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  1. HPI it, that will tell you if its been in an accident that was capable of writing it off. If it IS cat C /D then yes you can reject it, the dealer should declare this. If it isn't, then you saw a silver car advertised, then viewed and bought a silver car, so not much you can do. As for reason for respray? If not written off then maybe keyed or something and previous owner fancied silver Who knows?
  2. I hope you get paid OP, honestly, as I note that although you have judgement you havent got your money yet.
  3. You may well be able to get a printout from Ford if its been done t a main dealer. If its under 5 years old then a lack of SH is a MAJOR factor, I would reject the car if you can't get a history for it.
  4. Well, I think he'll get a judgement for the full amount as the car dealer will probably not even attend, so judgement by default. Getting the judgement paid is an entirely different ball game: its all very well watching 'can't pay we'll take it away' but they don't show many failures because it doesn't make for good TV.
  5. I have no trade friends I wish to protect, now or ever. In many posts on other threads I have criticised the car trade too...it really does have a full share of rogues, and they will get no support from me. However, there are two worlds 1. The world where the law is the law and everyone abides by it and any debts are paid, no one parks on yellow lines and you can leave your doors unlocked because there are so many policemen on the beat and everyone is honest anyway. 2. The commonsense world where life is what it is and not sometimes what we would like it to be: Now, t
  6. I'm not in business I retired years ago. If you don't want anyone's advice then dont come on here asking for it...unless of course you only want advice that agrees with your point of view, which is a fruitless exercise. When i was in business I would have given you your money back the next day...because firstly its the right thing to do, and secondly anyone that takes an old prestige car to a main dealer to ask them whats wrong with it will forever be a troublesome customer and best avoided. It may well be the law that they have to do this that or the other: but we live in the w
  7. In the nicest possible way....If you can still get the purchase price back and hand the car back, do it.
  8. To be quite candid, if you've been offered your money back I'd take that and move on. ANY Lexus dealer will pull an old lexus to bits and tell you it needs all sorts of work. You may get som of you incurred expenses in court, but there's a chance you'll get nothing.
  9. Neither. Private sale = you bought it, you own it. There have been cases where the small claims court has found against a private seller, but, largely, its buyer beware. Are you SURE it's a private sale and not a kerbside dealer? Try googling the phone number, see if any other cars for sale. Also, how old is the car, what car is it, how many miles has it done and how much was it?
  10. Well, I have no knowledge at all of how these things work: but getting back to topic, I think it is too trivial a reason to get a refund.
  11. Surely the difference in height for a tyre that waas say 5lb flat woul only be about 1/4 inch? tilt thing can't possibly work - otherwise surely road camber/ weak spring / uneven road/ worn balljoint etc would set it off?
  12. Personally I don't think a refund is appropriate for such a minor fault...although I agree that they should fix it.
  13. I don't think you can get a refund for an obvious typo - it's virtually impossible for this car to have covered 9356 miles between 24/5 and 08/06 of 2011. Its 15 days at 630 miles A DAY. I would say the correct mileage was probably 935.6 on the trip meter! If there's nothing wrong with it I can't see any reason for a refund, although they may well do so if you are unhappy. No idea about needing 3 mots in a year for a plate change TBQH Good luck
  14. How is this an existing fault though? If the 'death rattle' described was not there at the point of sale - and presumably it wasn't as you wouldn't have bought the car if it had been - then this is surely a fault that has developed over time? I can understand an 'existing fault' scenario where something was wrong when you picked the car up, but not this. I don't think its as clear cut as others seem to think, however, i do hope they get it sorted for you FOC.
  15. Well, this rumbles along have today had the 'letter before county court claim' As always, and as advised, I intend to write back as per erics borther's suggestion merely to say that I do not believe that any breach of contract has occurred given the circumstances involved. However, the only address on the letter received today is a payment address. Could someone please advise of the correct correspondence address, or correct correspondence email? Thank you in advance Bob
  16. I appreciate it was all you could afford but £425 really is banger money, you would be very pushed to buy a decent car for that money. Personally I don't think you'll get far regarding repairs, you might get a partial refund of some sort if you can track the bloke down. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but that's life. Sorry!
  17. The dealer didnt lie. It has only had one owner. But it's had probably 200 drivers. Not what you wanted to hear but sadly true.
  18. not me Conniff, I thought it had all died off, but PE apparently suspended loads of PCNs due to Beavis, and its all just come up again...I'm not paying unless a CC registrar says i should no worries! bob
  19. Sorry for any confusion. Thank you ericsbrother, you are a gold mine of information! No it was there for less than the maximum free time - 20 mins free then £1.50 or whatever. The driver was in and out of the car park in about 13 min from memory, just to collect a prescription. They have it on anpr entering and leaving within the free time. So, to summarise, when they write to me i basically say that the free parking period is contained within the planning consent for the doctors surgery and car park. The driver merely used that free parking period, so therefore the driver parke
  20. Thank you ericsbrother. The car was there at the time though - they have it on anpr. do you mean that the contract was not breached because the free period was not exceeded? No, I am made of sterner stuff than the driver, I just wondered if it might make them give up thats all.
  21. an update on this.... Have finally had notification from popla that my appeal has been refused and that i now have 28 days to pay parking lie, etc. A couple of things: A previously stated, no loss was incurred, merely an incorrect registration number entered, the driver was in and out of the car park within the free period. If and only if i get court papers through, can this be the basis of my defence, ie that no loss was incurred by the parking operator, as according to their own ANPR cameras the vehicle was in and out within the free period? I was not the driver. Can I ma
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