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  1. im sorry im very new to all this, i recieved private message to put this in link that was provided, im sorry i will try again and sorry for putting this in wrong thread
  2. Hi, its just over two years since my brother kindly agreed tobe signatory on the BH loan for a car i was going to use and pay the installements from my own account. Due to my marriage and job ending about the same time, my cousin took over the payments and car, he declared in writing to me that he is to continue making all payments of the car/loan. now he is not paying on time, i have asked for the car back so i can sell it and pay some if not all of loan off as its still on my brothers name and do not want him to suffer as a house owner. does this declaration hold any ground in court if i
  3. thanks DX but they are even denying they owe me
  4. Hi, and thanks so much for the valuable responce, since posting my thread, FLM have contacted a number of my guarantors extended family that has led to the breakup of our long friendship, can they do this? and how do they get the numbers in the first place? also can they threaten with default notices even though its one payment that is 2 weeks overdue. its not that i have refused to pay but due to the nature of my contract work i get paid on times. have found that they have their fingers in a lot of pies, e.g Yes Loans. they are like wolves in sheeps clothing preying on the vunerability of
  5. Hi Andy, seems i was just as foolish, but after a divorce i took out a loan from FLM for £2500, i was suprised to see that only a quarter of my payments were towards the amount borrowed and rest was for interest. I too have (for the first time) fell behind on this months payment, my guarantor and myself have recieved calls, emails, txts on a daily basis plus additional charges even though i have told them i will bring account upto date before next payment. Is there anyway out of this? Last year an additional £300 was taken from my card over two consecutive months, even after reporting this a
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