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  1. To be honest Iv'e had a Vanquis card for about 4 years now and they've upgraded it to gold now and Iv'e never had any probs either. Their interest is a bit higher than others but not by that much.
  2. Bloody hell. And these companies try and tell us their not ripping the vulnerable off. Their no better than loan sharks. My telly is a 32inch LCD and only cost £400.
  3. Had a good one with sureterm direct in that they kept telling me that due to an I.T problem they coudnt generate my policy or give me a policy number and this was over nearly 3 months and fortunately when I changed my car they had the nerve to try and charge me for cancelling and when I threatened to take them to the ombudsman they suddenly managed to cancel it under the 14 day cancelation period and now theyve just sent me a letter asking for the policy to be sent back to them even though they already know they have never sent me a policy. Needless to say I would never insure with them again and belong to many forums and have told people of my experiences with them. It's my own fault in a way as on one of the forums I belong to have them down as one of the worst companies out there but I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt but never again.
  4. Ive rang so many times and emailed and all i ever got was excuses. in the end i went to adrian flux as i changed my car and sureterm tried to charge me to cancel a policy i never recieved. they soon dropped the price to cancel when i threatened to get the authorities involved. Theyve even managed to send me a letter asking me to send the non existent policy back to them. ive never delt with a more useless company before and will never deal with them again. im a member of a few motoring forums and ive told them of my dealings with this so called company so hopefully a few more people warned to go nowhere near them.
  5. Im still waiting for my appeal date to come through. I do have an appointment with someone whos trained to help with the appeal tomorrow so Im hoping she can give me some more information and what to expect. They say on the letter to bring someone with you but in my case there really isnt anyone I can take with me. Ive been reduced to moving back in with my 80 year old mum whos helping me out financially which makes me feel even worse. Im 43 and living off a pensioner and before my injury I had never had a day off sick in my life and now I just see my life eroding away and theres nothing I can do about it. As I said in a previous post" do these people who are making these decisions know what they are doing to us or do they even care" . I had pride before but even thats been taken away. I wish I could sue them for the pain and anguish they are causing. I think Im a kind and caring person and would never intentionally hurt anyone so it makes it worse to see they hurt and anguish they are forcing on myself and others. Ive even thought of ending things and citing the treatment off the DWP and hopefully it would get on the news and bring our plight into the media but as the media seems to be anti the disabled I doubt it would even be mentioned.
  6. taxii


    theyve offered me the same price for my htc as ive got it advertised on tradeit so i could sell it to them and maybe sell the box and charger on ebay . ive read some reviews and they seem to be ok but want to be sure.
  7. taxii


    Has anyone had any dealings with the company called mazuma? They are the ones that but mobile phones. their website has offered me a good price for my HTC but im not sure about just posting off the phone to them so was wondering if anyone has had good or bad dealings with them. cheers
  8. I signed the I.D form but was given that by the receptionist and wasn't asked to sign anything the by the examiner. I wrote a 5 page letter outlining the reasons I disagreed with her report as I have the list of all the points they award and what they award them for(anyone who wants a copy just P.M me with your email and I will send you copies). She said she was a physiotherapist but didn't act anything like the one I go to. As Iv'e stated before on this thread they act like we don't want to work. They couldn't be more wrong. Most of us would give anything to be able to get back to how we used to be. I was watching the usual Panorama rubbish about benefit cheats and they showed a snooper from the DWP waiting outside some chaps home who was on ESA and she waited there all day and he never came out and I was watching this with a friend of mine and she assumed the guy wasn't there or was just lazing about his flat until I told her the guy could be laid up there in agony unable to move and not to assume just because he's being investigated doesn't mean he's guilty. But her initial reaction showed me what most people must think when they see these programs. I have good and bad days. On good days I can go out but on bad days Im stuck in bed unable to move without severe pain and that's with taking morphine for the pain so when people don't see me out it's not because Im just lazing about it's usually because I can't bloody move. I've got yet another appointment with the so called pain clinic soon and the last time I went there was a couple of years ago while I was still able to work. but as the pain was getting more and more severe and I was worried about not being able to work anymore I all but begged the so called specialist to help me control the pain enough so I could at least still work but all I got from her was there was nothing anyone could do and to just work and move within the pain. So thats all I could do and as was bound to happen I could no longer work as the pain was too bad. Iv'e got to see the same so called specialist again and will probably get the same response. People don't realise it's not just work we can't do. It's also not being able to do all the things other people take for granted. I wander if anyone from the DWP or the job centre take any time to read these threads and are too embaressed to respond to the awful stories on here or are they the thoughtless machines they come across as. Surely they are people just like us who must feel for the people who are in a lot worse position than them and as any of us would want to try and help as much as possible or has the system ground them down to a point where they just don't care anymore. My examination with ATOS was on a Sun and I apologised to the examiner for her having to work on a weekend and all she said was she wanted the overtime. Thats all we meant to her. Just a bit of overtime. It's enough to make you weep.
  9. It's so soul destroying. Im watching my life erode in front of my eyes. All the things I used to be able to do and Im just losing the ability bit by bit. They don't realise the psyclogical damage it does as well. Iv'e lost count of the amount of times I've looked at the pills I take and think of just finishing it. I was lucky and had a really good life. I wasn't rich but I worked hard and played lots of sports and even rode motorcycles. I try lot to look at the future as Im not sure Im strong enough to not just end it when I think of the rest of the years I have and the worse it's going to get. Im in my early 40s and really not sure if I can spend the rest of my life like this. The dose of painkillers I take would knock an elephant out and I've even reserched if I could just take the lot and not wake up but Im even too chicken to do that. When you hear sweeping statements from the media it just makes you feel lower than you already are. The P.R programs where they send the odd m.p out to see what it's like trying to cope like this don't work because they know they can go back to their comfortable lives after a few days so they don't know the hopelesness of knowing you have the rest of your life to live like this.
