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  1. Thank you so much for the replys. I really appreciate it. Does anyone know if it is a criminal offence to give a false name to a train gaurd?
  2. I understand that part, but they usually give you a chance to explain if you did have a pass at home etc... However what do you think in relation to false name being given?
  3. Which one is the way to go? And will it be a criminal offense if an incorrect name has been used to a train guard?
  4. Hi PLease some one help me, I have a friend who is stressing out almost to the breaking point, please help me with giving some advice. Please Please. He got a on a train to work and forgot his weekly travel pass at home which he had already paid his weekly pass to London, which he does every week but simply forgot it that dat, he now even has a record of the payment n his bank statement. When he realised he it was too late, he went to the train guard to tell him but the train gaurd was really defensive and aggressive and said he would have to pay a massive fine, which scared him and f
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