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  1. Presumably your part exchange was a nearly new car hence the very low mileage. Let's say it's a year old, I don't think the difference would be £1000 to be quite honest if you're talking about a general family run of the mill type of car. I think you should pay them something as stated it is in writing that you declared the mileage to be lower than it is. I daresay also that on the purchase form for the car you bought it shows the part exchange on there somewhere too, and you've quite probably signed this to say that the mileage on your px was XXX miles and CORRECT. The pro
  2. Also with no MOT the bike is, by definition, not fit to be used on the road. You really should have looked at it first and paid later rather than the other way round
  3. This Ebay proterction matter has come up before. There is no buyer protection for vehicles on ebay uk no matter how you pay. also 1. Vehicle broke down within 100 miles. Upon inspection by mechanical engineer it was found: Charging system not working, rectifier and/or stator defective (components that that charge the bikes battery system and electrics). Likely both are unusable. He informed me the new battery seller put on would have masked this problem for approx. 100 mile use. I suggest this shows priorer knowledge of the fault. VERY NAUGHTY BUT I THINK THIS IS THE ONLY FAULT YO
  4. Why has having the wrong gearbox fitted to the car caused other problems? Exactly what ae the other problems please?
  5. Be lucky with this one, I think you're going to struggle to be quite honest, these are all very minor things and I wouldn't be certain that soga will cover it. Do let us know, I'd be surprised if you get your money back to be quite honest.
  6. Errr.......surely the problem would have been there from the very beginning? I would take their offer of repair with open arms before they try and say you must have kerbed the wheel and bent the driveshaft and caused the damage. If the driveshaft was bent when you got the car the problem would have been there.
  7. Sounds like either the cable has gone or the asker or slave cylinder has gone if hydraulic. I doubt it's the clutch itself. I think it is hydraulic to be quite honest. A sensible contribution from the dealer is the way forward here I reckon
  8. No, council controlled proper penalty charge notice. Thanks for rapid response!
  9. Hi, any help appreciated I parked my car the other day to go to the dentist and duly bought a one hour ticket at 9.58 am, left it on the dashboard. When I closed the door the ticket must have flipped over as when I returned at 1043 am I had been given a pcn at 1025 for "failing to display a valid pay and display ticket or voucher'' Needless to say I still have the valid ticket and the pcn ad don't think I should pay. Do I have to though? Thanks Bob
  10. If you have the logbook then fill out the LH section with your daughter as the new owner from today, and just put a squiggle in the bit were the registered keeper signs, filling everything esle out as usual for a change of ownership. You will get a new V5 in a couple of weeks in your daughters name. Explain to the BF that the finance co have contacted her and insist that this is so. I would not usually recommend the above but it sounds pretty desperate...
  11. Nope. It's been ok for 3 months.why would they have spotted it when it's your car and yet you didn't spot it? (presumably you top up the oil, water, screenwash etc) They replaced the cable / pull handle at your request, but why are they liable for a rusty clip? And why is something always someone else's fault? I think you'll be very lucky to get anywhere with this one, although I am sorry that the bonnet flew open as I've had that happen and it's disconcerting to say the least.
  12. Blimey Definitely something wrong with it big time if it was using oil like that... Skoda will just say you ran it out of oil. Someone else might do so, but I can't see a way forward with tihs i'm sorry to say.
  13. 3 things Hi Q tld you there was no oil in the car You filled it with oil 2 days previously There are no leaks Unless you have been to Scotland and back in the 2 day period in question then at least one of these statements must be incorrect. If you have run the car out of oil and not checked it and the problem is due to this then there is bothing you can do. If you have, say, failed to have the car serviced and it's run out of oil due to this then there is nothing you can do. If you have filled the car with oil yet 2 days later there was none in it and there are no leaks, th
  14. Yup, pretty much right... And if you can actually see the engine number no on the engine while it's sitting in the car under the bonnett I'd be amazed.... so on one will ever know. Just get it fixed by KF, make sure it drives aboslutely properly before you sign any acceptance and confirm with Toyoata that your warranty will be unaffected.
  15. absolutely incorrect. There is no pay pal clawback or customer protection on paypal with motor vehicles.
  16. Just declare EVERYTHING yo yuor new insurance company. Otherwise you will indeed be able to renew for maybe £100 less than if you didn't. But they wont pay you if you need them to.
  17. What Helios said is basically right, but unless they actually gave yuo a 'this car is considered dangerous due to..' notice then the fact remains it is your car to remove tfrom their premises of you so wish. The problem you have is that you let them repair it - agree, you knew no better at the time - and by letting them repair it I don't think there's a great deal you can do, it had faults, they fixed them, they charged you, you paid. I don't think you'll get too far with this but by all means have a go. The wrost that can happen is that you get no where, the best is a refund of part
  18. Totaly agree Sam, don't believe a word of it, just an attempt to get out of the prosecution.
  19. I completely agree, but the OP wouldn't want the ford garage to have ANY ammunition to oppose him on getting a new starter motor - he is definitely entitled to it being fixed, but he wouldn't want them comnig up with the 'lack of service' exceuse and getting into a fight about it, that's all.
  20. As long as youve had the car serviced to manufacturer recommendations theh yes, your starter motor should be covered under warranty
  21. Sorry, I still think you're wrong. What you are saynig was the case previuosly but now that MOTs are held electronically if your car fails then the old MOT is invalid. I will stand to be corrected but remember this precise conversation when I took my Merc for an MOT in error 4 mnoths early (using the MOT station I had used for years when I sold cars) I asked what would happen if it failed and he said it would invalidate the old MOT. In which case IF it failed he would put it down as 'MOT test not completed / abandoned' which would mean it hadn't actually failed and the curr
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