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  1. but your fiat WILL have stonechips, perhaps a scuffed bumper, maybe the odd small scratch, slightly worn drivers seat, a catalytic converter that could pack up tomorrow (hope it doesn't!) etc.
  2. Yes, no mention of noticing it himself. I think it must just be a weep, which, let's face it is going to happen @ 48k. The selling dealer's offer of a half contribution is very fair in that situation. All s/h cars have faults, that's why they're secondhand... the soga is not really the way to go. Helios is correct, take it back to the LR dealer, let them get it up on a ramp and show the buyer the problem. Main dealers are notoriuos for 'finding' work if they possibly can... and I don't think ANY warranty apart from the one on a new car would cover this problem.
  3. Lol not negative, just realistic! Its a secondhand car, and as helios said it is inherent in their design that leaks will occur. If its a tiny leak, which I guess it might be, take it to land rover, see if they can tighten the sump slightly. I daresay Helios is correct and that the warranty co are aware of the Audi dealers tricks... don't forget, nearly all the garage income comes from the service dept... they earn hardly anythnig from new / used car sales after paying the showroom expenses.
  4. Also, we've never heard the year / mileage / history / prive of this car fron the OP. The dealer has asked them to take it back for inspection by them.. fair enough. As helios said we cannot comment further till we know
  5. @ sailor it does depend on how bad the fault is. ANY secondhand car will have faults, that's why cars a year old and 10,000m are only 65% of their new cost. I don't think personally that SOGA is the way to go with a warped disc... which MUST be only slight as otherwise, like you say, the buyer would have turned round and taken it back there and then.
  6. @ helios No I don't mean passed an mot 3 months ago... I mean today.. if it passes an MOT in its current condition tomorrow morning then by definition it CANNOT be dangerous as a government test has proven it to be safe.. on the day. Even with the wheel wobble, which i suspect is slight. I know an MOT is useless as a histroic document, don't worry, been there, done that
  7. I doubt they'll make you go through with the deal, and a friendly word might just get you your deposit back. But althuogh they may well in law have to return yuor deposit, if they counterclaim saying they counted the bike as sold and refused a cusotmer becasue they thuoght they' sold it to you..... If they won't give oyu back your £100 just put it down to buyers remorse I'm afraid.
  8. Amex How come you've 'owned' it all that time but have no logbook? Sounds fishy ......
  9. If the dealer takes it for an MOT and it the braking system passes ok, do uo think there's any way a jusge will award any money to the buyer? I think not, after all a government agency has declared the car to be safe so where do you g ofrom there?
  10. Withuot fail this will be the CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR... the engine management doesn't know where the crankshaft is so it stops the plugs from sparking About £70 for the part, about the same to fit. renaults are well known for them.
  11. They are charlatans and well known for this sort of thing. Best avoided... a friend of mnie ws told she needed a new exhaust + cat (£480) on an old car car worth £400. Can't be welded, can't separate cat from rest, nothing we can do etc. She booked it in. I got her to book it out and a £25 weld later from a guy I know and she was on her way. That was 3 1/2 years ago and now 3 MOT tests later. Charlatans
  12. Also, under SOGA the dealer would need to 'prove' that the fault wasn't there at the time of sale. Well it obviously wasn't as the buyer didn't even know about the gasket leaking until he was told about it... and would NEVER have ought the car had he been aware of it and would most certainly have been back to Land Rover with a complaint ad he found a major oil leak. Which all suggests its a mnior oil leak. Not really a soga item I would have thought.
  13. Err.... no they won't. It's an oil leak, and althuogh it's going to be costly to repair I doubt if any judge / regsitrar or whatever in a small claims court would class it as a 'major mechanical fault'. It's life... gaskets go... try for a it more than half from Land Rover, otherwise, take their money and say thanks very much. B
  14. And leave the irish plates on it for now. If the police do spot yoy theyll think you're a visitor from Ireland... and they've got enough to do!
  15. and the MOT is prebooked.... the traffic police (if they stop you) won't be SURE of the law in any case and are bound to let you go for a prebooked MOT.
  16. It's Extremely unlikely that you'll have a problem as long as its insured on the chassis number
  17. BE CAREFUL.... loads of cars from the UK get sent from Holyhead to Dublin every day. The reason is that the Irish LIKE UK cars because a 60,000m UK car has loads of life left in ti whereas a 60000m IRISH car will be worn out. The reason being that their roads are generally b****y awful! So be prepared for the suspension and steering to be worn out. TBQH unless the car you're buying is really really really cheap I'd leave it. If its a Japanese grey import you'll be ok though (probably) ie a car bought directly at auction in Japan and shipped to Eire Registration is not
  18. It all deepnds on how bad this 'vibration' actually is. If the braking system on the car would pass a current MOT test then, by definiton, it is safe to drive and the vibration from what is probably a slightly warped brake disc could, in a reasonable man's view, be taken as wear and tear and part of motoring. A brake disc, by the way, is a SERVICE ITEM... they do not last the life of the car and need intermittent replacement. It all depends on the age, mileage and price paid... if its a 1 yr old car with 7000m and was £15,000 then the dealer should obviously change the disc/ bus
  19. You can buy daily/ weekly insurance online. Google 'nsure car day'... loads of companies. I lent someone a car and they used it, it comes as a PDF file to you so yuo can print it off if yuo want to.
  20. In the old days they used to throw pedants to the lions. But what SORT of lions were they?
  21. Tell them to take you to court. Make sure all communication is in writing. And write to them saynig that your wife was told she was asked to sign an acknowledgement that that the provident rep had been to your house, which she duly did, and now you find out yuo've been tricked.
  22. Surely you are entitled to call yourself anything yuo wish as long as the intention is not to defraud. I am married, my wife still uses her previuos name on bank account, tax return, passport, everything. I'd go to court and tell them that although you are married you have chosen to retain your maiden name (it is your right to do so), no intended fraud was ever considered.. .also you have documents in your maiden name. You only changed yuor passport to avoid any problems at the hotel on your honeymoon DIDN'T YOU? I am certain that should you wish to do so you can call yours
  23. I don't know, but def a UK call centre. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy, they had to look into it, etc plus I think the fact that I'd been with thme a long time hleped (as it should!). But all in all I am very pleased! B
  24. I've been a VF contract customer for a number of years. I was recently taken very ill whilst in the USA and my wife had no choice other than to use my mobile for calls to the medical insurance / car hire / hotel including receiving calls @ £1 odd a minute. As a result of this my VF bill was horrendous. I'm happy to say that after a communication, given the circumstances of my illness etc VF very kindly gave me a part refund of the phone use when they didn't have to ... after all I knew the cost before I made the call. I was, and remain very appreciative of their help and I'
  25. Yes the MIB are aware that I'm insured, although were not aware till I contacted them. Sadly whiplash is impossible to disprove and they've already paid: so there is little point in asking for doctors reports etc, i'll let the insurance compant do that - they haven't paid the MIB yet, altho I have no doubt that they will. B
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