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  1. 3.5years ago we had our home repossesed. They sold the house for alot less than its worth. They are still chasing us for £48,000! We have not and will not give them a single penny, nor have we responded to their letters. Is there anything we can do?! Thankyou
  2. Thankyou for your response fs, i will report it to those you have mentioned, i may however know who it is. 3years ago our house was repossesed and the mortgage company sold it for alot less than it was worth, they tried to chase us for the remaining £47,000 and debt helpline told us to ignore all correspondence with them. Dont know what else it is! Thanks again. L.I.R
  3. Hi all, im glad i found this site through Google, its very informative. My husband was sent a letter today from link financial outsourcing. It just says, 'your address has been highlighted to us as a potential new address for our customer with whom you share the same name. Please contact our office' it doesn't say any other reason why, should i phone them or is it a [problem]? Thankyou for reading.
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