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  1. Yes there are things wrong with the used car business... luckily the bad sellers are gradually being weeded out and theres money to be made doing it properly. Unfortunately, it seems nowadays that if you happen to buy a bad car its always someone else's fault... but you can't legislate against stuipidity (NOT suggesting this at the OP he knew he was taking a chance). Sometimes it is just that, you bought a shed of a car for far too much money... I've done it, we all have. As to a youngster buying a SAS car vfrom auction, it is made perfectly clear before the auction starts that if it
  2. ''buying from an auction was always going to be a gamble and I never gamble what I can't afford to lose), but others may not be so fortunate.''... excellent advice to anyone thinking of buying an auction car.... but I'm certain that SOGA does not apply to auction cars. ''I can get a fair bit of my money back selling it as spares/repair with an honest description''... good idea ''I don't agree that it was good advice to off load the car onto someone else, its as simple as that''... I never suggested that you should agree, that's why it's a public forum so that we can disagree if we wa
  3. I nwould add here (going back to the original subject) that if the MOT IS found to be dodgy then there is absolutely no excuse to let an unsafe car be driven on the public road and the garage should have the book thrown at them...
  4. @ sailor sam ''In which case you may be able to persue under the SOGA after all. Obviously you will only discover this when you contcat the previous RK. As for the suggestion of sticking the car back into an auction from another cagger, can I assure you that this is not typical of the advice given on CAG. We prefer to give advice other than you would get in a back street pub over a game of darts. It worriies me that perhaps those who give that kind of advice are themselves 'traders' '' If he bought the car at auction then I'm certain that the soga does not apply no matter who entered
  5. With graham all the way here... this could be a nightmare, some way back I advised the OP to accept the smart repair and be done with it, a week after its done he'll have forgotten about it all. I can see this turning into another kimbo episode.
  6. I'm pretty sure that unless its due to corrosion then an mot is valid onl at the time of the test and vosa will perhaps put a marker on the garage that did the mot to have a look at them at some point, but I don't thnk they can actually declare the mot to be false (unless due to corrosion) And having bought it from an auction I don't think you have any comeback... pretty sure that the sale of goods act does not apply. TBQH auctions CAN be a good route to buying a car at the right price, but they are mostly intended for the trade. Your best way out might be to re enter it into an
  7. Ah then that's a bit different they've just put that guff on the receipt to try and cover themselves. I wouldn't like to call it as to whether what they've put on the receipt gets them anywhere... they say the law is the law, etc but different registrars can see it differently... so no matter that someone tells you oyu'll definitley win in court, i personally think you're better off avoiding any court (in case yuo lose, AND it can go on for months / years) and trying to sort it our with the scrapyard / garage... getting them to supply and fit it foc would be nice But its not my car,
  8. ''I would rather have my money back as it could '' I don't think you've got much chance of that matey. Despite the cries of SOGA being the way to go, if they are willing to suply and fit another engine in order to put it right, I'd say that this is a blindnig result for a car sold as a write off. SOGA might be the way to go if you want to eventually posssibly win (see what happpened to kimbo on here) and wait a couple of years to possibly win. Lets face it, you bought a Cat C car withuot a log book and you paid too much for it bearing that in imnd.. but you bought it, no on
  9. £150 for a battery? Is it made of Gold? I think you're on a loser here OP... HiQ wil prob claim that the original purchaser insisted on the wekaer battery being fitted as it was all he could afford.. AND the warranty is not transferable either. despite the soga I think you'll fight with this one
  10. Nope. maintain that they told you £182.70 on the phone as a final price, thats what you've paid and goodbye.
  11. Except that the defendant (if they file a defence) can ask to have it heard at THEIR nearest county court if they choose to, and there's nothing you can do about it.
