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  1. You know what, you best ignore the Streetview I've just posted - photo must be well old! Today, it's a double yellow line, plus there are those 2-footlong yellow stripes perpendicular to the double yellow every few meters. I think I will take another photo tomorrow in the daylight.
  2. I was parked when the dark-blue people carrier is (just to the right of the tree and bin) I can't post a proper link because new posters aren't allowed to do so, but cut n paste the following : g.co/maps/zj95t
  3. Contravention: Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway" Hi all, Our company van is parked outside our unit everyday in its own space. Today I saw that we received a PCN yesterday (Sunday) morning. Why is this? We are in our own parking space, I can only imagine that maybe it's the distance from the back wheels to the edge of the pavement?? I spoke with our neighbour, she said that she got one aswell! 2 minutes before I did! You can see her jeep in the photo, though she has moved it back since the ticket as she
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