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  1. But they aren't going to pay him Helios. warranty, goodwill or otherwise, see their post 42 ''You are very welcome. We have outlayed the reasons as to why the claim was declined in previous posts, but customer services will be in touch at their earliest opportunity regarding the information you have further requested.'' Also ''So why should any dealer be it you or Carcraft have to put their hand in their pocket for an incompetent main dealer? I don't think you '' Because it would have been me that the customer paid the £10k odd to, and it's me he's going to be s
  2. Hi Helios Are you now saying that had you sold the same said car you would put your hand in your pocket and pay for it?? Don't forget it's £3600. on a £10k + Car that was low miles like this I would certainly have made a contribution of £1000 and wipe out the profit on that particular car, yes. It's only a car, there's always another one to get a profit out of! But quite glad not to be doing it now BTW!
  3. But that's what the 'warranty' is for - unexpected failure not due to wear and tear. We did 5 warranties a week and if I particularly wanted someone paid even if not technically covered then the warranty company would pay them under pressure from me. In a case like this I might have to pay some of the labour through the back door. Carcraft sell HUGE amounts of warranties, if they wanted to get this one paid and done with, then they could do this or at least make a sensible contribution. Instead of that it's take the punter's money and run and hide behind t &
  4. I think Carcraft have behaved abominably here. £10K + spent on the car with a warrany that is SUPPPOSEDLY for totally unexpected events like this that are not wear and tear and the OP has been left high and dry. Cost them some profits, put a few punters off, they'll soon repair your car....
  5. They aren't going to pay you OP, just going round in circles, get yourself down there every Saturday for a few weeks and cost them some money. Not a lot they can do about it.
  6. '' give a 12 month guarantee at no charge with every car '' Yes and worth about half a crown by the look of it. OP if I were you i'd get a BIG placard made to put on your car and park near to where you bought the car from so that you can be seen (not on Carcraft property though) with the words 'Buy a car from here at your peril 2013 £10,500, 2014 £0.' As long as you don't actually lie or use threats of any kind there's not a lot they can do. Start costing them some profits they'll fix your car. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  7. just shows you..... I was a car dealer and NEVER EVER EVER bought a car for resale unless it had a decent service history. sounds to me like car craft will buy any old shed if its cheap enough and then retail it for top money by lying to people. charlatans, they should be ashamed.
  8. I think it's up to you to spot obvious things like that to be quite honest, and at that age it's bound to have bits and pieces of bodywork not quite right. Sorry
  9. Well I would probably be put in the Arthur Daley lot by the SOGA brigade. But I posted on this about a week ago and it remains true, they're BOTH at fault here. The dealer shouldn't have sold it on a retail basis if it was unroadworthy and the buyer should never have bought it, but did so after having an 'expert' inspect it, thinking it was cheap enough and then finding it wasn't Hardly Arthur Daley is it?
  10. Dear me all this SOGA lark... OP you need to be careful here. It is for the dealer to show that fault was not there at the time of purchase. And it wasn't faulty when you bought it, otherwise the car would not have been running at the time. It's not an existing problem that was there when you bought the car, that's become apparent after a while, it's a sudden breakdown of a part that can occur at any time. Also the SOGA does state that the price paid, age, and mileage covered should be taken into account. You may well be lucky and the dealer pays in ful
  11. i'd ignore it to be quite honest. the car hire charge isn't your responsibility if you weren't at fault, and all the time you've got it it costs the other insurer. They are liable so let them pay, what you do during the day with a car is your business and not theirs.
  12. No they can't do that... but surely from your first post They said I should drive it over to them and they would fix it then decide whether I would be able to have a refund. I have refused to do that. They offered me a car in the interim while they fixed it and said one of their men would drive the car back If you can get the above then go for it IMO But no, they can't say you have no statutory rights, unless you buy a car as a 'bona fide' car dealer, for spares or repairs, or at a 'sold as seen' auction such as BCA then NO ONE can take away your rights under the law.
