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  1. Be lucky with that one... all they will do is take their parts off the car, if it is in their terms and conditions that the parts remain their property until paid for they will do this. Or they'll dispose of it. LEGALLY...they might not be allowed to do so. But as I said above., they've got the car, the OP hasn't. It's either pay up or lose it.
  2. If it's in the garage terms that vehicles may not be taken away until repairs are paid for then it doesn't matter what the official receiver says does it? The thing is, the garage have the car, the OP doesn't. So either pay up or lose the car is the only way.
  3. Sorry to hear you've been declared bankrupt. that's s**t news for sure. I think they can keep the car until you pay for the repairs to be quite honest - and if you don't pay for the repairs within a 'reasonable' time they can dispose of the car to get their money. They are supposed to send you any balance, but you can bet your life they will construct it all so there isn't one. Sorry
  4. Nope, sorry, advisories are not faults but potential faults, and a dealer would not be under any obligation to declare them. If the advisories were serious enough then they would be failures. Why would you need to tell someone that a car failed the mot but has since passed once the repairs were done? The fact is that it has now passed and the past is irrelevant.
  5. correct, advisories are not failures and do not need immediate repair.
  6. I agree with Helios here... you can try and get some compensayshun if you want to, but they are fixing your car at no extra cost (quite rightly so) and are doing their best having lent you a car. in life, s**t happens, just get your car back and let them do their job is my take on it.
  7. no it should last longer than 20 miles and unless the receipt says sold for scrap purposes or similar then you have a case to return it. however I think a year may be ambitious for 495 but good luck anyway, hopefully it wont be the head gasket and you can prob get a 2nd hand rad quite cheaply or even stick some k seal in it.
  8. but would you rather the aa man said, sorry can't fix your car as the bonnet won't open? You cant have it both ways, and if it snapped when he pulled it it must have been on the point of doing that anyway...
  9. a defective pad like that is very dodgy, you at least need the pad(s) replaced free of charge. disc wear is another point entirely, a secondhand car would be expected to have some wear to the discs, as long as they are within recommended tolerances that's ok.
  10. if you are in surrey I know of a paintshop that are the cheapest anywhere
  11. also the fact that they over charged you is immaterial. no one forced you to buy it, and its not a valid reason to reject
  12. sadly there is no law that says it is illegal to pay too much for something. they had you over, sorry
  13. as I hate bailiffs has said 'That must be the start of the problem if they were meant to have bigger wheels on it would of been made that way' BMW spend millions of pounds setting up the suspension and tyre sizes for their cars so that everything works properly, AND that if the correct tyres are fitted they will still be perfectly ok even if on the upper limits of EU tolerances. Then in order to make the car 'look' better (they usually don't...) someone puts bigger wheels on the thing with lower profile tyres. It's just asking for trouble IMO. Can't see
  14. It doesn't matter who it says the registered keeper is on the log book and you don't need to put another owner on it. You can just leave it as it is. What the dealer has told you is absolute nonsense anyway...regulated by the FSA...so what? you didn't buy it on finance did you? They just can't be bothered, fairly typical of the taker your money and run attitude far too many of them have. The name on the V5 is not necessarily the legal owner of the car, and it says so on there, the name on the logbook is the registered keeper. So it makes no difference, you can insure it
  15. Yes, send a letter before action, then take them to court and get your money back, they cannot sell you a stolen car. The auction house will in turn need to get the money off whoever entered the car in the auction, it is not your problem.
  16. To bw quite honest I'm amazed they are even considering covering an oil leak they usually blame it on wear and tear to the gasket...
  17. It sounds like the power steering belt needs adjusting a bit tighter that's all. Is the screeching worse when you turn corners? And improving as the car warms up?
  18. Ask for a hire car in the interim so that you are in a position to be able to go and find another car Keep demanding £1000 for your car and don't give the hire car back till they say yes. They soon will, don't worry. You will need to provide proof .. eg ads etc to show the car is worth £1000.
  19. no, there is no comeback if you trade it in. Another option would be webuyanycar.com although I believe they can be disappointing... Failing that, sell it at British Car auctions 'as seen'.
  20. TROLL the way out is that way >>>>>>>>>>
  21. reject it, absolutely. A false history is a BIG no no as far as TS are concerned, it's actually 'making a false instrument' or something similar, and counts as fraud. Just tell them it's not the car you bought, money back please or take them to court (and do so if necessary)
  22. Well, it's not over yet. others on here may have a different opinion.
  23. The figures are the same within a few pence. I don't think there's any legal way out of it, and even if there was, the only way would be to walk into carcraft with £4000 cash and get the Audi back.
  24. Mmm.. hardly a lol moment but I know where you're coming from. If it's over 4 years she's now got to find £225 a month for 4 years and will own a 14 years old VW golf at the end of it. Meanwhile, she cannot get out of the car as she owes far too much money on it. I really don't know what you can do to resolve it all, the more you tell her what a waste of space he is the less she will take any notice of you. Bloody nightmare!
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