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  1. As long as the beam is within range when they measure it, the mot centre won't care that the auto-levelling system works or not. THIS ^^^^^^ IF a car has Xenon lights then it is apparently a legal requirement that they have functioning auto leveling as well as headlight washers from what i've read. NOT THIS ^^^^^ I'd like to know where you read it. As far as i am aware, as long as the dip and main beams point in the right direction then its a pass. TBQH if that's the only fault on a £1900 car i'd say you did very well. Sold as seen means nothing...but the headligh
  2. yes definitely. on a 4yo £8k odd car it makes huge difference. but be sensible. either they buy it back for sensible money or you take them to SCC for the difference in value when you bought the car. £1200 max but anything you get is a bonus.
  3. Yes, I would ask them to buy the car back from you for £7500...so you have paid £1200 for a years use of it. If they wont have that (I reckon they will offer you around £6000 for it) then take them to court for £1200 on the basis that the car was worth £8700 with history or £7500 without history at the time you bought it, so you are 'owed' £1200. They wont like it but that's tough. They knew it had no history. They always do. I am an ex car dealer. I always knew...but then again I never claimed FSH if it was untrue.
  4. They haven't forgotten where they had it serviced...no way. I'll bet it's hardly been serviced. Get the garage to buy it back from you as it is not what you bought. Bear in mind you have had a years use out of it, and expect an appropriate reduction for that (15%?) If they won't then take them to small claim court for the difference...say you paid £5000 for the car, you would reasonably expect £4250 now after a years usage (tough on the garage that the trade price is now £3500) and claim for the £750 difference, and you keep the car.
  5. well yes...how can the owner possibly owe the OP anything when the owner has received no money from them?
  6. I wouldn't have thought this to be correct. The OP did not buy the car from the owner, no money changed hands between them. The OP argument is with the person they paid, this is not the owner. If no money changed hands how can the OP possibly sue? Any claim of any kind can only put the person back in the position they were as if the transaction had not occurred. The op needs to sue the seller not the previous owner. It is then up to the seller to recover whatever THEY paid for the car from the previous owner.
  7. Massive depreciation is part of motoring, and something to be considered before not after purchase. You can't reject it because it's going to go down in value Likewise with insurance, you check that before buying not after. It is extremely unlikely (or about the same as any other car) to catch fire once the recall work is done. I sense a bit of buyers remorse here: this matter has been very very widely publicised i find it hard to believe you were unaware that Zafiras had this outstanding problem. Like i said, the recall is free, it is no more likely to catch fire than any
  8. The recall will be free from Vauxhall Just book it in, get it done, and move on with your life.
  9. Please...don't think I'm against you! £500 is a lot of money. If you cant get any where with the trader then get the brakes and exhaust done...The ABS light is most likely a sensor, keep the oil topped up,and just use it till it's finally had it. Truly, best of luck with it all, I mean it Bob
  10. Yes, as I stated the only comeback is the ABS light. IF it was sold with bald tyres then these are an easy spot before purchase, likewise IF the car does not stop properly. But as far as we know all the OP has said is that the front tyres are worn. Halfords have said the discs and pads need changing...there's a surprise! Likewise the exhaust is easy to hear presumably. At £500 i would expect the car to be almost worn out...although it should indeed be roadworthy at the time of sale. We have only been told that the clutch is worn, bot that its slipping...and at £500 it hasevery right
  11. ABS fault light came on, exhaust blowing, brakes and 2 front tyres worn. The only comeback here is on ABS light. The exhaust. tyres and brakes are service items. They maybe worn but if they stop the car and the tyres were legal when you bought it, thats that Halford Health check said head gasket leaking oil, all brakes disc and pads needs changing, clutch worn. The head gasket may well be leaking oil,I'd be surprised if it wasn't after 13 years and 4 1/2 trips round the world. A slight oil leak from the head gasket is nothing.Brakes discs and pads as above, ie does the car stop? AA b
  12. No that would be an error. It's obviously fully documented and would be a nightmare to prove etc 5 years down the line! Imagine the online MOT history for a start!
  13. I suspect the dealer will initially refuse any refund. I've got to be quite honest here....I find it difficult to believe that the OP failed to notice the difference in mileage both on the test drive and on the way home and only noticed it once home. After all, if I were driving home in a car I had just bought I would be checking ALL warning lights and gauges constantly in case of breakdown or possible trouble. I do rather suspect a bit of buyers remorse here. Although if I were the dealer id refund the OP just to be done with it all
  14. There's no doubt you have a case, it's whether or not the dealer will actually refund you. Let's hope he does. If you are still using the car you need to stop using it ASAP until you get your money back.
  15. Well let's hope the dealer plays ball then! But I can foresee it might be a struggle, law or not. Let's hope it goes ok for the OP.
  16. Well you've got a chance to reject it, but I think you might struggle. The dealer hasn't really misrepresented it...or if he HAS then it's arguably the wrong way round, ie didn't try to put '21000 recorded miles' in the ad, etc, but just sold it for what it was, a 45000 mile car. Thevalue is not adversely affected. However TS are very hot on mileage discrepancies and if you threaten this he might refund. But I suspect not willingly!
  17. Ok. on the receipt what is the mileage shown? It SHOULD say 21000 then a note to say speedo change at 23000 total mileage 44000.
  18. Yes, I can see that. If the OP was openly informed before purchase and the receipt showed a speedo change then that's ok.
  19. Hi. Yes, that's what I am not clear about. The mileage is actually correct, but it is the fact that I was not made aware of the speedometer change before buying the car. This would have affected my decision if I had known about this. If its any consolation as long as the speedo change is documented then there is very little effect on value
  20. hang on though. If the vehicle has actually covered 44000 then the fact that the odometer has been changed is not a false description. It was advertised as 44000, not 21000. Otherwise what andyorch is saying means that any vehicle that has had a speedo change cannot be legally sold? or am I missing something? Also the other faults are very very minor and not grounds for rejection.
  21. aah...didn't realise that. Best of luck getting your money, I suspect it won't be easy.
  22. I don't think youll get £580 as this would count as betterment. Perhaps half. But best of luck with the shyster.
  23. OP youre getting the same responses here as your other thread on MSE. I'm sure if you post in enough places then eventually someone will tell you what you want to hear. But the fact of the matter is this is the real world and you need to be reasonable. The dealer got caught in a traffic jam, it happens, get over it.
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