  13. Difficult one to call really. I think it might well go against you if they are offering to fix it and you don't let them. After it's fixed it either is or isn't, you know what's wrong with it, and it's all easy to spot and can't really be bodged. If the brake discs are only an MOT advise and not a failure then you can't expect them to replace those - after all at 98k it will have wear and tear, thats' life. Personally a VERY gentle drive back and make it clear you want the MOT failure points attended to properly would be my way forward. But it is a difficult one, and i
  14. I think you should give them an opportunity to repair it. how long is / was the mot? as "play on the steering, shock absorbers at the front were gone, front brake discs excessively worn with 2mm lip and a bald and punctured tyre." are all MOT failures (unless the discs MIGHT be within limit) Nevertheless, if they are willing to repair it that might be a better and easier option for you.
  15. Well, it doesn't look good. From another thread, updated today, where someone took a supposed private seller to court - they WON, but ONLY because they could show he was a dealer "Ok, update time! Yesterday we FINALLY went to court with this. Had an absolutely terrifying and incredibly 'old school' judge, who said as soon as we sat down that the whole case hinged on my assertion that the defendant was a business seller rather than a private seller, and that if I couldn't prove that to him, the case would be going no further, and he wouldn't be able to award me anyt
  16. Perhaps I should have sais they're both wrong instead of both right! I think you'll find from my comments much earlier in the thread that the dealer should not have sold a car he knew to be unroadworthy. That is a given, you could end up being responsible for a fatal accident. What he should have done was either make it safe or put it into a sold as seen auction such as BCA, where you are told at the start there are no comebacks. However, the buyer did get an 'expert' to look at the car and despite the mot advisories and any other discovered problems, still bought the car, doub
  17. well I must admit I don't really understand what you mean by that. the thread title is 'bought a car which turns out to be unroadworthy' Yes indeed. After having it inspected by an expert (apparently) knowing it had various declared and found faults and yet STILL deciding to buy it because it appeared cheap But it wasn't as the OP has now discovered, hence my statement 'thinking they were buying a £1500 car for £800 And that can't be done I'm afraid!' And it can't, not by me, you or anyone else. I must say Mike, that despite the fac
  18. Well, IMHO, you're both right and you're both wrong. You CAN sell an unroadworthy car as long as the invoice states that it may be so and that you have knowledge of the defects and have examined it. Wording on the invoice such as 'has been examined by the buyer described below and is not necessarily deemed fit for any particular purpose under the RTA' AND should also contain the words (as sam pointed out) 'sold for spares or repairs only' OR the words (signed for by the buyer) 'I declare that I am a motor trader' So, they CAN be sold, otherwise any car with less than 363 days M
  19. Seamus, first of all you said this: 'I rang this morning to cancel as circumstances have changed' which kind of implies you'd lost your job or something major had happened. And then you say this: 'and als there were three owners on the car which is normally ok but when two of them had been within the last 11 months you have gotta ask why. which I did but the reply I received when I thought about it, I had my doubts about the car and I was not prepared to take the chance' Which kind of implies buyer's remorse. As you've found out, buyers remorse costs money.
  20. Right. Which you would presumably spend £150 refurb on and try to retail for £1495? So one marked up for £800 won't be much good then will it...
  21. Yes, the fact remains, you cannot buy a decent 8 -9 year old car for £800. It cannot be done, not by me, you or anyone else. What car and mileage was it?
  22. And I repeat, in your defence there is no excuse for selling an unroadworthy vehicle, he should just send it to an as seen auction if it was not fit to be on the road. But against that you really, really can't buy a good 8 year old car for £800. Ever. It can't be done.
  23. Indigo You say it was a 2005 vehicle. I can't remember what car it actually was as you've edited your post, but most 2005 cars would retail at £1500 or more. Any action you take always takes into account the price paid for the vehicle - to be quite honest if you've bought a car that would normally retail t £1500 or more for £800 then your brains should tell you it won't be much good. i'm sorry if this isn't what you want to hear, but that's just how life is.
  24. Yes, the opening post has been edited a couple of times, I noticed that. There was a list of MOT advisories from several months ago? Was the car £800 from memory or was it £1200? The problem for the OP is that the car is probably 10% of the cost when new. In other words bound to be in a majorly worn condition. The thing is if you buy a cheap old car, then, without fail, that's what you'll end up with. You can't have the penny AND the bun as they say, and mostly you'll get what you pay for There is no excuse for someone selling an unroadworthy veh
  25. Hi Conniff Yes, and deservedly so in many cases... some of them are absolute crooks! However it is also the case that some members of the general public are just as bad, believe me.
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