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  1. appealed to popla under gpeol and free period not exceeded on 16th april. received letter from parking lie today thanking me for my correspondence (this is AFTER refusing appeal) to say they are reviewing the matter and will be in contact shortly. Presumably this will be an offer to 'settle' for their 'expenses' instead of paying the invoice? this is quite fun really...!
  2. Not to worry.. have had a look through and appealed online using GPEOL and no loss incurred as within 'free' period allowed will keep you all posted!
  3. Hi all I now have the popla form to fill in. is it satisfactory to do this online like they want? also, on what grounds do I tick for not paying, would it be exceeding appropriate amount or simply not liable? and, presumably, bearing in mind there was a free grace period but that the driver entered an incorrect registration number, my stance is that since no actual loss was incurred by either parking eye or the landowner then their £100 PCN cannot possibly represent a GPEOL as no loss was incurred?
  4. Yes I sent it by ordinary post and have a dated copy. And I'm quite capable of playing dirty if they do, don't worry!
  5. Heard nothing from them since sending my follow up letter on 2nd April. How long have they got to issue me with a POPLA code please?
  6. Had the reminder today telling me I only have two days left to pay the reduced charge. No POPLA code. Have written back asking why they ignored my previous correspondence and asking once again for a popla code, and that I will not enter into any further correspondence unless they either drop the charge or provide a popla code. Hope that's right!
  7. There is 30 min free parking in this car park. I lent this car to a relative as theirs was being serviced on the day. To get the 30 min free you have to key in your registration number, and they keyed in their own and not ours. Which I think makes no difference anyway, as free parking = free parking, the reg no nonsense would surely mean discrimination against anyone who was dyslexic?
  8. Thank you EB, is it as simple as just calling the planning department? Anyway have sent off reply as above will wait for them to decline it then go to popla.
  9. Yes, it's a car park for a doctors surgery and a walk in NHS clinic. no idea who owns the land, but obviously not council otherwise would have been a Penalty CN. will get letter printed off and sent, let you know how it goes, expecting possible delay in getting pola code and usual theat o grams.
  10. Thanks for response I haven't actually done this before, but was going to send this? I take it I just need proof of postage and not recorded delivery? Appeals Dept., Parking Eye, PO Box 565, Chorley, PR6 6HT 25th March 2015 Your ref: XXXX Dear Sirs I write further to your parking charge notice which I have received today. The driver has informed me that he / she was extremely stressed on this particular day as they were collecting an emergenc
  11. Hi all will be glad of any assistance. Have today received a PCN done by ANPR from PE for parking near a doctors surgery to collect an emergency prescription. Was there 18 mins. Says £100 or £60 if paid within 14 days etc, usual old rubbish. The timings appear to be in line, 'offence' was on 13/3, received today 25/3. Is my first step to appeal to PE on any grounds I choose eg. the driver did not notice any signs so no contract had been formed, wait for them to decline this appeal and then ask for a POPLA code so that I can appeal on GPEOL? thank you
  12. No you can't sell it, it belongs to the lease company not you! See if you can get out of it early with a final payment of some kind.
  13. No I don't think there is actually anything wrong with it... but if something happens down the line then the seller will try to hide behind the 'sold for spares' lark. I'm not saying they have demanded a refund either, if you read through, the dealer has said 'that's how we sell them, if you're not happy, bring it back within 2 days and get your money back' Which is an option for the OP, either take it back or go and buy elsewhere. The words aren't actually meaningless. If they make it CLEAR (which they haven't) before you part with any money that the vehicle is being s
  14. Yes but you're missing the point. It's all very well saying the SOGA gives protection, but as many on here have found, being right in law and actually getting redress are two different things. In this case I can't see the dealer being of any help at all if something goes wrong, and what use is a court case if you've got a broken down car sitting on your drive for months on end? It's up to the OP, personally I would get a refund and pay more elsewhere.
  15. yes but the fact that it wouldn't start has nothing to do with the alternator, they tried jump starting it etc all to no avail. its not their fault.
  16. The AA are correct. Driving a short distance without the auxiliary belts would not damage it and the problem is not the alternator, but something more serious. It's not their fault.
  17. To be quite honest I'd just take the car back and get a refund. You CAN sell a car for spares or repairs only (ie no guarantee as to condition) otherwise scrapyards wouldn't be in business. However, unless this is made absolutely plain to you before you buy it then I very much doubt it would be lawful. The other thing is though that, lawful or not, if something goes wrong you will get no help from the seller without a court case. So you are best off paying a bit more and going elsewhere.... or take the chance that you will get no help at all from the seller and
  18. Just bumping this if anyone can help?
  19. If they have offered you a refund then they can do no more than that to be quite honest, and if a refund is on offer then you cannot sue them to get the work done, as they are simply saying we will give you your money back. 'Free' tyre checks are notorious for telling you you need new tyres! I haven't seen the tyres so cannot really comment on them, but if they would pass an MOT then they are legal. The screw in the tread could have happened on the way home. The other faults do sound trivial (although very annoying) and to be quite honest if you are happy with t
  20. It's a simple 'computer says no' situation. The pleb at the insurance co has ticked a box on the risk assessment form that in their view increases the risk. Go to a decent insurance broker is my advice.
  21. Absolutely right! Equivalent of a tyrekicker.
  22. No they don't. On retirement they are a civilian And even if they ARE the police, unless the car youve sold is stolen then any problems are a civil matter. Do tell more of the circumstances please
  23. This should in theory be an easy court win. It is not the car that was in the ad, it is 140BHP not 170BHP and will not tow your CARAVAN which is precisely what you bought it for didn't you?
  24. +1 to what conniff said... ANY 40yo vehicle will have faults. The only problem John Brown have is that you can't actually sell a car on 'trade' terms to a member of the public. Unless the invoice states 'sold for breaking / scrap purposes only' or something similar then they could have a problem there. However IF they have an email from the buyer accepting that it is sold to him on a trade basis that will help. But... buying a 40yo car unseen is never going to have a happy ending.
  25. Yes it is. It's up to you to be aware of any possible hazards.
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