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  1. The thing is Conniff, we do actually agree on quite a few matters. IF the ad said 'fantastic condition' then the dealer must want his head tested. Putting that on a £995 4 x 4 is just asking for trouble. Phrases such as 'good looking car' (if it is) and 'drives well' (if it does) are far more innocuous and less likely to land the dealer with a time bomb waiting to go off. I'm not really on anyone's side here - as stated above, if the dealer openly and knowingly misdescribed the car then he's an idiot and no mistake: however I seem to recall in an earlier post that it was also d
  2. The problem is though that we live in the real world and not the one that you aspire to. All the while dealers put 'fantastic condition' on a £995 4 x 4 and all the while consumers showing no common sense whatsoever actually suppose this can EVER be the case - i.e. expecting a vehicle that is probably 4% of its cost when new to be a minter then then this sort of thread will carry on forever. I have a great deal of respect for Helios who knows his stuff and I really do think your post against him was unwarranted. Not that that makes a blind bit of difference to you as you live i
  3. Hi Conniff Sorry mate. IF and only if the invoice states that the car is sold for parts / scrap and is not necessarily fit for purpose then the vehicle is indeed sold as seen with no comebacks. Otherwise you could buy a crashed car from a scrapyard and then complain it wasn't roadworthy. But you are completely correct in that in nearly all cases a vehicle does have to be 'fit for purpose'.. i.e. able to go from a to b in a safe manner when sold by a dealer
  4. Let's face a couple of facts here: You don't get very much 4 x 4 for £995. The ashtray being full is an irrelevance. There is a clear bias in this thread against the motor trade (of which I WAS a member... now retired) It's quite right that you can't sell an unroadworthy vehicle to a member of the general public, but common sense (sadly lacking in many cases) should tell you that a 4x4 car for £995 with a few weeks MOT is going to b e a drama. This all depends on what the OP signed as his sold as seen invoice. If it just says 'sold as seen' then
  5. Still not enough for a court case I'm afraid, as this should have been perfectly obvious to you when you looked at the paperwork prior to purchase. A minor thing. Especially at 9 years old and 83k, it makes very little material difference to the value, probably 2% or less.
  6. Can't believe this is still rumbling on... I think that no matter the status of the seller, whether trade or private, the faults and advisories are in line with the expected condition of a 9 year old car that had gone round the world more than 3 times. No matter who you buy a car from, any secondhand car will have wear and tear on it. Personally I'd be staggered if this was ever found to be otherwise by any county court judge. I think the OP's expectations were / are far too high. If he wanted a car with no wear and tear or advisory type faults then he should ha
  7. Yes it would be £1000 if you fixed it all. But why bother? All of this stuff is wear and tear and very minor. All I would do is the prop shaft bearings, the k seal to top the heater matrix leak and the expansion tank IF the cracking got any worse. As stated, you seem to think you know best, so there's really no point in coming on here for advice (as you obviously don't like the answers everyone is giving you) or discussing it further, go ahead with the court case or whatever you want to do.
  8. Ahh... main dealer? Right... Exhaust Back Box outer skin starting to peel....so what. leave it, it will probably last 5 years Fuel Tank cage rusting away......as above and to be expected on a 9yo 4x4 Both Prop Shaft support Bearings perished and weak...........NOT an mot failure but a mobile mechanic can change these for £70 + parts Surface rust front and rear and rear metal brake pipes....NOTE SURFACE RUST..again not an mot failure, probably replace in 2 years time at mot and fully expected at 9yo. O/S/F and N/S brake pipes surface rust ...as above SURFACE RUST Cool
  9. Also.... How on earth do those advisories come to £2200?
  10. Dear oh dear... You appear to want to keep making the same points over and over again until someone agrees with you. Have you explored the possibility that you are actually being too fussy over an old 4x4? It's a secondhand car, it will have wear and tear, that's why they are called 'secondhand'. If you wanted a perfect car then you should have bought a brand new one for £35,000. Still, for the sake of clearing things up: you're right. take him to court. Get all your money back Plus £1000 for the inconvenience. You
  11. No I don't work for anyone. Sorry if it's not the answer you want to hear, but it is largely the correct one. Private sale = no comeback (mostly...) does the ad you've printed off actually lie in any major way? ... probably not. I'm sure if you go on enough forums or get enough replies on this one then someone somewhere will tell you you can take him to court, get your money back and all will be resolved and we'll all live happily ever after... but if you don't like the answer then you shouldn't ask the question The reality will probably be very differen