  12. @ sailor sam... I agree that for £1200 it SHOULD run ok and have an MOT... but in this case I think the price paid is largely irrelevant due to the 'sold as an insurance loss' bit on the invoice. The invoice basically says its been a total loss (cat c probably) car in the past. I really don't think that he'll get very far with eith SOGA or a CCJ. The car was sold as an insurance write off. They caught him out the b******s. But where's peoles brains? No V5 = NO SALE!!!
  13. Its likley that with the words ''The vehicle is sold as damaged or an insurance total loss'' on the invoice that the scrapyard will not willingly help or give a refund. They can rightly claim that it is repaired salvage... becasue it is. Despite SOGA or how the ad was worded they will say they are basically a scrapyard and sell writen off vehicles on the cheap. With no V5 its going to be a cat C. Also hes been told it needs a new engine. I doubt that, they rarely do, he needs another opinion.
  14. If he has a receipt showing the date of sale and has posted off the V5 showing the date of sale then he has 0 to worry about, the insurance are just trying it on. he cannot be held responsible for someone else's accident if he did not own the car at the time. he made a clerical error by forgetting to tell them for accouple of days, it happens. tell the ins co that he has no assets, did not own the car and can prove it etc and that you will see them in court. keep everything in writing, not the phone, and politely but firmly respond in writing to any dca that you do not owe the money
  15. And no, SOGA is NOT yuor friend in this case!... if you try it then the garage will be as awkward as possible and claim you bought a scrapper for spares.. which, on the invoice, you did. Sorry!
  16. i'm pretty sure that if the car is sold as 'spares or repairs' then there is no comeback. And why ever would you buy a car without a V5 ffs? 'good runner' means nothing... only that it starts and drives. I think the op is ni trouble here.
  17. With Helios all the way here... this SOGA lark is all over the show on here, and its most often not the best way forward IMHO. SOGA should be a last resort when all else fails.
  18. Yes you can sue fro the distress of reading this, provided it wasn't your fault you read it in the first place. ''Garage/dealer might well have been negligent.''... no, who in their right mind would send someone out on their own in a car that was going to catch fire? The OP should call ''Doowee, Cheetham & Howe''... the finest no win, no fee solicitors in the land. Yes it could have been a baby, or a grandmother, but just suppose it had been a kitten or a puppy for goodness sake. It doesn't bear thinking about.
  19. Can they not claim for global warming due to the fire? Surely there's something they can claim for? What about distress due to the fact that it wasn't 5th November?
  20. ''should I claim compensation?'' Unbelievable. Yes, and while you're at it ask for the cost of the fuel and £10 per hour fr yuor wasted time. Goodness me, people nowadays... no wonder the UK's full of no win no fee lawyers with people like you around.
  21. 105,00 miles? loose windscreen wiper and a warning light not working? I'm staggered that the dealer's not told you where to go... at 105000 miles and £3500 thats probably 12% of wehat it cost new... ergo its 88% worn out. Nothing is ever someone's own problem is it? All secondhand cars have faults. Its life. If you want a faultless car buy a new one and then yuo've got a slight chance itll happen
  22. I think its unlikely that both the existing ECU on yuor car AND the 2nd hand one you purchased are both faulty. I'd look for another problem if I were you
  23. ''Ultimately, I would like the repair paying for and as this is unlikely to happen and I would be happy with a contribution'' That's right, and exactly as I thought. Let's hope you get a contribution.. persomnally I think on a £775 car, if he gave you the odd £75 towards it you'd be lucky... I've no idea what BMW it ws you bought but if the ancillaries and odywork are ok it would break for more than that... doesn't take long, £50 for a screen, £50 for an alternator, same for a starter motor, £50 for the lock set, £20 ech for the window motors, £40 for the bonnet etc.
  24. ''I just wanted their point of view.'' No you didn't you wanted them to pay for the repair, please don't take us for idiots. Despite what sailor sam says I'm absolutely convinced that a car bought for 3% of its original value will be seen by a county court registrar as a banger and treated as such.
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