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  1. I've decided the best way to deal with this is to ignore his threats and block him, so that's what I've done. Hopefully I never hear from him again. Thanks to everyone for their advice and support.
  2. That's good to know as it means he wouldn't turn up and (I think) that means I'd win by default. I've had a brief look into small claims court, it doesn't need a solicitor AFAIK, but it does need the name and address of the person you're claiming against, which he doesn't have. He could pay someone to find me as he's done that before for other people he's wanted to track down. I've actually been considering a restraining order to stop him contacting me but I don't know if his messages meets the criteria, even if it is distressing and unwanted.
  3. Indeed. I think the only solution he'll accept is me going there in person, which isn't going to happen. He's done this before with my brother, demanded he come get his stuff, then refused to let him in. When I initially moved out he wouldn't let anyone into the house to help me move either. He can be very vindictive and I wouldn't put it past him to pay for a solicitor or small claims court out of spite, even if the money could be better spent just moving the stuff to the skip. The fact it seems he has no basis to do this is reassuring.
  4. Mainly because I'll travel halfway across the country only to find him still there and looking for a fight. He's abusive and can't be trusted to keep his word. I never want to go back there.
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone, There certainly wasn't a tenancy agreement, of any kind, in place when I lived there. He will keep bringing it up, and as soon as I've resolved this to my satisfaction, I am blocking him. This will cut off our last avenue of potential contact but I don't see I have much other choice. He's not capable of not being abusive towards me. My worry is that he could pay someone to have it removed then come after me in the small claims court for the money. That said he doesn't know where I live anymore. He's claiming I have to remove it because it's my stuff
  6. Hi, Long story short, I moved out of my Dad's house around 8 years ago. It was the only place I'd lived until then, so I accumulated a bunch of stuff in the attic, as kids and teens do. Since then I went no contact due to verbal/mental abuse from him. That was about 5 years ago. I've since moved away to another part of the country and have not been back. In the summer last year I had an (unpleasant) message saying I had to remove my junk from the attic or they'd be thrown out. I replied and said they could be thrown out. I heard nothing until the other day when another nasty me
  7. They do, it's ridiculous. You are right, I really should call the police. There's no way she doesn't know the law, and even if she didn't, I've asked her not to until I'm blue in the face. She once told me she couldn't give me notice because she doesn't know when she's going to come round. What a load of rubbish. She can serve me a S21 for any reason as I'm not in a fixed tenancy, but if she did that I'd make her go all the way to court to get me out. I'll be giving notice as soon as the new place is ready, I just don't have a set date for that yet.
  8. Thanks all. It seems calling the police is my only option then. It's not really a road I want to go down though, it seems drastic when all I want is some notice. I thought it was more expensive and a professional job to change a lock. I've found an inexpensive lock on ebay for about £6 that will fit the door., and a quick browse on youtube shows it's quite easy to do myself, so I'll do that if it gets worse. I'd be fine with her having access if I can go sooner, but I'm not sure I trust her not to pull a fast one on me. My tenancy agreement does say I'm not allowed to cha
  9. Thanks. I know she has to give me 24 hours notice, but she isn't, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. I did consider changing the locks after it started getting worse, but it seems like an unnecessary expense now I'm moving soon. I won't rule it out though should it get worse.
  10. Hi, Hopefully someone can offer me some advice here, sorry for the long post. I live in Bristol and have a statutory periodic tenancy on a rolling one month basis. I have been here just over a year. My landlady has repeatedly breached the tenancy agreement by coming round and allowing herself and workmen access to my house with no notice whatsoever. My tenancy agreement says she must give 24 hours notice for any visit. I have told the letting agents in writing on several occasions that I am categorically not OK with this and I insist on notice. They have informed me (in wr
  11. Farter, I like that I'll give the court a call tomorrow and talk to them. They get away with all the stunts they do because people don't know better or are afraid to seek help. It grinds my gears.
  12. Thanks dx. How should I handle this? I know they can't legally add anything, but I don't trust these lowlifes and reckon that won't stop them trying it on and hoping it goes unchallenged. Do I write to them and say that I expect any payments to go towards the balance the court has deemed I pay, not unspecified costs? I'd rather avoid the hassle of proving I've paid all I need to pay a few years down the line if they happen to cream some off for their costs. I'm keeping thorough records of all correspondence though.
  13. What does it have listed here? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/subscription.php?do=viewsubscription Are there any threads, and do they match up with the emails you're getting?
  14. Hi there, I posted a while ago about getting an N245 in for an old (ramped up) mobile phone debt Bryan Carter were chasing on behalf of Lowell Financial. The court found in my favour and agreed to my payment plan as Bryan Carter did not respond in time. Two weeks after the court sent me a letter informing me of this, Bryan Carter wrote to me and said that they would accept my offer of payment. What has worried me is they also wrote this, quoted word for word. "Payments made may be applied first to offset costs incurred and your balance at Lowell Financial Limited may not
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