  12. Nope. He didn't lie to you, it DOES have FSH. and by and large a private sale = you're on your own. Sorry!
  13. The seller is compelled by law to tell you if the car has been written off. End of story, and you are entitled to get your money back on this basis. Check your receipt thuogh, as it sounds to me like he was trying to cover himself by telling you about the insurance work - i.e. will say he told you about it all, so does the receipt say 'Category c (or D) recorded' for example? Regarding the other faults, to be quite honest, they may well be only mot advisories at the moment. The fact that the brake pads are nearly worn out, for example, does not matter for MOT purposes as long a
  14. I have a feeling here that the OP has insured after the event! Every time I've taken out insurance it starts there and then....
  15. +1 to the above. It's a £700 car, things will go wrong, play hardball now it could get very involved!
  16. Let them do what they like, they'll get nowhere fast. As a dealer they are assumed to be knowledgeable about cars and any car they take in px is sold to them by you strictly 'as is' Tough no them ,they should do their job properly 1
  17. They can't make it stand up. If you buy something on the basis that's it's for spares or repair then if it breaks into 2000 pieces on the way home you own every one of them. But he ha excellent feedback, you can test drive the car all you want to, so it's the same as buying a car in the sold as seen bit at BCA excpeth that you can't even open the bonnet at BCA now! I'd buy a car from them, but then I know what I'm looking at, if you don't know, take someone who does, or don't buy. The insurance cover will be ok if he has demonstration cover, it's surprisingly affordable
  18. you're not a pain, not your fault is it? She might be able to change her mind, best to ask They might put a marker of some kind on her credit file (not a default marker, just a comment of some kind)
  19. She is liable to pay for the car by some other means. the garage are under no obligation to take the car back. If she doesn't pay by other means then the garage can sue her for the money and send her bankrupt if she doesn't pay. The cost of the car is just under £7000, that has not changed ands no one misled her. If you borrow £7000 for 3 years then you have to pay interest on it, that's what she did. If you buy a house for £250,000 with a 25 year mortgage you don't say you paid £545,000 for it do you? the interest on money borrowed is not calculated in wit
  20. I would bear all the below in mind: He has 6000+ feedback with very few negatives However, out of those negatives and presuming some cars are sold outside of ebay, albeit on the same terms, someone, somewhere will have bought a car from him with either known or unknown faults, tried to get a refund or repair and been turned down. This is inevitable given the numbers involved. Out of those, someone, somewhere will have gone to CAB or TS to complain, I would be staggered if this has not happened. In which case TS or CAB will have looked at this operation and de
  21. He's not 'asking' in that sense, the cars are sold by no reserve auction on ebay quite clearly stating that you must read the description fully and understand that car is sols as 'not fit for any particular purpose under the RTA, etc'. They declare known faults but quite openly say that you may well have to spend further money on the car. Its also stated that after winning the auction you are welcome to view, inspect, and test drive the car for as long as you want to, and if you don't want to buy it then you can do so with no hard feelings. Looking thru the feedback a few customers do
  22. +1 to Helios above, looked thru his feedback, seems to do exactly what he says on the tin to me. Pile em high sell em cheap, told at the very start spares or repairs, no comebacks, decent business model I reckon, same as buying at BCA except you can drive and test it and walk away if you don't want it. Very novel and good idea if you ask me, but certainly not for the faint hearted or nervous buyer.... but they do tell you that!
  23. Yes, please name and shame. Some car dealers are good, many are still bad. Let's help put the bad ones out of business!
  24. OP If you are buying this vehicle and spending £4500 without seeing it first and thinking about sending £1000 of your money to someone you've never met then you must me mad. You HAVE to view it. If you don't it's 75% likely to end in tears with you fighting to get your deposit back, etc. Deary me... I don't like this one.
  25. Hi Conniff Don't agree then - that's what a forum is for, no problem. However I cannot for the life of me see how an auxiliary belt failure can make the cam belt snap. Just an excuse not to pay up. And a 'warranyy' ie insurance policy against sudden mechanical failure is precisely what should pay out in instances like this and Carcraft should put pressure on the warranty company to settle. Although I daresay they self warrant and so it's to their advantage not to pay out due to the flimsy supposition that another belt failure made the cambelt snap.
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