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  1. I bought the laptop from the Dixons website otherwise I would - only reason I've bothered emailing them in the first place so if I go into a store and they say email them I can say I already have.
  2. Ok thanks guys glad its not just me that feels this is unfair! I shall email them again and if I don't get a reply then ill have to try and get into a store!
  3. I bought a refurbished laptop around 2-3 weeks ago from Dixons. It in an Advent Modena M200 with Windows 7 Home Premium. Twice now the laptop has shut itself down during updates and led to the computer not starting. I tried to reinstall Windows from the partition on the hard drive as start-up repair couldnt solve the problem and I had not yet made a system restore point. After all of my previous Windows had been deleted, the computer stopped installing and then had no operating system. I used an old laptop to email Dixons where it was bought from informing them I had no way o
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