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  1. Well I used to deal in cars and despite the above happening to me on many an occasion, I can honestly say I never did double deal like that. But at the same time if I took a deposit in order to take the car off sale then I kept it apart from £100- £150. A deal is a deal is a deal. Simple
  2. This thread has gone wildly off topic. The point is that the dealer's got the money in his pocket and the customer hasn't. Until that changes the op is out of pocket by some £500. The law may or may not be on the op's side, I really don't know, but having the law on your side and actually getting paid re two different things, as many on here have discovered. all the op can do is negotiate hard to get some of his money back, £500 is way too much to keep. I can however understand that the dealer would, rightly in my view, want to retain some of it, otherwise there
  3. distance selling regulations... been no face to face contact so possibly an angle there for a refund. £500 is FAR too much to keep, £150 would be more than fair to pay for the dealer to readvertise, revalet, etc. Dealer just being greedy. But it's fair to keep something, otherwise what's the point of a deposit?
  4. Actually, having thought about it, the DSR's may well be in the OP's favour as he has had no face to face contact with the dealer. So - try for the lot!... if no joy, a small compromise. Good luck!
  5. Sorry Conniff, I think you're wrong. By paying a deposit he's agreeing to buy the car unless it was expressly said that it was returnable if he changed his mind. I don't think it's that a deposit is automatically returnable as you say: but I could be wrong. What would the OP be saying if the dealer had sold it to someone else anyway and just given him his money back (and he hadn't changed his mind?) He'd be on here saying 'breach of contract' = and he'd be right! However £500 is far too much for the dealer to keep. £250 maximum is on the outer edge of fairness, £150 would be ev
  6. well in fairness to the dealer he agreed to take the car off sale for a month, during which time he can't use the money from the sale to buy another car as you still had most of it in your pocket. I think you should be prepared to lose at least half of it TBQH. Try that, see how it goes.
  7. Or a sunroof drain blocked, if it has one.
  8. Leaves or muck in the bulkhead drain or the drainhole at the bottom of the door is blocked. Hardly a SOGA case....
  9. I wasn't suggesting the OP was in the trade, and doubt he is. Just that if he signs a proper trade invoice agreeing that he's a bona fide trader (even if not) and that the car is 'as is' and not fit for any particular purpose then he could fid himself in trouble.
  10. As a former experienced car dealer, anyone that came to me wanting a straight swap was ALWAYS viewed with suspicion. Invariably in my experience the trade in car always came with a host of hidden problems, hence why the member of the public trading it in wanted rid of it - despite their protestations they wanted a smaller / bigger car or whatever it was. So I always swerved those deals, preferring to keep what I knew to be a good car rather than taking on an unknown and probably troublesome trade in. That isn't what the OP asked about though. The fact of the matter is that if a
  11. Give the man his money back, it's the only honourable thing to do.
  12. No, your HPI check IS important here, and so is the trader's if he did one. When you HPI check a car they ask you the registration, you give them that, plus the mileage, plus the fee and they will tell you 'its a13th July 2001 Renault XXXXX, 2.0 helios, in blue, 5 speed manual, 3 previous owners, not showing on any of our finance or write off registers and there ARE OR ARE NOT any mileage discrepancies' If you did a hpi check that's what happens. You can decline to give them the mileage in which case they wont tell you if any discrepancies show. However what i'm saying
  13. Err... not quite. When you did your hpi check, part of that check is a mileage check too. They ask you the current mileage and will tell you of any discrepancies, as well as the normal srtuff like being a write off / colour change / finance owed, reg date / number of keepers etc. HPI will have a record of the check you did and whether or not you gave them the current mileage when you bought it. Having said that, the same thing should apply to the trade buyer, surely he would have hpi checked it? I know I would have done +1 really to what popeye said, he' a right mickey
  14. TBQH, £140 for refurb of 4 alloys is way too cheap, and it's unsurprising if its a poor job. I think if you have a ring round you'll find most alloy wheel places charge at least £60 per corner...
  15. No, they shouldn't have contacted you. They already did, by asking for your proof of NCB. You never provided this, so they cancelled it. End of rocket science lesson. Why didn't you provide proof of your NCB? Do you have the NCB you originally told them you had?
  16. If you paid nearly £3000 for a 12 year old beetle then unless it is made of gold you paid too much. However, the fact remains that the dealer can't really be held responsible, as long as the car is roadworthy. At 12 years old, that's really all that matters: at 2 years old it's a different ball game. As your bodyshop have already stated, it's VW's fault for desiginnig the car wrongly...so how can the dealer be at fault (even if he actually HAS previously bodged the repair, you can't prove he did this) He can't be expected to have x ray vision, especially on a 12 year ol
  17. I don't think you've got any recourse to be quite honest. The car is 12 years old, and can reasonably be considered as very near the end of its life. note that even the body shop said '' This particular fault is due to the manufacturers design of the roof skin / roof pillar seam'' To get anywhere you would have to show that the dealer bodged any previous repair - he can simply deny having done so. You don't say what you paid for the car, but i'd guess about £1250? You're really really close to banger money there I'm sorry to say. You MIGHT get som
  18. Thanks for that. I had no problem with paying for it, just the excess time it took and the attitude. i.e I said ok if I pay for 6 do I get 6? 'No, only one' Then in that case I don't see how they can keep them if I've paid for them and they belong to me! But found another pharmacy that was much more helpful and said they can get rid of the rest through an internal excess supply forum thing they have. Have been abroad and ill myself and well appreciate that drugs are expensive. Case closed! Bob
  19. Hi I hope someone might be able to advise: a little background:- my mum is terminally ill and to give her an extra few weeks a blood transfusion has been suggested. Fine. Except that she's already terribly frail and petrified of hospitals, has dementia so like familiarity so rather than put her through all that we declined, and the GP suggested that instead she could have periodic injections of EPO so that her blood count etc would improve. Great, but EPO is only available on the NHS to end stage kidney failure patients, and she doesn't have this, so although it would help
  20. Good point from DX, its not just mileage its TIME as well. If the recommended change date is 3 years / 60,000 miles then youre within the 3 years. But a contribution from Renault is in order whatever the time, it shouldn't go at 35k
  21. once again THERE IS NOBUYER PROTECTION whatsoever for vehicles bought on ebay From their own site What's covered Most transactions on eBay.co.uk are covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee. Covered Cases opened within 45 days of payment. Purchases on eBay.co.uk made with PayPal via checkout or an eBay invoice. Items that are paid for with a single payment. Not covered Buyer’s remorse (see the seller’s returns policy for returns options). Duplicate claims through other resolution methods. Items sent to another address after original delivery.
  22. Yes, completely understand, good luck. although the clincher there is 'roadworthy when bought' When you bought it, it started, stopped, was MOT'd and presumably performed satisfactorily, albeit for only 100 miles. So it was actually fit to be on the road at the moment you handed over the money. I do hope you get somewhere, too many rogues on ebay.
  23. N.B. I'm not saying he didn't know about the faults Of course he knew! They always do. But private sale, largely = buyer beware
  24. I wish I was wrong on your behalf, but I don't think I am. Presumably you bought it privately, in which case unless the ad was an outright and outrageous lie then you won't get far, it's buyer beware. Eg. did it look to you at first glance that it was custom paint? The seller can argue the same. Did it appear to be in good condition? Ditto to the above Did it run ok until the battery went flat? Ditto I hope you get some redress but fear it may be putting good money after bad. Sorry
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