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  1. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. welcome to the site its great. when i first found it i was much the same as you and knew very little. follow the the step by step guid in the FAQ and you will not go far wrong. the threads are full of info to so have a read. and theses loads of people to help. i should say good luck but you dont need it. you will get your money back. you have to stick with it, so stick with it
  3. Hi There Im back, after winning my case with halifax/capital one. and my sister case with lloyds tsb. im now going after nationwide for my uncle. sadly he dose not own and can not use a pc. so if you can put up with my bad grammar and spelling. ill try and keep you up to speed. here we go again
  4. bankfodder reviced letter your comments please I am writing to you concerning the letter I received dated 30th March 2006 your Ref L8281. I must say I am appalled that you have chosen to act this way. My reasons for this will become clear as you read through the contents of this letter. On the 30th March 2006 I received a telephone call from Halifax Retail Bank Collections asking when the this account would receive payment to bring the account in order, which I replied the requested minimum amount for April (see attached) of £26.36 had actually already been paid, in fact
  5. got this letter about my credit card account i have with halifax 30th March 2006 Your Reference: Balance: :1,157.35 Credit Limit: 1,000.00 Overlimit: 157.35 URGENT NOTICE Dear Mr PLAN74 Your account is seriously over the authorized limit.To avoid this account being referred to a recovery agent, you must make the FULL payment immediately. Your credit facilities have now been withdrawn. Do not attempt to use your card as it will be rejected. Yours sincerely, Martin Lindsay, Senior Collections Manager. I intend to reply with the following,
  6. small token of 5 sent today when i get my charges back will send more. thanks for just being here to help guys
  7. BankFodder which letters do you want my friend. Ill do it asap
  8. Spiceskull But this is all good evidence of there lack of communication and incompetence for when or if you get to court. There don’t know how to reply or defend it because they have never been trained by the banks to say there in the wrong. They are just pepole doing there jobs and it working in our faver.
  9. Here is something that with make you smile. I'm claiming my money back from 2 accounts, the letter i have already posted is for card cash account and the letter below is for my money back account. See if you can spot there mastakes, it souldnt be to hard Ive under lined it so what is it manually or automatic :?
  10. It nice to hold the whip occasionally, PrincessAphrodite has normally got her paws on it. Seriously, the bank play with our money like its a Monopoly game and even when they are found out they continue to play until you take them to court. I know that they do this in the effort that you will give up but it p*sses me off. Like PrincessAphrodite I'm putting all my letters up on this site in an effort to help others. Feel free to use my letters if you want to give the Banks a damn good whippingggggggg.
  11. i beg to differ, along with my Halifax claim ive also been chasing capital one for around 1300, in responce to my first letter i got a letter stating dose this mean they got anther tener out of me ?
  12. sorry that didnt come across well, im not the best of writers that what i had to do :?
  13. yes just use dpa letter adding your acount numbers and address send it to Legal Compliance Specialist Capital One Bank (Europe) plc Trent House Station street Nottingham NG2 3HX with a cheque for £10
  14. just a quick note to bring you all up to date. As Ive been away on my hol's and i had things to catch up with. The last Letter i posted and fax(posted above)giving halifax two weeks to refund my charges, I receved a letter back from Mark South saying I let the 14 day pass. their time run out when i was on my hols so last monday(13th) i phoned the number to be told: If i had the 120 to start county court i would have done it there and then but i dont till this friday, so i sent this Letter Before Action today is the 7th day since that letter and stil
  15. it should now be clear that when PrincessAphrodite prof reads for me my letter are perfix, and when she leaves me all alone my spelling gose to poo, we are tag team
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