  10. This terrifies me. Im considered the lowest of the low as I damaged the base of my spine about 15 years ago and the doctor signed me off work as I was doing a heavy manual labour job. The company I worked for dispensed with my services as I was no longer able to fulfil my duties. So I took what savings I had and studied to become a private hire driver as I thought this would enable me to still work. The doctor put me on morphine to ease the pain and this helped but even with the drugs I was in constant pain but as an ex rugby player I was lucky to have developed a high pain threshold so was able to carry on working. After about 8 years of constant pain they decided to give me an MRI which showed the lumps on the lower disc were close to the nerves but not exactly hitting them so they decided not to operate although I was informed by a friend in the hospital that if I could afford to go private I would get the operation. This MRI has been used to rate the damage to the back even though the G.P has stated that the damage would have deteriorated so I have now got to take silly doses of morphine and gabapentine to help up my pain threshold even further to help me deal with the pain better. I do feel the consultants have their own part to play in this as the last one I saw at the pain management clinic treated me like a complete fake and her only advice was to just move within the pain and at that time I wasnt looking to go on benefits, I just wanted some help to help me keep on working. The back has since got progressively worse and I now find myself unable to even work as a cabby anymore as the getting in and out of the car was getting too much and I couldnt spend 12 hours a day behind the wheel anymore. I went to the first atos exam and passed with limited capabilty to work so went to the work based interviews but was lucky to have an ex nurse who told me the jobs I was looking for wouldnt suit my condition. his department was closed and he is now redundant and is looking for work himself. I have just had another atos exam and have now failed and am in the middle of the appeal. I really dont know what I will do if it fails as I cant even stand long enough to sign on. I would happily give everything I owned without a second thought to just have my health back and get back to work but the doctors tell me the damage is too advanced an theres nothing they can do. As more the supposed help in finding jobs we can do. the extent of that help is to send you a letter telling you you dont have enough points and their stopping your money. Not really much help in my book. If they could find me a job I could do I would happily start tomorrow. As things are on my good days when I have mobility I attend college for 3 hours to try and retrain in the field of I,T and tech support and again when the pain allows i teach basic computer skills to mature students on a volunteer basis jus to try and help out and keep my mind as active as I can. I understand that some people will prob never work again as their injuries are too severe but if the medical proffesion had helped me when they had the chance I wouldnt be in this position which is what really upsets me. If I had enough things to sell to pay to go private I wouldnt hesitate and im classed as a scrounger. Sorry for the long winded rant but needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for your patience
  11. is it 2000 or 20000 i read 20000, the dealers def gonna fight that all the way. lol.
  12. would be interesting to see how this one plays out. not knowing the value of the vehicle or the size of the trader would mean not knowing if he will just close the company and then trade under another name. if its a cheap car it might mean it would be cheaper to pay out rather than go through the hassle of going through the other route.
  13. Hi all. I took out a policy with a company called Sureterm Direct and have recieved no paperwork even though they told me they had sent it twice and now when I ring up they tell me their computer is having problems generating the policy and theyve put extensions on the policy. Ive checked on the MID site and it comes up as my vehicle is insured but what happens if I have to make a claim and as im paying by D.D i rang up the finance company thats supposed to be taking the money out of my account as they havnt even asked for or sent a D.D mandate and they havnt even heard of me or received anything from Sureterm. I paid the deposit when i took out the policy but thats it and im worried that they will cancel the policy when the payment time comes and no money is received. Has anyone else had dealing with these people and do they eventually get the paperwork? They havnt even sent me an email and I only know their having probs by ringing them.
  14. This is so sad and shes being penalised for all the benefit cheats out there. I myself am currently on ESA and am currently going to appeal as I didnt get enough points to qualify even though i have severe mobility issues. The system is set up to stack everything in their favour and to complicate it as much as possible for the claiment. It has been brought up a bit in the media but tends to be dropped quite quickly as the media seems pretty uninterested in the claiments point of view. We have been accused of being workshy scroungers by certain members of parliament which doesnt help peoples view of us. I do have a list of the points and what they are awarded for if you need them then i can try and scan them and email them to you but not sure if my scanner works on the op system im using at the mo but will plug it in later and have a look. if you do want a copy then p.m me with your email and i will try and email them to you. With DLA it doesnt really matter how much she has got but with ESA it def does. You need to get her to the docs ASAP as any medical records will be very helpful as she will need to go to tribunel over this and the sooner you can get the ball rolling the better plus get over to the citizens advice asap and they should be able to put you in contact with someone who can help you with the forms your going to need to send. DO NOT EXPECT ANY HELP AT ALL FROM THE DWP. In their eyes she will just be another scounger they need to get off their book.
  15. ive got a simalar story with sureterm but havnt recieved any documents and not even an email. when i ring them they say their system is having probs making the policy and its a prob their end and not mine and they keep giving me extensions but whats worrying me is that i pay by dd and the finance company thats doing the policy havnt heard anything from them either and dont even know who i am. the reason i went with them is they were £500 pounds cheaper than anyone else. i think i can see why now. ive checked on the mid site and the vehicle is coming up as insured but i can see them cancelling at some point and me losing my deposit. im also a member of a landrover site and people on there that have used them do have mixed feelings so i would be interested in seeing if anyone else has had this prob with them and was it resolved in the end.
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