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  1. Further to the original posting I forgot to mention I did have dealings with the DWP in 2004 regarding an alledged overpayment of Income Support of approximately £1250, after numerous telphone calls I was reliably informed that I did not in fact owe any overpayment of the Income Support and it was in fact an error on there behalf. In March 2005 I had communications with the DWP regarding an outstanding amount for a social fund loan of approximately £300, since this date I have had no contact with the DWP nor have I claimed any benefits whatsoever, in September 2005 I married and moved house
  2. This Morning I received a letter from the DWP stating that I owed them the sum of £3050.80, they had contacted me previously and that they wanted the outstanding amount by 1/12/2011. The last communication I had with the DWP was in 2005, since then I have moved house and got married, at no time since then have I claimed any benefits or had any communication with this department. I rang up the number on the letter and spoke to a woman who informed me that they had 'Traced me' and that I should make arrangements to pay them back, as it was a FRAUD case and that I had been interviewed under cau
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