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  1. It was debit card. yeah think I might actually have 14 days cooling AFTER RECEIPT of products [which have never arrived]. Hopefully that's the same case with the V12 contract. Suppose it's only a valid contract if the delivery of products has been fulfilled. Also, reading through consumer rights, a company has 14 days to issue a refund upon after receiving a cancellation. So that's 14 days today (sent cancellation email on 24th March) Do you think I should send a 'Letter before action' if no refund is issued today? Thanks
  2. Hi All, This isn't really a dispute as such as they don't reply to any of my correspondence but I'm hoping to get some guidance as to what actions I could take next. Here's some background: - Made an online order 3 weeks ago for a weights machine @£550. - Payment made using V12 0% Finance (£55 deposit paid upfront and then monthly payments starting in April) - Delivery was agreed and confirmed for 23rd March. I took a day off work and waited in all day but package did not arrive. I tried throughout the day to contact them for an update but could not get throu
  3. Thanks. I will dispute regardless . Ll is in the flat currently painting so he probably put them in himself. No call out fee necessary. Suppose I will let dps decide as they're the ones holding my money
  4. The LL has come back with £30 quote to replace two bulbs for the bedside lamps. I had replaced these lamps the other day because the previous ones had broken but forgot to buy the bulbs. They take the cheap bayonet ones. it fair for to dispute the charge of £30 to replace bulbs that cost £2 each?
  5. Thanks for the information mariner51I've actually managed to get into the lighting fixtures (with a little help from my dad ). So I can now fit the bulbs myself without fuss. Just the carpet issue now. I admit it's not perfect but it's looking like it was when I first moved in so hopefully i'm not charged.
  6. Thanks. I should have previewed before submitting. I did write it within paragraphs but doesn't seem to have posted as intended.
  7. Hi. My 1 year tenancy agreement has just ended and the landlord has visited the flat to check it over before the deposit can be released. fyi the deposit is held by DPS Last week the landlord sent out a document detailing what had to be done upon my exit of the property. It contained quite a few things but the following especially stood out to me (not exact wording): * All light bulbs must be in working order. if not there will be a charge of £30 for 1 to 4 bulbs and more charges if 4+ * Flat must be professionally cleaned. Including Carpets. .... I've looked through
  8. Hi there Here's a summary of my situation: - Joined Bannatynes in 2008, 12-Month Contract. £39/month for Multi-Gym Membership (Base gym in Skelmersdale) - Moved to Manchester in 2010. Started to use the Manchester gym which was fine under my multi-gymmembership. - As it wasn't my base gym I had to sign in everyday which took about 10 mins as they also had to call skelmersdale to verify my account - I did this for a long time as they wouldn't let me transfer to the manchester gym even though it was the only one I was now using - I told the guys in manchester and s
  9. Hi All. Would be very grateful if someone could please help Here is my situation: - I left me previous Employer back in March, a few months after qualifying as an accountant, and naturally left for a better position elsewhere. - My contract of employment, which I obviously signed when I started, stated clearly that if I left the company within two years after qualifying, I would be liable to pay back all of my tuition fees (which totalled £2,000) - When I left the company I didn't realise this was in my contact and I have very recently received an aggressive letter and
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