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  1. If you have never received a copy of the default notice then the approach I would take is to put the onus on Arrow to provide proof that one was actually sent. I've had success with this approach. Send something like the following off to Arrow and see what you get back: Make the postal order out to "arrow global guernsey limited" and send to: Data Controller Arrow Global LTD Belvedere 12 Booth Street Manchester M2 4AW Additionally make sure you digitally sign it (don't use your actual signature). See what they come back with.
  2. Do you owe the debt? Bear in mind the original debt may not have been with Arrow Global as they have brought up a load of other companies debt (Littlewoods Catalogue as an example). Under no circumstances attempt to pay them for a debt you don't owe. Offering to pay them something to remove the default won't work either and just looks like an omission that the debt and default do belong to you.
  3. Hi Experian have raised dispute statement against this account on my sisters file. This is marked as 'Y1'. They said they are also going to contact Arrow Global. Should I try Arrow Global again or wait and see what Experian get back? If I should try them again what's the best approach to try and get a response Thanks
  4. I've just submitted a request to Experian directly after reading this - http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4212163
  5. Hi Yes it was signed for but there has been zero response. I know I should of followed up before now...
  6. Hi all Picking this up again. I got no response first time around (sent recorded) on letter dated 2nd August. Anyone got any recommendations as to how i can up the ante with them and at least get a response? Thanks
  7. Hi all Update: This is still ongoing... In brief: I got NO response from Egg/Barclaycard in January/early Feb. Upon investigating a bit more it transpired that Barclaycard had liability for the protection insurance and NOT Egg. So come February I fired off a copy of claim to the Barclaycard PPI address (was under the impression that my previous claim to Egg should have been automatically forwarded which it obviously wasn't). The only response I've had to date from Barclaycard followed (10 weeks later). It essentially said "we're looking into it - please be patient" Submitt
  8. I'm in two minds about official notice of dispute as from what I understand (most probably incorrectly) any official notice of dispute (even if it succeeds) will automatically create a flag on any future search of her credit file. Is there any truth in this as if there is I would rather try the informal approach in writing first?
  9. Yes - this one is Experian as its from creditexpert.co.uk. I have ordered a copy of her Equifax file (paper version for £2) so should have that this week to compare.
  10. Thanks for the response. Since posting this I've gone through the detail on her MyCreditExpert file and noticed the Date Of Birth associated with this default entry isn't even my sisters (completely random DOB). This leads me to think this could relate to the issues she had years back with someone fraudulently applying for credit using her details. Will fire off your template and see what happens! Thanks
  11. Hi all I have just been helping my sister check her credit file for the first time. As it stands everything looks fine apart from a default from May 2008 registered by Arrow Global Ltd for £161. My sister did mention that she'd had some issues with someone fraudulently using her name years ago as part of a [problem] with a mail order catalogue but believes this was resolved at the time. She has no idea what this is for and is not aware of every receiving any type of default notice from anyone. Is there a standard request she can fire off to Arrow Global Ltd askin
  12. Hi all Quick update. All documentation went off 8 weeks ago to Egg. I've heard nothing yet but have just found a page on their website referencing a waiver from the FSA in respect of response times which suggests they actually have another 4 weeks to respond (Egg website -> Help -> FAQ -> PPI) Presumably I should now just wait another 4 weeks before launching FOS complaint?
  13. Hi all Thought I should update. My sister fired off a very polite letter to the prosecutions department at First Capital Connect who have subsequently reviewed her case and withdrawn court action subject to her paying approx £120 in costs. Many thanks for all your advice.
  14. Hi My sister has been summoned to appear at magistrates for 'failing to hand over a valid ticket for inspection and verification when asked to do so by an authorized person contrary to Bye Law No 18(2) of the Railway Byelaws made under section 219 of the Transport Act 2000.' She admits she offence (which took place at the end of July this year) but does not know how to proceed. Can she settle out of court? If so how is this best approached? (writing to First Capital Connect Prosecutions Dept?) If so is there anything specific she should put in a letter? Is it worth calling
  15. All makes sense. One question though on the actual APR value I should use. This varied throughout the 6 year period so what should I put in this value?
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