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  1. dont mine the restrictions being there for now my daughter and two babies live with us so cant sell until they find somewhere ,just trying to put mine and the wifes mind at rest that they cant force a sale ,then when its just me and her will just sell and move
  2. debts were taken out in 2005 and 2007 ,ccjs were april this year for my wife and july for mine ,last payments were 2016 and 2017
  3. yes i was seems like along time ago now , had alot of other things to deal with ,they were only obtained recently my debt isnt a restriction yet
  4. mainley because we just didnt know how to ,went to court once before and lost starting to read up in the last few weeks realised we screwed up but was to late
  5. me and my wife both have credit card debts that were sold to cabot they have taken us to court got ccjs and have obtained a restrictuon on the house for my wifes debt,they are in the process of getting the same on my debt ,can they make these final charging orders as we both have debt with the same company
  6. orsett

    Mbna credit card

    Hi everyone I have a credit card with MBNA for just over 6000 pounds,the original debt was with BT credit cards Just wondering would it be worth sending a CCA request to MBNA
  7. sorry took so long to get back problem with computer , sorted now the claim form is a blue colour.it has the claimants name and address also mine it has a county court stamp , which is missing the courts name it also has a stamp saying date of service 08 nov 2011 also sent with this are forms to be filled in , acknowledgment of service and an admission form
  8. Hi connif thanks for the reply was resting alittle easier about that , then yesterday morning got a COURT CLAIM FORM from another dept, got the letter yesterday but the date of service is today im starting to panick again never seen one of these before , things starting to get me down in a big way now. any advice would be much appreciated never had to deal with this type of thing before , thanks
  9. In 2007 me and my brother started a business , we each took out a secured loan with Lloyds for £25,000 after two years of trading we were doing well and decided to purchase the land and buildings we were renting, the mortgage went through in aug of 2009 , the problem was it went through without buildings insurance a week later the busness next to us was set on fire by the owner the fire burnt down our buildings as well it took us a year to eventually rebuild. in that year the company had to rent additional property as well as pay the mortgage for our own property once the building was back up Lloyds demanded we get a valuation we purchased the land for £210,000 it was revalued by Lloyds valuer at £300,000 because of the rebuild the company is in financial trouble and has limped along for the last two years and is about to close due to losing our biggest customer , my question is will Loyds come after my house as the original loan was secured against it or will the business property be taken to cover our borrowing our total borrowings from Lloyds is £270,000 the land and property is worth £300,000 would appreciate any advice as i am panicking over losing my home thanks
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