hi All, looking for some info... I just had a call from one of these PPI Co's...telling me I could have been mis-sold PPI type insurance on my old mortgage, which is paid up... I was fairly sure I had not been, but I did wonder and thought maybe I should check it out and though I accept I do remember having a PPI policy, just did not really believe it was mis-sold, but I do not remember if they told me I was obliged to have it, like some people were told. Anyway I told them (The PPI Claim Co) I would check it myself, partly because I wasn't sure whether I had any case and partly because their fee policy was no win - no fee but if any award was made their cut was 35% + VAT (which I found rather greedy)... So I got to thinking, I should probably find out what I actually had, as I cant really remember to be honest...the problem being, I have very little or no paperwork, the mortgage in question was sometime around 2000-2002 poss earlier, and I have no idea who to contact or where to start. I did think I could just contact Santader but am not sure if this is the best place to start as it was all such a long time ago and I have no policy numbers or anything to give them... I did pick this up from another thread and wanted to confirm if CAG members agree this is also the best place to start for me: FAO: Leanne Carter Business Manager Customer Contact Team Subject Access Requests Santander PO Box 1111 Bradford BD1 9NQ Another question I have regarding this address, I always thought we sent such things as SARs and other 'official' paper comms as signed for delivery, and I thought you could not send a signed for to a PO Box? Can someone clarify this for us? Thanks in advance and look forward to reading any input from the group.
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