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  1. Just a quick note had court day on Monday, was not feeling positive and when i saw the duty solicitor she said the judge was known for being an unsympathetic judge. so we went in the judge listened to both sides. then he said he was concerned there was no surplus cash to allow for an unexpected bill repairs etc. he said he had searched our history and was aware of past attachment of earnings and was also concerned we had some bad debt issues. well by now i am sat thinking this is it he is going to allow the eviction. but he said he was only narrowly convinced we would maintain payments so he would give us that one last chance but that we should also write to our non priority debt companies and offer a lot smaller payment plan. that we were paying far too much to these people and if we needed help with this to seek help from a free debt advisory service. I did this and have already saving £200.00 a month. well i hope this has helped but i would advise to be careful what you include on the budget sheet and allow a bit free and explain this is for emergency purposes.
  2. i havnt been to the doctors so didnt have a sick note, How would i get a copy of the death certificate? i am unsure of this as he didnt live with my mother and my stepmother does not have anything to do with me and thanks Ellen wouldnt have been able to do it without your help. going to a secong eviction hearing in such a short time really worries me but we will try all to keep out home. i am sure nothing else can surly go wrong for us.
  3. Hello again being a pest, didnt realise courts are closing earlier 2pm so missed it today, i have put forms together and have looked at last statement Ellen did me, i have alrered it to explan current reasons, i hope someone will have a look and let me know what they think. i didnt know if i should add something about having have eviction cancelled in november and no payments made since then. also do you think judge will allow us to change payment dates so we can set up standing order to be paid same day as wages come into account thanks again.
  4. Could someone help with a letter plz to attach to court forms as i need to get them at court tomorrow Eviction is for 7th match please i am not very good at trying to put together a letter thanks in advance
  5. Hello again so sorry to have to ask but i am afraid i am need of help again, as you will be aware we were granted a eviction suspended in november but unfortunatly we are be evivted again on 7 march, i have not been well and not been at work due to the loss of my father which i have taken badly, i have now been back at work a month and am now ok to work again, because of this loss of my wage we have not managed a payment since the eviction was suspended. but will be now. i need to file the papers with the court on monday and hoped Ellen would draft me a letter of she is able to please. I know reading this we probably deserve to lose our home but i hope am hoping the judge will give us one last chance. Idid ring lender explaining this and also if i could change the payment date and set up a standing order so the money would leave our account on the day we get paid. she said no this was not possible as the court sets the date and we are under a court order so we would have to go back to court to do this. everything in this thread is still the same finance wise etc.
  6. Hi Ellen, eviction suspended, thankyou so much for your help, went into court with duty solicitor, I losy my father yesterday so took nothing with me as my frame of mind is not good at the moment, well the judge read through statements their solicitor went on how we are a risk because of missed payments etc, the judge asked me what house we lived in i said semi, 3 bedroom he tutted, then asked if my son worked i said yes but only part time as he cannot find a full time job, he looked at me and said its a sad time and the poor parents have to pick up this countrys mess, then he said how much is left on mortgage the duty solicitor said 35000 and the property value is 100000, he tutted again said arrears would be cleared in 4 years which was a quarter of the term left. he was angry and told the duty solicitor that they had no right in asking for bank statements from my stepfather and then he said why are we here, about 3 times then said i am suspending this its very obvious that kensington see the equity in the home and that is the only reason they are intent on trying to gain possesion. he was so nice and wished me luck with the new year and said he could see i have had a tough few years and to go home and grieve properly with this weight lifted. thanks so much again Ellen
  7. Hi again, Ellen do you think i need to take any documents to court with me like wage slips or wont they ask i dont know what i need to take, only 2 more days to go also Ellen if the judge says the eviction will go ahead still will he give us time to find somewhere? thanks
  8. Hi Ellen, i hope you dont mind me asking for your help again, we have the hearing on friday morning and i hoped you would let me know what i need to gather to take with us. i have copy of the court documents you did for us and also the court gave us a copy too, do i need anything else. thanks again.
  9. Hi Ellen, put papers in court today, got my hearing next friday morning..i was so nervous and that was just putting in the papers...while i was waiting 3 other people came in filing for suspension of evictions too. Anyway i will catch up with you in the week, i hope you can help prepare me for this i am dreading it..going to try and stop worrying even if its for a couple of days..thanks Ellen
  10. Yes i have printed double copies of everything..allready too take to court and yes i will let you know tomorrow what date they give me.
  11. Thankyou so very much Ellen for your help so far..I will get this together and will be taking it tomorrow morning. i will let you know how it goes tomorrow thanks again could not have done this without you.
  12. Ellen, depending on what date the hearing will be we are unsure if my husband will be able to attend, so when i fill the forms in do we both need to sign or just me also q1 should i put both names or just mine, he cant get any time off work till next friday so if its any other day he cant get
  13. sorry just noticed that you were doing that for me, i have been told i can put this application in the more local court and to keep in contact with the bayliffs office the warrent is in, but at the top where it says name of court to i put Nottingham where i want the hearing and taking the forms or the court on the bayliffs letter thanks again
  14. Adding to my last two threads i have looked for hospital letters only one i can find is a copy of one sent to doctor saying i had had plaster taken off and was advised to mobilise and be seen again in six weeks that was mid feb. oh dear is this going to be a problem i dont even have any wage slips for that period, only after the new tax year in april. also i have downloaded the n244 for is that correct, can you help me with it, i dont have a clue where to start with that. thanks so much again.
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