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  1. HI everyone. Ok this is what is occuring now. My debt (which can not be proved) as the policy they sent me is not original. Has now been passed onto Wescot. I have told them that the account is now under dispute and not to harass me or contact me by phone and if any contact is needed then do it by letter. They are still contacting me twice a day. Some my say this is not harassment and others say it is, due to them ignoring my request I am now on with sending a letter of complaint as well as stating not to contact me by phone...Again:!: I have just went through all my statements from
  2. Does anyone think its best for me to claim `mis sold payment protection` my self or should I get a company to do it ? Just found out that Apex has passed on my situation to another company. They been ringing seven eight times a day. Any guidance upon the whole situation would be appreciated.
  3. The above does not apply as they have not got me mixed up with my brother. I have looked at the cc agreement again and in the additional card holder signature box it has my signature in but crossed out and initialed by the banker. Basically this means I filled in the wrong box, the other box which has my signature in does look to be mine but the CC agreement is such a bad copy that its not very clear. It came this morning in the post and I did not need to sign anything so it was not sent with `proof of postage/recorded delivery/ I have all my statements going to look at them with a
  4. Hi there I took out a credit card in the year 2000. The problems started when I lost my job. However I had credit card repayments cover, I made a claim as soon as I lost my job, filling in a huge application form to state why and how I lost my job:| Any way to cut a long story short they refused and this was the start of the problems. I have been paying a small amount to the Halifax via DCA`s (still Halifax)each month. I kept in clear communication with the Halifax about how much I was able to pay each month. Now this is where the fun and games begins. I did not O a lot of money
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