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  1. I haven't received any summons so I need not worry right
  2. I got the confirmation of the payment but don't know about summons should I call them again and confirm
  3. Hi thanks for your comments spoke to the railway prosecution department and explained him about the stress and how ashamed I am requested him not to drag me to the court agreed to pay the fine and that's it they came positive and I paid my fines and assured this won't repeat again the department said case closed but don't haveany confirmation so I think no more court
  4. No I haven't received any summons yet but I am very scared
  5. Thanks for replying can I speak to the prosecution manager and request him to settle this out of court I am ready to pay fine of 1000 pounds Because if I get convicted I will be out of job and my life would be devastesd and I won't have any other chance of getting job. In my profession
  6. I was caught by a railway inspector on 9th of september for not touching my oyster card in Romford and instead touched at stratford also i did this previously once and i got a letter from prosecution uni t to explain the situation. I replied back to them giving my apologies and saying I was in hurry and forgot to touch. I used to be a regular traveler (4 years) and i used buy monthly pass, but since june i have been using pay as you go due to less usage of underground/overground. Will i be charged with a theft charges. I am so worried that i will end up in jail. can anyone suggest me what to do. I am in a big trouble.
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