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  1. wonderful news !! the council have written to us to inform us that the supposed employer have agreed it was a un agreed gratuitous payment that we did not agree too and that they had advised me that i was NOT employed nor was i to be paid !! court case dropped ! im so pleased that justice has been done !!
  2. we were on housing and counil tax benefit, however, i was never employed nor had a contract nor was money paid into my bank account, they made a gratuitous payment with out me knowing into my partners account as a thank you, no set days hours or anything, i could choose how i helped my father in law.
  3. Hi all thanks for taking the time to read this. Back in sept 2009-jan 2010 my father in law asked me to help in unofficially at work and explained to me i could not be paid he just wanted help. I did so for maybe at a push 2 days a week ranging from an hour to sometimes staying all day. His boss explained to me i could be paid a im not employed and i agreed to help out. As a thank you they agreed to give me a little gratuitous payment which i didnt know about and told me again because im not employed by them she would just give me £30 cash more so for petrol than anything else. A little time later they paid me some money but into my partners account as she already worked for them. This year i have been interviewed under caution for benefit fraud amounting to just under £500! I never had any contract of employment nor p45 upon leaving or anything, during the interview they magically showed me a document clearly not written by me and a computer print out of some payments into my partners account OH and an employee number which the must have generated out of thin air. When they interviewed me i explain the details to them and also that i am under the care of mental health team and cant promise to give accurate info as my medication knocks me out=- they continued to interview me none the less. I am not even able to recall the interview due to my mental state. My point is there is not contractual agreement in place signed or otherwise and any documents they have are either compter generated and or not wrtitten out by me. Im due in court in december and not sure what to do.
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