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  1. so the receipt for the car and the HP doc show different purchase prices? If they do that's dynamite and Carcraft are defrauding the finance company. however if both docs show the price as £11k, then it's not illegal, just creative and very near the mark.
  2. ohhh.. CARSHAFT. Oh dear. They have a very poor reputation on here btw.
  3. no I don't think it's illegal, just very creative. your daughter has obviously got into a bad relationship and needed to raise some money, and instead of trading in the golf and getting £4000 in cash it looks like she has now got the golf on credit and got as much cash as possible out of the deal in order to give the waste of space as much money as possible. Actually if that deal is over 3 years then it looks like an APR of about 15% which is not particularly cheap in this day and age but has no comparison to the like of Wonga that charge 2000%, and if the finance is maxed out
  4. OP in the circumstances you describe, obviously NOT an old girl at old girl money, if its got an engine fault, take it back and get your money back. Regarding the 'main dealer check' question, yes, I have had many occasions where someone has bought a car from me and then taken it for a main dealer (free) check over. If it was within two weeks I just refunded them, you'd never make them happy, so what's the point? After that though, I'd just state that I would take it for a fresh MOT at my own cost, and that if it passed the MOT then the government (NOT me!) were of the
  5. · Knocking noise from right-hand side of engine, suspected bore/piston issue. This was backed up by evidence of discolouration of left-hand side exhaust pipe caused by increased oil use on the right-hand engine bank· Right-hand front coil road-spring snapped · Brake pipe support bracket securing bolt snapped It was also indicated, which I had experienced from day of purchase: · Judder felt through steering when 1st applying brakes Some of the above depends on how old the car is, how many miles it's done and what you actually paid for it.
  6. Nope, some buyers come out with a clipboard and overalls Conniff... and always welcomed a proper AA/ RAC check. You've obviously been stuffed in the past by someone in the car trade, and I'm sorry that's happened to you, but to tar everyone with the same brush is unfair. It makes no difference to me, I ran my business properly, and I shall never sell another car, but we are not all rogues.
  7. This trader is messing you about.. broken down, pay by Thursday, etc. You need to have a ride up there and get your money, I don't think he'll pay you as promised.. although I hope he does!
  8. Err..NO, some do, and they are the ones we hear about on here...it's very rare you go looking at a consumer website if you've had excellent service is it? I have NO SYMPATHY with the rotten end of the car trade, they deserve all they get, but a very decent majority will stand up an be counted when it matters. However if the very first thing a customer comes at you with is 'I know my rights, SOGA, etc' then you just know you will never make them happy, so best let them get on with it. I am lucky, never been near a court in my life, but weeded out likely problem customers
  9. As former motor dealer myself Graham I can tell you that the 'opposing' view is not always liked on here, but, hey ho, its a public forum, so why not? There is a tendency on here for many posters attitude to posters with motortrade problems to say 'SOGA is the way forward, take them to court, you'll win' etc. Which is far from being the way forward all the time. The car trade has a very poor reputation, and this was rightly deserved in many cases: but the schemers and crooks don't last long, although new ones do spring up. Any motor dealer worth his salt knows that the
  10. Graham (above) isn't wrong, except that they've already said it was faulty on the first test. To be fair all round they should fix the rear brake problem for you with free labour and you buy the parts - you can't expect 'betterment' ie the car to be better than it was with brand new parts fitted over your existing secondhand ones. Rear brakes often seize and its not normally a big job to free them off
  11. But why on earth leave it somewhere for 16 days? It's an awfully long time. If I found a car left / apparently dumped on my property with no note on it or anything for 16 days I'd certainly get it out of my way...
  12. Well if the man is offering to do any repairs FOC and you aren't going to let him then I'd say it's up to you to get it back to him. TBQH a lot of things can change in 4 weeks, I'd let him repair it instead if I were you. But I'm not you so the ball's in your court.....
  13. Good luck with it all. The dealer is an idiot, he should just have fixed it with a good heart at the very beginning: had he done this you would have thought what a pleasant chap he was, and quite possibly bought another car from him in a couple of years time! Some of them can't see any further than the 'profit' in the car. No all cars have profits in them, I've sold 5000 of them, so ought to know! Sometimes as a dealer you just have to pay up and look big, and he should have done this. But you are where you are, and since the problems were not related to safety you migh
  14. OP you need to be a bit careful here... if the dealer has fixed the car then you might struggle to reject it. Bear in mind its a £1400 car and that although it's not been easy, the car is now fixed. The fact that you accepted £400 for your trade in and its now on offer for £1750 has no bearing on matters - you accepted the trade in value and the deal was struck. Just be a bit careful with the rejection stance, it may well backfire if the car has been fixed.
  15. Its POSSIBLE that the 9000 is an error and should read 900. Where is this mileage from, is it a service, MOT, HPI check or what?
  16. It was £1500 + £400 px so £1900....
  17. That's precisely the problem... you presumably signed an order form for the car and left £1000. But really, honestly, best of luck with it, I hope you get al least some of your money back.
  18. They weren't holding you to ransom - you signed an order form and left a deposit, no one put a gun to your head. It's not Synter's fault that you could have got a better deal elsewhere, and the idea of a deposit is that you are committing to the deal, otherwise why bother taking one ? Best of luck with it all, but I think you need a very kind judge....
  19. +1 to everything Helios said, sorry to see you go Sam, even if we sometimes disagree, that, surely, is the whole point of an open forum.
  20. Yes you are correct, UNLESS it's a lease or personal loan - i.e. needs to be a standard HP agreement, and payments not in arrears. The half is half of the total amount due on the agreement, so if you borrowed £5000 and the total repayable is £7500 you need to have paid £3750. And there is no mark on your credit file due to doing this.
  21. Well there's not a lot they can do apart from keep your £100. it's extremely unlikely they would take you SCC to force you to buy the car. Unless it was a new one on special order in a special colour etc, other than that there is no loss to them, you've only left it a day so they can hardly say its gone down in value.
  22. Then just tell them to keep your deposit and just walk away. Just say your circumstances have changed or something. As stated above I doubt you'll get any of your £100 back tho.
  23. that looks like it, here's the text of the ad GREEN, LOW MILEAGE 4X4 PART EXCHANGE TO CLEAR FANTASTIC CONDITION SORRY SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD, Alloy wheels, Front and rear electric windows, Central locking, Height adjustable steering wheel, RDS radio/cassette, Electric heated + adjustable door mirrors, Engine immobiliser. VERY VERY CLEAN THROUGHOUT In Metallic Racing Green Paintwork With Un Marked Grey Interior, Excellent Specification Including, Power Steering, Electric Windows , Electric Mirrors, Central Locking, Alloy Wheels, Side Steps C/D Player etc etc VERY GOOD CONDITION MOT May 201
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