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  1. no way of knowing if its a genuine private sale...it probably isn't, but not a great deal you can do The previous report will help, but if the seller is not deemed to have expert mechanical knowledge then it may fall down at that point If its a private sale its not up to the seller to disclose a fault, unless you ask and he lies Even if you win the case (and you may well do so) the next problem is getting paid. If he has no money or assets and doesnt pay you are stuffed. Sorry!
  2. He said it is a private sale and sold as seen If its a genuine private sale then that's correct I claimed for 2029GBP plus the breaks expenses Brakes are a service item, cant see how you can claim for these...if they stopped the car ok when you bought it then thats life Sellers name is not in the V5C document. Which means he is not the owner and was trying to sell it for some reason Not necessarily. lookat the V5. It will say 'the registered keeper is not necessarily the legal owner' Doesn't it amount to incorrect vehicle description to me? No,not unless you specifically aske
  3. Doesn't matter. The two are probably unrelated. One cold morning can kill a battery that was perfectly ok previously. Get a cheap tester, with the engine running the output to the battery should be 14vor so. If it is then the alternator is working. Then you need to test the battery..look online, not sure of figures but its not difficult to do, check voltage with no load, turn headlights on for a few minutes, recheck, see how much its dropped etc.
  4. If the problem goes away once you start the car up then its likely to be a battery or alternator fault
  5. I completely understand, that's all you could afford...whatever price you pay the car should at least be safe: at £675 it WILL have faults...but it should be safe
  6. If they have 10 cars then its unlikely they are trying to pose as private sellers. I don't know what your expectations were of a £675 car, but nevertheless it should be safe. At £675 though you are talking banger money. If I were you I would spend a bit more and get a better car next time.
  7. Vodafone must be stupid... I've been a loyal vf customer for 18 years. In that 18 years they've probably had £9000 out of me in charges...so take off 5 new phones over that time, probably £7000 net. I don't use the phone as much as when I was working, so last June I went onto a basic sim only package, 300 mins, 300 texts, 250mb data....more than enough till last month. When my wife went into hospital, and I used the phone a lot more, basically 100 odd extra minutes than were on my plan As soon as I realised I changed the price plan to 600 mins...an extra £3 a month inc vat
  8. Sorry renegade, it doesn't work like that. I know it's counter intuitive - after all, if the selling party did not have title how can they possibly pass title to a 3rd party-but they can. See other thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?451667-Outstanding-HP-on-car-bought-for-parts&p=4786854#post4786854
  9. No. If you bought the car and can show this by bank transfer + recording etc then this means you will get good title to the car. You have NOT bought someone else's debt, just read all of the other thread andstick to your guns you will get unencumbered title, the finance co are bound by law to pursue the person that took out the finance, not you.
  10. At 60% of value it can be argued that you should have been aware that there was some kind of back story to the car. AFAIK conditional sale is fine, the sticking point is as above. Do you have a receipt? Please read ALL the other thread, there is lots of info there on what to do and what to write.
  11. here it is http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?451667-Outstanding-HP-on-car-bought-for-parts&p=4786854#post4786854
  12. As long as you have receipt for your purchase at or about market value at the time and bought it in good faith then you will get title to the car. The only time this does not apply is if the car was on a lease or PCP, with ordinary HP you get title. I posted a link on a similar thread a couple of months ago and there was a successful outcome
  13. It's all down to the dealer and nothing to do with BCA. You will have to pay SOMETHING though for the use of the car, I would say £1000 is fair, so accept £12000 If they won't have that its an easy win in court, and I very much doubt it will get that far, the dealer would be mad to consider it.
  14. so.... a bent MOT as well as the 'niggles' What an idiot the dealer must be. It beggars belief - it's just a stupid thing to do. I hope it all works out for the OP
  15. at £2800 I think the dealer should do the decEnt thing and give you half towards a new key fob. the window is actually working and is just life. the dealer should DEF investigate the knocking as it might be safety related
  16. If it's safe and roadworthy then I doubt it's a refund under soga as has been advised on here... dependent on price paid, age and miles
  17. Yep, no worries However the basic question remains unanswered. I have NEVER said or thought that it is ok to sell an unsafe or unroadworthy car. Even a £500 banger should be 'fit for purpose'. And what is that purpose? It's to get you from A to B, safely. But at what point does it become of unsatisfactory quality and not fit for purpose? On a brand new car- everything should and must work properly On a car up to 3yo - as above, but eg maybe the aircon isn't quite as cold as it should be and one of the elements in the rear screen heater has failed 3to 7 yo - most things
  18. So are you saying, for example that a car which was £20,000 new and is now 12yo and on sale for £999 should not only start, run and be able to be used as a car (which it should) but also be free of minor faults? it won't happen in my lifetime, or yours.
  19. forgot to mention the knocking. Yes that could be a safety issue and the dealer should investigate it and sort it
  20. please don't be naïve and come and live in the real world. If the car was described as having central locking rather than remote locking then that's what the OP bought, similarly a slow electric window is a minor fault on an aging car. It all depends on how old the car is and how much it was - if it didn't then new cars wouldn't cost any more than secondhand ones. A faulty key fob and a slow electric window does not make the car unfit for purpose, and I don't think it would be a valid reason for rejection under the new legislation even if it did apply in this case.
  21. Much of this depends on the age of the car, price paid and whether the car can in fact be locked by using the key rather than the remote. Because if it CAN be locked using the keys then the dealer is right - it is not a major mechanical fault. Like wise with a slow electric window. also did the advert say 'remote central locking?' - if it did then the OP has a case. If it didn't and just said 'central locking' and the c/ locking can be used with a key then the OP got what was advertised. If this car is sub £2000 or over 8yo then it will absolutely have minor faults. we need
  22. Yes indeed Conniff. However I can foresee arguments about fit for purpose and satisfactory quality developing! Eg if the aircon stops being cold after 29 days is that a reason to reject? I wouldsay that on acar under 2yo it definitely is, and over 7yo it definitely isn't (a 7yo car will be probably 25% of cost new) but what about a 5yo car? Guidelines are required!!
  23. as I understand it, in order for this to happen with a second hand vehicle, the fault needs to be present at the time of purchase. No idea if what it says here is actually correct tho http://www.lawgistics.co.uk/read-news/865 also from 'which' website Deductions from refunds No deduction can be made from a refund in the first six months after purchase. The only exception to this is motor vehicles, where a reasonable reduction may be made for the use you’ve had of the vehicle. Hopefully some guidelines will be brought in that are onerous enough to prevent buyers remorse but
  24. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade (sic) but I'm pretty sure you have to give them an opportunity to fix it before full rejection, and, let's face it, it is NOT a major mechanical fault, merely a seal. TBQH if it IS now fixed and fixed properly then you might be as well to go and pick it up.
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